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  1. Is there any way to see who my captain is during a match? It isnt on the tactics screen or substitutes screen or match overview (in between highlights) I would kinda expect to see a (C) on any and every screen - am I missing something? Surely it hasn’t been missed? This was in previous versions. Anyone???
  2. bigdanio


    Monaco rarely renew contracts on my game. It is getting quite strange. Not seen them buy someone back yet, but they will happily let a top player leave, and replace them with a similar/weaker player for £30m.
  3. 6 last night actually. Opening premier league game. A regen in an 8-0 thrashing.
  4. bigdanio

    Versus Competition

    Anyone up for a versus competition of some kind? League or knockout (if enough people) This evening would be best. I have a Southampton team from 2018 I'd like to put up against something other than the AI.
  5. I am getting into the online side of the game. However, when I host a game, nobody ever seems to join. What's the best way to add some steam friends who might also like to play online? I'd really like to get a league/cup going. Been playing since CM97/98 and this adds a new dimension.
  6. Tommy Svindal Larsson Kennedy Bakircioglu Teddy Lucic Cherno Samba
  7. It is ridiculous that it is more expensive on Steam (£34.99) than anywhere else. £32.99 at Morrisons for a physical copy. < £30 all over the internet for a physical copy. ~ £23 for a cd key, which I input into Steam and the game downloaded. I effectively saved £12 by going to another site. The Steam option should be the cheapest!
  8. I've purchased the RoW version - is it any different to say the UK version?
  9. bigdanio


    Agreed with ^^
  10. bigdanio

    Club History

    A lot of extra data mon frere
  11. bigdanio

    match bar wont auto hide

    Worked for me! Thanks
  12. bigdanio

    Money Problems

    "More money, more problems" Christopher Wallace
  13. bigdanio

    Man City vs Man Utd

    WOW Never seen anything like this since Rochdale were drawn at home to Bury.
  14. bigdanio

    Transfer Update

    It should be out within a few weeks of the Jan window ending IMO. It's just data update.