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  1. Im thinking to give Harrogate Town a try. anyone got tips or free transfer i should sign?
  2. my cms only get good ratings if they score or assist a goal, this is frustrating.
  3. Im having the same problem, my regen with 19 passing, 17 technique, 18 first touch etc is constantly getting bad ratings while playing DLP, ive had to change him to AP support because no matter who plays as the DLP in my game they dont get good ratings
  4. I have this problem at Brentford aswell A grade manager rating but even when i threaten to leave if they dont improve it they tell me to hand in my resignation then Im in 2024 now
  5. had to stop playing because of this bug full backs arent getting decent ratings at all unless they score or assist. wont say its ruined my xmas break but alot of gaming would of been done but imo this game is broken until a fix is released and im surprised it hasnt been yet
  6. Just lost him to Real Madrid, they paid his release clause of 90m, going into my 4th season with Brentford hes already world class at 20 years old
  7. same thing happening in my game, my left back is now training to be a striker for some reason, his finishing is 7 think this should be patched or we should be at least be able to have a conversation with them to say we dont think the position training isnt necessary
  8. would it work mid game? im in my second year on the file
  9. will be my next save then, im doing my yearly Brentford save right now but these new brexit rules have ruined it imo. cant even sign young foreign players at all anymore
  10. no just always been fascinated by the name as im a big 300 fan and i know Strootman came through their academy.
  11. Anyone tried Sparta Rotterdam before?
  12. Anyone know a world class assistant manager to replace Phelan?
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