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  1. A lot of good suggestion in this thread and also a few i don't fancy, but everyone has their own perception of football and what matters to them. A few things i would like to change (That i have not seen mentioned in the 20 or so pages i have checked): 1. Have different throw-in takers for thrown in offensive and defensive positions. Let's say i have a striker that has a great long throw. Then i need to set him as a throw in taker. But i would only like him to take the long throws near the penalty area. When the throws are in my own half, i would probably rather like to have my fullbacks taking the throws so the striker can be in a position to recieve the ball instead. 2. Divide freekicks into three areas rather than two and also have the possibility to assign several players to take the freekicks. I would like to have the freekicks divided into right, left and center and also have the possibility to assign several players (i.e. a right footed and a left footed) to take some of the freekicks. In real life it is quite common that from the wide areas you have on players taking the freekicks, whipping the balls in, but if the freekicks are in more central position you usually have more players around the ball in order to make it harder for the goalie. Then the players should themselves make the descision which of them takes the freekick. /Eppu
  2. I would probably interpret it as the player knew what he was doing when he made the infraction and therefore knew that he was going to get a card for it. I.e. he made a blatant foul on the halfway line when the opposition was in a position to counter and therefore, as Lazarus5 said, the player took a card for the team. /Eppu