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  1. Bought Federici GK for £2m Bought Shurrs CB for £4m Bought Kishna AML for £1.7m i play a back four of Lowe, Bielik, Shurrs, Bogle Rooney DM Shinnie and Knight CM Kishna/Lawrence LW Holmes/Waghorn RW peñaranda/Marriott ST won first 3 out of 3. Post winter update save
  2. Budget £1200 i am thinking a i7 9th gen, something like 9750 16gb RAM 17.3” screen graphics I only need it to run FM20 albeit I would like it to look nice any ideas? The MSI GF75 looks a good fit, as does the dell G7. I have no way of knowing which is best or whether there is a better option out there. will only be used around the home so size and weight not a factor any help appreciated cheers Dan
  3. Tonali Arp Marin Pedrinho Sergio Gomez
  4. Bought him start of season two for derby following promotion. Now in my 6th season after winning the title last year. He is incredible. Still my first choice AML as inside forward. His stars are only 3.5 compared to other players in my squad but I am not even contemplating replacing him.
  5. Played great for me for 3 seasons before Chelsea wanted to play him in the first team. I played him as a CM in the 4-1-2-3 Gegenpress. Mezzala or AP.
  6. Added Sergio Gomez and Ascacibar to play in a midfield 3 with Tonali and the team is very strong. I always focus on attack, then midfield then defence.
  7. Won the league in the first season. Went up and finished 4th, 4th, 2nd, 1st. Key points were renewing mount and Wilson loans for a couple seasons. Bought grealish upon promotion. Followed up with Tonali, Arp, Marin and Pedrinho. Then heavy on regens with decent current ability and world class potential.
  8. I have tonali up to 16 leadership now. It has taken 4/5 courses - each one saying little use or little success. Long term does seeem to be doing the job though.
  9. I have kit and logo packs installed. One of them appears to have brought its own ads with it. I want to revert to the default ads. Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2019>Graphics had a folder in called ads which I removed but this didn't seem to do the trick. Can anyone advise how I can get the default ad boards back? Many thanks
  10. Is there any way to see who my captain is during a match? It isnt on the tactics screen or substitutes screen or match overview (in between highlights) I would kinda expect to see a (C) on any and every screen - am I missing something? Surely it hasn’t been missed? This was in previous versions. Anyone???
  11. Monaco rarely renew contracts on my game. It is getting quite strange. Not seen them buy someone back yet, but they will happily let a top player leave, and replace them with a similar/weaker player for £30m.
  12. 6 last night actually. Opening premier league game. A regen in an 8-0 thrashing.
  13. Anyone up for a versus competition of some kind? League or knockout (if enough people) This evening would be best. I have a Southampton team from 2018 I'd like to put up against something other than the AI.
  14. I am getting into the online side of the game. However, when I host a game, nobody ever seems to join. What's the best way to add some steam friends who might also like to play online? I'd really like to get a league/cup going. Been playing since CM97/98 and this adds a new dimension.
  15. Tommy Svindal Larsson Kennedy Bakircioglu Teddy Lucic Cherno Samba
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