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  1. Thank you Mr.Hough.. I will use the classic version for the time being.. And will switch to wizard version when finished... Will definitely post the results here.. Thanks again...
  2. RUCI, please add an option to remove international retirement... Thanks in advance..
  3. For me with my Chelsea team, Version 1 works far better than Version4.
  4. Looks promising... Im going to download this and going to try this with aSton Villa or Chelsea...
  5. Looking forward to this.. Great work so far...
  6. Thank you Ruci... You are great... Lets see how it goes
  7. I hope the Destroy Team button is to exhaust the team (Fitness 1%, match experience 1%, jadedness 100%)... Then will be great... Another button would be to change all players in one team- contract status to expiring (for rival) and also one for contract ending 5 years ahead (for my team)... Keep up the good work....
  8. Whichever will have an "Exhaust all Players of this team" feature, that will be better.. keke.. Last time MindStorm or BrainStorm had one editor for FM2005, after they stopped making editors none of the editors have this feature...
  9. Please include a "Tire Team" or "Exhaust Team" feature where all the players of that team get exhausted; their condition is 1% and jadedness is highest and match expereince is lowest possible.. I want this to tire out my rival team...
  10. I need expanded profile for ourselves including 1. Other nationalities 2. Languages spoken 3. Favoured tactics 4. Preferred Style of Play
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