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  1. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    Been very very busy lately so haven't been able to update this, with exams and whatnot. I've actually finished the season and started the second and I will update when I have time hopefully. But I am definitely continuing
  2. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    I do love bravely going where you've gone before me!
  3. Unlucky with the European results, but it seemed like you had quite a hard group. This slow rising reputation thing is a killer!! At least you've got the league pretty much sorted now, and can focus on results in Europe. It looks like you have some pretty good young South Americans, especially Basay and Bastardo, who look like stars.
  4. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    Another beautiful goal here for you all to salivate over, and it is David Edwards again, and it is another important goal. [video=youtube;GwDqTLx2Low]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwDqTLx2Low It was the winning goal to record our second Champions League win ever, against Celtic, and maintain our chances of qualifying for the Knock-out Rounds.
  5. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    I've been on holiday for a while so I haven't been able to update this. I've already finished the season and will be putting up the end of season summary in the next day or two. [video=youtube;9eqZblcyEk8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eqZblcyEk8 This is the goal which won us the Irish Premier Division for the 4th time in a row. It wasn't the best goal he's ever scored, but certainly one of the most important.
  6. [FM11] Cymru fo am byth! (Prestatyn)

    I go away from one week and you produce a string of results like that. That is a few amazing scores there. How you managed to draw against Inter with those stats I'll never know. Congrats!!
  7. What an absolutely incredible win in a cup final. Just out of interest, how much are you earning? In my career my game has experienced a bug, and although the board have offered me larger contracts (around 3000K per week) it still says that I'm stuck on a measly £650. Have you had that too?
  8. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    [video=youtube;BGEdP4jk5W8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGEdP4jk5W8 Loanee Mohammed Demoulin scores his first hattrick for the club to send us through to our 5th final in 6 years. The video above is his hattrick goal, and what a goal it is too!
  9. [FM11] Cymru fo am byth! (Prestatyn)

    Congrats on the OM result, you out played them too! Looks like Bastion Gardens is becoming a fortress of sorts
  10. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    DSYoungEsquire - It is indeed, it is the kind of group I was hoping to get, although Porto were very, very good when we played them. Thanks for clearing that up, I thought that we almost flirted with disaster against Zeljeznicar. Cheers, I'm hoping that this will be the season that we break through in Europe.
  11. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    A little sneak peak into our Champions League Campaign. We've finally claimed a proper scalp, and it's just revenge for our humiliation at their hands last year.
  12. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    Mid Season Report: 2016 - Everything On Track Well we're on track-ish in the league this season. Because of our European campaign, we are so many games behind the rest of the league it is getting ridiculous. I normally post the table after we've played 24 games but since some of the other teams have already played 29 I thought I'd put this up now. It also coincides with the start of our Champions League group campaign. I don't want to leave with you with a cliffhanger . If we win all our games in hand then we'll have a slender two point lead over Bohemians. Whilst we've got 11-0-1 in the middle part of the previous seasons, this season are record has been marred by one loss and two draws. Not the end of the world by any means, but it is disappointing two drop points. Two of those games came after a European, midweek game, so they could be attributed to a midweek hangover, and the Monaghan United game came after a nearly two month lay off due to the European games, so that can be attributed to lack of match practice. Okay I'm making excuses, but I think they're valid one. The only surprise this season is Shamrock Rovers awful performances. Although they have a few games on hands on their fellows, they're still in the playoff relegation zone with less than a third of the season to go. It's almost unthinkable that they get relegated, but it is still a possibility!! Qualification to the Champions League Group Stages has been assured, but it wasn't all easy going. The second qualifying round game against the Kazakh team Atyrau was a clinical destruction of a weaker team, and I was slightly disappointed that we didn't get into double figures over the two legs. The third qualifying round game was where it all nearly went oh so wrong. Crashing out there would've left us out of all European Competitions, and it would've been catastrophic for our finances. After a tense, 2-1 win in the home leg where we didn't play well at all, we trekked to Bosnia and got promptly outplayed. With the game equal at 3-3, and only 20 minutes left, we contrived to give away a penalty. Letting it in would be sending us out. Fortunately Stockdale made a fantastic save to keep us in the game. It promptly went to extra time, where a penalty of our own and 2 towering headers from Paul Murray gave us a comfortable win that was not comfortable at all. We went into the Champions Playoff Round as overwhelming underdogs, but I thought our team had the quality to beat the Bulgarian Champions and in the end it was relatively simple. Two wonder goals from Mikhail Lisovskiy at the beginning of either legs put our position under pressure but a brace in each leg from loanee Mauro made it comfortable. The group we were given was actually relatively easy, probably the easiest group there, and it is one that I could see us coming third in, when all goes to plan. If all goes to plan. And it is quite a big iff. Champions League Groups Also have a look at the odds to win the Champions League. I'm thinking a cheeky pound on Wexford winning could do the trick. You might not have noticed yet, but I like to manage a la Arsene Wenger, buying young players and developing them. On top of Pablo Donnet, Léo and Paul Murray I've brought in three more players: Nathan Berkeley, a titanic centre back who I think will be our captain once Danny Murphy retires, Julio Guajardo , another centre back who I bought before Nathan Berkeley. It looks like I don't really need him now, but he's rated as having 4 and a half star potential and has attributes in all the right places bar jumping, and Diego. The young left back may not have great starting attributes, but he's rated 5 stars by my scouts (!) and it looks like he could become a beast physically if I develop him properly. Performances this season have been on average absolutely brilliant. Léo has already become one of my greatest ever signings, and his 30 assists in 31 games is absolutely outstanding. The two titanic central defensive partnership of Paul Murray and Nathan Berkeley, with an average height of 195 cm, have also performed brilliantly. Unfortunately this is not necessarily because of their defensive abilities but rather their abilities to score from corners. Defensively they've been okay, but can be exposed by pace since they're both rather slow. On the European stage this has been a marked problem, especially against such strikers such as Sergio Aguero. The two surprises this season have been that David Edwards has not kept up his level of performance, and that Tom Wattimury has refound his goalscoring form. He's barely improved since I first bought him, but with good players around him he's finally managed to score. I think learning English has helped, although I still want to find a replacement for him. David Edwards has been mostly relegated to the wing this season, and that might be why his performances have dropped. 7.28 is not a bad average rating by any means though, but I would like it if he can find the form that had him average over 7.5 per match. European Coefficients and Rankings Update: World Ranking - Well we're up to 56th again. It is quite shocking. Why oh why did they appoint Owen Coyle instead of me? My reputation is world class now though, so I hope that I'll be the favourite to take over the job once Owen Coyle finally leaves. European Coefficients Ranking - The seeding is exactly the same as last year except we're up to 28th now. If you look at the points the last two seasons we've been getting around 3.000, just from our success in Europe. If we continue that over a five year period our ranking will jump right up to into the top 20, and I can see us doing a lot better than that and getting into the top 15 if we do well. Irish Premier Division Ranking - We're right back up to 57th, exactly where we were two seasons ago. It still isn't enough to attract the players I want, but it is an improvement of sorts. Also note that it is La Liga not the Premiership that is the topped rank team. That's what the Barcelona effect will do for you. Wexford European Ranking - We'll be breaking the top one hundred next season. I'm hoping for the top ten at some point.
  13. [FM11] Éire go deo - An Impossible Dream

    I was quite pleased with it . It seems a relatively average start considering how much more quality we have than the rest of the League, but it is the first time that we've ever been leading after 12 games so it is an improvement of sorts.
  14. You'll be making waves in Europe soon. I'll be expecting to see you in the Champions League Final of 2039 .
  15. Good luck with this. The relegation was unfortunate - that second season syndrome can be a killer - but at least you bounced back up. Not that I'm getting ahead of myself, but it would be fantastic to see a team such as Newcastle Town in the Premiership .