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  1. Yeah, I started January 2014. I didn't know it was a known (and pretty serious) issue. I'll try what you said, thanks.
  2. I think there's something wrong, am I right?
  3. It's hard to sell Squillaci in first season, he has just joined the team in the game The team didn't have a good LB, as Gibbs is terrible (IRL and in-game too) and his reserve is also terrible, so i had to buy 2 LB. There was no backup for song and wilshere too. The team was full of holes.
  4. Okay, here's my transfers so far: I think it's enough. I tried to sell Djourou and buy Alderweireld but Ajax wanted 25M lol. Using a deep 4-2-3-1 atm.
  5. Just downloaded the Metal Guitarrist's new update, Fabregas was already a Barça player, but Nasri was still at Arsenal, so I put him at Man City with 160k p/w wages, and also increased Arsenal's transfers fund to 65M. Starting right now.
  6. FM 2011 - Miguel Medina

    2016: Awesome player and awesome bargain. Tried to sign him a few times but PSG wanted so much.
  7. So far: 2-1 Betis - Away 3-1 Salamanca - Away (Copa del Rey) 2-0 Valladollid - Home I've only brought Faye Ibrahima for LB and Jakub Rzezniczak for RB (Nyom 6 months out)
  8. Superb thread. I think i'll start a save with Granada.
  9. FM11: Jucilei

    He has moved to Anzhi, in Russia. BTW, very good player.
  10. Just started a save, i was waiting for 11.3. I've spent a lot but i'd have spent much more if i could sell my players. Nobody wants Alan Smith for example, even for free I highly recommend Niakhaichyk and Bressan, very good, very versatile and very cheap players , high CxB. Tactic: Lee was the starter RM until first game, then 6 weeks out So far: Wigan 0x2 Newcastle (Niakhaichyk, Ben Arfa) Newcastle 4x0 West Brom (Ben Arfa, Necid, Mongongu, Niakhaichyk)
  11. First Match On The New Patch

    Bayern 3x0 Olympiacos, after a terrible 1st half, i expressed my disapointment, and then 3 goals and decent performance.
  12. Mark Hughes here lol, 2016.
  13. FM11: Markus Henriksen

    The Ass Manager is JPA 17 JCA 17, not that bad lol.
  14. Bio: Markus Henriksen (born 25 July 1992) is a Norwegian football midfielder who currently plays for Rosenborg. He is the son of Rosenborg's assistant manager, Trond Henriksen. On September 28th 2010, he was called up for the Norwegian national team for the first time. He made his debut on October 12th, in an away friendly against Croatia, which Norway lost 1-2. FM: In 2012: I play him as Deep-Lying Playmaker and he's done very well. He's algo good as Advanced Playmaker or even Trequartista, but with his (relatively) low flair, i prefer the first option. I bought him in 2011 for €4M, but in the start he's cheaper. His CA/PA: