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  1. i appreciate what you are saying and you no doubt know a lot more than i do about PC but i do use the mac for more than just FM (unfortunately). as i said it is just personal preference and the fact i am so used to them after having them for 10 years. does anyone have any knowledge of the macbook air 11" and how this runs FM as per my original question in post 2762
  2. just personal preference and a belief that their products are far greater than others and i therefore don't mind spending £1300 on a laptop.
  3. Hi All, I am considering a new laptop (hoping to order within 24 hours) and i was going to buy the 11" macbook air. i will be looking to buy the model with the 2.2ghz dual core intel core i7 with turbo boost to 3.2ghz processor along with the 8gb SDRAM and 512gb hard drive. i usually set up my games with a large database and then usually between 1-3 leagues loaded and players form top clubs in europe, south america. does anyone have experience of playing on the 11" screen or likewise the sam machine to give some feedback on FM performance. thanks Gareth
  4. After some help if possible. How do i get an FM11 screenshot on a Macbook. I know on a windows pc i press alt + F9 but this does not seem to work on a mac. any help would be appreciated as i am new to the mac as only had it 1-2 weeks.
  5. sorry mr hough on last question if you would not mind. did you keep the left midfielder on attack role or support when you moved him to striker. just got back home and going to give this a try tonight. Thanks again
  6. to be fair on the original thread for this tactic the guy does say that he has only tested it with a decent side and quality players so i expected that. im using tottenham with the latest transfers update and want to try this with them as i have bought one or two players i think will go well. any chance you can pm me your tactic or a screenshot of the changes so i can do it myself and see how it goes. thanks
  7. how is the tweaked version of the invincibles tactic working for you Mr Hough. is it still producing the goods.
  8. thanks again for the new tactic mr hough, downloading now and will give it a good go tonight
  9. Sounds promising. I am not fussed about smashing teams unless of course it's rivals so I'll look forward to testing it. Cheers for the quick response as ever.
  10. Hi mr hough. The new tactic and defence you are working on is it in the classic mode or a wizard tactic? When do you think you are likely to release it? Still having great success with the current wizard tactic but anyhting you say is better I'll definitely try.
  11. the only one i have had success with so far has been berbatov. rooney is ok there but does not score as much as he does when playing as the left striker in this tactic. i am currently trying Juan Mata there from Valencia but early days so will see how he goes.
  12. I have to agree mr hough. Your tactics are very good and IMO don't need the corner cheat but of course it's up to you but I hope you release both in case ad ill be using the one without the corner cheat.
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