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  1. havent bought him yet as Lucas Romero is cheaper and better Defo looks like he would be brilliant at DM as a anchorman
  2. finished my 1st season came 2nd and lost the title on GD to Bayern lost to Benfica in the QFs of the CL. Draxler's form really improved after january and he won german player of the year, Meyer imo was our best player, never missed a game and has improved I couldnt help myself and signed Valdes in the january after his injury was gone i always need a GK i can trust and hes only on 80k a week so its worth it and i like sweeper keepers. Sam has been solid so i think i will sell Farfan in the summer and look for a better LB as i dont like Aogo. Huntelaar wont be getting a new contract because his demands are ridiculous, so ill try get a world class one for Avdijaj to play under (he was brilliant every time i gave him a chance but hes not fully ready yet) i really love these young players at this club and we will dethrone Bayern next season!
  3. yep happening in my game aswell cant believe this didnt show in testing
  4. columns are now limited to a certain amount? i cant add all I want now
  5. in match tactics screen isnt showing the roles on the left hand side...
  6. how do you use Draxler? hes been underperforming as a inside forward for me
  7. isit a bug that training workload is very heavy for youth players even though i have set them to average they are constantly complaining and i dont know what to do
  8. decided to play 4-2-3-1 with two holding midfielders (DMs) in my away formation and with one in my home formation Matip came crying to me about joining Liverpool so i decided to buy Balanta as his replacement, kinda happy about that as Matip has terrible mental attributes realised Determination is a problem with this young squad and i cant tutor them as they are senior players already. looking forward to this save, these are the kind of saves i love that you take over a decent squad who arent the kings in their division
  9. yeah just saw him and put him in as huntelaars backup sold some deadwood and bought Peruzzi to play at RB, Odegaard on a free to get minutes behind Meyer, and splashed 7m on Lucas Romero to play alongside Goretzka for years to come luckily Wolfsburg wanted Hoger so i sold him. im thinking about replacing Fahrmann with maybe Timo Horn as hes cheap and has potential but i think ill give Fahrmann at least one season to prove himself trying to sell Moting as im not impressed with his attributes but he wont leave
  10. havent started yet but i will definitely be buying a young striker with potential any recommendations?
  11. cheers will be making a Schalke save now haha the name was putting me off
  12. you need to change to 3 files autosave rolling if i didnt use that i would lose all my saves due to crash dumps while saving
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