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  1. i play as man utd as they are the team i support. obviously he is not the first name on my team sheet but whenever he plays he does well and has scored a few goals. his value after one and a half seasons has shot up to over £20m also so id say he is worth it.
  2. that makes 3 of us with Dozzell, he does look good. I agreed a deal to sign him just before the end of the first season. The other lad at Ipswich, Teddy Bishop I think (sorry at work) I also looks very good.
  3. Andres Cubas is decent as is Ruben Neves. both young also so room to develop. what is galloway like? i opted for robinson after barca gave me £40m for blind in January.
  4. I am not sure whether the game is necessarily harder this year or if i should maybe listen to a fair amount of people that are complaining that the ME is not great and therefore making it not as playable as previous versions. Im not one to complain about the state of the ME so to be honest having tried plenty of my own tactics without success i thought for the time being and to get used to the game id have a look around. Over on FM Base there is a tactic called Predator FM16 (version 7 i am using) and my Man Utd side is flying using this. Im not a big fan of our wingers IRL (valencia & young) so this tactic plays without them which i think fits the squad quite well once you buy one or 2 additional DC and play the likes of Mata in his favoured AMC position. Memphis plays very well as a false nine in this tactic as does martial and rooney. I have so far gone until the 1st Feb and i am unbeaten in the league using this. some hard fought games in there and i have lost in cup and champions league matches so definitely not unbeatable. for those struggling and maybe wanting to wait for further patches it may be worth a try to see how you go. If you fancy spending big on 2 DC then i can highly recommend both Laporte and Rugani. They will set you back between £25-£35.5m each but they are young, very good and IMO money well spent. Robertson from Hull is a good back up LB as well if you can get Barcelona to give you £40m for Blind!!!! i have spent about £140m in my first season but have recouped over £70m in player sales (valdes 1.5m, romero 3m, young 13m, fellaini 17.5m, carrick 1m, blind 40m plus some youngsters). Edit: Latest result 6-0 win at home vs chelsea. Memphis has now scored 15 goals between 9th Dec and 2nd Feb (10 starts).
  5. i appreciate what you are saying and you no doubt know a lot more than i do about PC but i do use the mac for more than just FM (unfortunately). as i said it is just personal preference and the fact i am so used to them after having them for 10 years. does anyone have any knowledge of the macbook air 11" and how this runs FM as per my original question in post 2762
  6. just personal preference and a belief that their products are far greater than others and i therefore don't mind spending £1300 on a laptop.
  7. Hi All, I am considering a new laptop (hoping to order within 24 hours) and i was going to buy the 11" macbook air. i will be looking to buy the model with the 2.2ghz dual core intel core i7 with turbo boost to 3.2ghz processor along with the 8gb SDRAM and 512gb hard drive. i usually set up my games with a large database and then usually between 1-3 leagues loaded and players form top clubs in europe, south america. does anyone have experience of playing on the 11" screen or likewise the sam machine to give some feedback on FM performance. thanks Gareth
  8. gino peruzzi is a good back up for DR and is cheap (less than £5m). I am not sure the united squad needs central defenders at the start (i only bought balanta) as jones, rojo and evans are all pretty decent on this years FM.
  9. Managed to get through 2 seasons on my save and have to say i am really enjoying fm15. Decided on this FM that i would play a system without wingers as ours are all pretty poor (obviously not classing di maria and januzaj as wingers), so i have lined up a 4-1-3-2 formation that i have developed myself over the first 2 seasons to one i am very happy with now (also helps having players that fit the roles for each position). 1st season transfers in: Eder Balanta DC / Gino Peruzzi DR / Jesus Vallejo DC / Marcel Shmelzer DL / Ruben Neves DMC / Lucas Romero MC / Youri Tielemans MC / Munir ST / Krsitoff Ajer DMC / Ante Coric AMC / Gaston Gil Romero MC. Total spend £71m Transfers Out: Anderson / Fletcher / Young / Smalling / Valencia. Total £48m in the first season i managed to win the league and the fa cup. 2nd season transfers in: Falcao (loan extension) / Zakaria Bakkali (free) / James Ward-Prowse MC / Leon Goretzka MC and 4 regen. total spend £57m transfers out: Carrick / Powell / Van Persie / Fellaini / Chicharito / Zaha / Lingard / Mata / Blackett. Total £106m In the second season i managed to win the champions league beating barcelona in the final and the premier league. Just started my 3rd season and decided i wanted pogba so have just spent £87m on him £45m up front and rest in instalments. 2 days later PSG offered £40m up front for blind so he has gone along with Jonny Evans, Bakkali and Herrera and Henriquez (total of £77m back). I have retrained Januzaz as a central midfielder and he is now natural there and won the european golden boy in the second season playing as an advanced playmaker. Di Maria also trained and plays here so i rotate between the 2 every few games. Pretty happy with my current squad GK: De Gea / Savic / Johnstone DR: Rafael / Peruzzi DL: Shaw / Schmelzer DC: Jones / Balanta / Vallejo / Rojo DM: Neves / Ajer MC: Pogba / Di Maria / Tielemans / Januzaj / Ward Prowse / Romero / Gil Romero / Goretzka ST: Rooney / Falcao / Munir / Wilson
  10. barbosa is superb even in the first season. i bought him and use him as a trequarista (amc position) and he has been superb. rooney plays here usually and barbosa is backup.
  11. thanks guys. i might try and tweak my tactic and change to a DLP instead and hope that sees herrera perform better whilst not messing up my tactic as i am unbeaten into january (god knows how as i am normally pretty average with tactics)
  12. hi all, how has everyone found herrera on FM15. he is only rated as 2.5 starts in my game and is not performing that well for me. i am playing him as a central midfielder on support mentality and don't really want to change this as my tactic seems to be working (so far anyway, half way through 1st season).
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