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  1. Thank you for the explanation! Though, I'm doing nation rules, not continental. What I had in mind was this: I have a nation with two divisions that are really distinct, but equal leagues. I want a playoff between the champions, but I also want a second level cup so there's more for teams to play for. I wanted to have that cup take the 2nd-5th teams from each division. I tried using your instructions as guidance but I can't quite figure it out. I may just have to change my expectations. I usually imagine bigger than I can pull off! But if you know a way to make it work as I described, I'm all ears. Actually, along the same lines, I'm having trouble getting the playoff between the two league winners to work right. If I set it as a championship playoff of the parent comp, everything works great, except you can't really see past results (because the game sees it as playoffs within a league, when it's really kind of a separate competition at the end of the season). And you can't specify the dates and times and all that. If I set it as a separate competition that must wait for the divisions to finish, then I can set all these things and view past history. But it's not taking the right teams every year. Sometimes it's 1v1. Sometimes it's 1v2. I thought that was happening when the second places team from one side had more points than the winner from the other side. But in my last test it took teams 1 and 4-both from the same division! So . . . wondering how to get this set right.
  2. I'm being dense here. I don't see where to do that under teams. Can you please explain where to set a seed by division finish?
  3. Anyone? I know someone has viewed this . . .
  4. Two and a half years have passed and I can't get a job. Fred Danger has retired in anonymity. Thus ends the shortest/saddest career on this forum. Would you guys like me to restart with the same or a different team? Or just let it end here?
  5. 2010 Season End Azogues: Held them scoreless for a long time but capitulated late. No surprise. Imbabura: Both strikers injured in-match but no carryover. Played them evenly but of course couldn't get a point. Still one point ahead of the drop as both rivals lost as well. River Plate-Man advantage after 8 minutes. Need a corner just to be tying 1-1. 10 on 10 starting in minute 65. They score in the last minute of injury time. Oh my stars I hate this team. I hate Ecuador. I hate this game. Are you kidding me? What a bunch of worthless, no talent hacks. They aren't even trying! How the hell did this season go so bad? I know I suck at FM, but this is beyond acceptable. Utterly pissed off at this team. I just want it over with. But I don't want the relegation tarring my resume. For the love of God, don't let any other team get any points. I'm still one point ahead but have easily the hardest game left. On the road against the team that beat us 8-1 at home. Joy. The day before we play our last game, Canar and Cotopaxi both win. We're bloody doomed. Yeah, somehow everyone else in the league plays Saturday while our final game is on Sunday. We're bottom and will only survive with a win. As if. Tecnico-56th minute, Moreira breaks free and . . . scores? Huh? Is it too early to shut up shop? Tension rising . . . Another chance in the 67th missed. 72nd minute, concede. Sigh. 78th minute go overload. 79th minute concede again. 81st minute almost score. 84th minute concede. It's over. Honestly couldn't have expected a better effort this game and we were within twenty minutes of survival. But the fact is we're dead last. And the fact is we deserve it becuase we are the worst team ever. I am shocked and awed at our putridity. I don't know, I guess maybe I could have used friendlies in between the games to maintain fitness and counteract the plummeting morale. That coupled with improving the squad at the start of the season instead of halfway through may have made for a better season. I don't know and I don't care. I'm just done. Now, dear sweet Jesus get me out of town . . .
  6. A couple of notes: I hope to finish out the season in the next couple of nights and update you all then. But before that I've come across a couple things I think are worth sharing. First a correction to the team history for Rocafuerte. They have never won Serie B. Rather, they won the Campeonato de Segunda, which is below the Serie B. Second, I've decided what I'm going to do at the end of the year. There are three possibilities (we get relegated, we survive and the board renew my contract, or we survive and the board still let me go). No matter what happens I will leave Ecuador. I'm using a downloaded editor file that unlocked a whole slew of leagues. The guy seems to have done OK for the most part but he messed up Ecuador with the number of games played. In real life, like many Latin American leagues, there are two phases to the season, with a double round robin schedule in each, for a total of 44 games. This file has just two rounds of play, giving us 22 games to play from February through December. There are regularly two and three week breaks between matches. I could schedule friendlies to keep up fitness and rebuild team confidence, but I do not like the idea of playing friendlies all year long. I'm going to fix the league setup and plan to go back in another save. But as far as Mr. Danger is concerned, this will be his one and only go in Ecuador. If he's able to win the Libertadores it will be with a Brazilian team.
  7. Rocafuerte off-cycle update At the time of the last update, there were 9 games to go in the season. 5 have gone and it's time to apprise you of what's taken place. Rocafuerte 0-3 Audaz Not much to see here, move along. Rocafuerte 2-5 Grecia Seriously? The team is now better by a mile and we're actually playing worse? In the 12 games the old guard played (excluding the Tecnico result as a one-off), they allowed 18 goals. That's not too bad a record, all things considered. My ringers? 8 in 2!! U.T.E. 0-3 Rocafuerte What a streak-breaker. Our first win in ten; we collected only 2 of a possible 27 points since our last win. Which was also against UTE. We actually did the double over someone. Must just be one of those weird matchups. Liga de Loja 1-0 Rocafuerte This was a bit disappointing. We continued our good defensive play but couldn't muster any offense, finally capitulating. It was a fair result. Our performance wasn't anything to be ashamed of, but we are out of time for moral victories. CD Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi vs Rocafuerte FC September 25, 2010 Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! The weather is picture perfect today in Latacunga; fair skies and 78 degree temperatures greet the 856 fans who have "packed" La Cocha for today's exciting match. There are still four more matchdays after today, so nothing will be decided, but this match will certainly go a long way in deciding this year's relegation dogfight in the Copa Crédife Serie B! Let's recap where today's opponents stand. With 17 of 22 games played in 2010, sitting bottom are Municipal Cañar with 10 points. Today's visitors from Guayaquil are only one point better, sitting 11th on 11 points. Danger's men have won just twice this year, and are on a streak of seven losses out of ten. Today's hosts lie 10th, with 12 points. That's right, a win from the visitors will see them climb out of the relegation places, while a home win will earn Cotopaxi some much needed breathing room heading into the final stretch. UTE are in 9th with 17 points, while Grecia are 8th with 18. Although neither of these teams is definitely safe, it looks right now like there are three teams who are under the spotlight and only one will survive to play in Série B in 2011. And with that, we're underway! Cotopaxi kick off. After a couple quick passes, Balseca takes the ball down the wing for Cotopaxi. He finds Guevera in front of him. Edgar Corozo brings him down and the ref blows for a foul. Vilela takes the free kick for Cotopaxi . . . he finds Guevara completely unmarked, right in front of the goal and he heads it home! Goal! Cotopaxi 1-0 Rocafuerte 1' (Guevara) The home stand are jumping out of their seats! What a way to start the match for Cotopaxi! And what a way to start a match for Rocafuerte. They looked completely lost on that free kick. --- Rafael Quinonez will try to send this free kick into the box for Rocafuerte. They certainly haven't given up yet, even after that early goal. It's been back and forth action in the early going today, folks. Here's the kick, and it's headed away. Looked like Guevara with the clearance. He's been everywhere for Cotopaxi today. The ball falls in front of the feet of Estuardo Quiñónez. He's got space in front of him. He takes the ball past the midfield stripe before turned against the touchline. He plays a one-two with Vilela, now fires a quick pass to Troya. Troya into the box, good tackle from Santiallan, oh it's a goal! Goal! Cotopaxi 2-0 Rocafuerte 12' (Guevara) That sliding tackle wasn't so perfect, after all, as the ball rolled onto the path of Guevara, who fires a rocket and doubles Cotopaxi's lead! Guevara is the man today! A brace in the first quarter hour. And Cotopaxi's move started with him heading away a Rocafuerte free kick! It may be too late already, but Rocafuerte need to come up with a plan to stop him if they want to salvage anything from this match, or this season for that matter. --- Intriago will take the corner for Roca from the near side. Both teams have kept swinging but Roca just can't land a punch. Here's the kick, Santillan heads it . . . wide, Cattaneo is there to head across, Espinoza punches it straight into the air, Santiallan again! . . . but no, he floated it too high and Espinoza recovers, there's a scrap for the ball now, and it falls to Intriago who curls it back in, and there it is! Goal! Cotopaxi 2-1 Rocafuerte 44' (Santillan) Santillan is able to stick his foot through a crowd of defenders and poke it past Espinoza. And just before halftime, we might have a game on our hands! Rocafuerte are back in with a shout! --- Troya takes a shot, which is saved. These teams continue to slug it out, folks. Will Cotopaxi land a knockout blow, or will Rocafuerte complete the comeback? It's certainly been a great game to watch so far. What will the last quarter hour have in store for us? Rafael Quiñonez is dispossessed and Coto are back in attack . . . Camacho is in the way of that pass and he punts it clear. Amaya tries to head it, but it's bouncing in front of Maciel! He's clear on goal! He takes a touch, another, centers, and fires it . . . it's in! Goal! Cotopaxi 2-2 Rocafuerte 75' (Maciel) A clinical strike from just outside the area! A superb fightback; Rocafuerte are back on level terms!!! --- Estrada kicks it deep . . . Roca collect in midfield . . . pass to Brito and, oh! Junior Troya tried a sliding tackle, but I'm afraid he judged that one poorly! He throws up his hands but the ref is calling him over . . . this is surely a booking . . . it's red! Red Card! Junior Troya 80' That was reckless, and there's ten minutes to play! Cotopaxi have been pegged back from two up, and now they'll have to hold on for dear life a man down! --- Estrada sends it up to Cagua to restart the attack for Roca . . . Cagua with a lovely ball to Moreira in the middle of the park, he turns and fires it forward for Alfonso Quiñonez to run on to. Balseca chasing from behind, and there's a foul! Balseca tried to hold Quiñonez back by his shirt! Mendoza is running over, pointing to the spot! Penalty! Will he be booked as well? Yes, indeed. Cotopaxi are protesting furiously but I thought that one was pretty clear cut. And he should be thankful the ref didn't see it as a clear goalscoring opportunity. Quiñonez was in the clear before the foul. Jhon Cagua to take the kick for Rocafuerte. He lines up to kick with his left. Will he fire Rocafuerte to safety with this kick? He runs, kicks, and scores! Top right! Goal! Cotopaxi 2-3 Rocafuerte 85' (Cagua p) He took the kick quickly and confidently, and Rocafuerte have reversed their 0-2 deficit and have taken a 3-2 lead with a man advantage. --- Camacho to take the free kick after the offsides. He pauses, then fires it deep into the flank . . . and there's the whistle! What a match! Final Score CD Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi 2, Rocafuerte FC 3 Fred Danger's crew showed great heart in scraping their way back. They now overtake Cotopaxi in 10th place, and are one point ahead of the drop with four games to go! That's two wins out of three, can they keep it up? The road will be tough, as the final stretch for Roca includes matches against teams currently placed 2nd, 4th, 3rd, and 6th, but that's why they play the games! Tune in to FMCU TV each and every matchday for all the exciting action. Until then, good night!
  8. Are these seven things explained anywhere? I'm familiar with your 12 steps thread, but that just covers some starting tips, right?
  9. The Purge 2010 Midsummer Transfers Had two more games before the summer break. The second one was a total shock. I had so many players pick up suspensions (7 yellows and a straight red in the game prior) that I had to field an injured player out of position and a goalkeeper at centerback. The game really should have been called. We somehow nabbed a goal early on and just about pulled it off. But I can't complain with a point as they had about 30 shots to 6. This result put us back up into 11th. We're two points from safety, and a whopping 6 away from 9th. There's only 9 games to go so this will be tight. But I'm not helpless. Cause the summer break brings a transfer window! This is a bit deceiving as all those free transfers out on 1/20 and 1/21 are AI moves. I looked over the assistant reports and found 5 players who were rated at 5 stars, everyone else was rated .5. .5 for a relegation threatened semipro team? Ouch. Out they go, mercilessly. In come a fresh batch of faces. Yeah yeah, squad harmony blah blah disrupt the team yada yada yada. Fact is we're desperate. We now have a larger squad with much more talent overall. I don't expect to pull up trees, but if I can't survive with this crew, I'm not sure I could survive period. Sorry this isn't very descriptive to you guys. But I don't want a flood of screenshots for all the transfers. I guess just trust me that their attributes are higher, and so is my optimism. Now I have a reason to look forward to the last half(ish) of the season. Stay up, boys!
  10. 2010 - Half-season update Notes and thoughts Audaz game - Luis Macias scores an own goal in the 90th minute to rob us of a deserved point against another semi-pro team. Though they're newly promoted, they're flying in 1st place. What a contrast to our side. My confidence in survival is now completely gone. Only a miracle will see us make it. Loja: Had about five players injured in this match (out for 3, 5, 6, and 8 weeks, the other recovered). Nabbed a late equalizer, only for Loja to score in the 97th minute (when there were four minutes added, go figure). Thankfully, he was flagged for offside. Our first point taken from a fully professional side. And vital as Liga was one of only two teams who hadn't earned a point to date and were keeping us out of the relegation zone. Sadly, the other team won their game so we dropped to 11th anyway. With four startes now injured for a month or more, the skies grow ever darker over Guayaquil. Grecia-Conceded the equalizer late. A missed opportunity for sure as this was probably our most evenly played match to date. Lost another player due to a one match ban. You get banned for two yellow then another game for each additional yellow. Rough. So as of this date we had 13 fully fit, eligible players for the next match. If I'd known I'd have needed ten more players to feel comfortable I'd have brought them in. UTE-Picked up the win and we sat 8th after this match. UTE missed a penalty early. Estrada made a key save in the 81st minute. If we do survive, I might just stick around. This team could be alright if I cleaned out the dross and padded out the roster with more depth. Azogues-Followed this up with a shock road draw against the league leaders, who were perfect in their first six games (a Serie B record). We stole the point with an injury time header. Cotopaxi-A home game against probably the only team decidedly worse than us (according to the AI's eval), and we get a guy sent off in the first ten minutes. Gah! We paid the price with a loss. Any good thing we had going was completely ruined by this game. It was all I could do to not quit. I completely botched this by not completely replacing the entire team. But I didn't think I had enough time, and I was lost without coach reports! This is beyond frustrating. My only hope is in the fact that it's still fairly tight here at the bottom. Tecnico-6:0 at halftime. Speechless. Almost cried. I had players with ratings of 3.4 and 3.5, never seen anything close to that low. Shocked I haven't been sacked. The only reason I'm not quitting is there's another transfer window in the summer and I might be able to bring some good players in. Ideally, I'll fire everyone cause they're all useless. Lots of records set with this one, yay. Side note: Ordonez was brought in to be the midfield anchor. However, Juan Colamarco had proved to be adept at this job (I didn't recognize he would be good enough). This has allowed Ordonez to hold the fort at his more natural DC position. This is going to change going forward. Colamarco didn't accept his fine after the Tecnico game and wouldn't back down. So I sacked him. No one argues against the boss. If you don't want to be fined don't play like tripe. League table halfway through
  11. I wanted to reach the halfway point this morning but ran out of playing time, so the full update will have to wait for a bit. Although it gives some of the info away, I'll give you this as a teaser. That's right: we're favored to win! Better not disappoint.
  12. Our second league game was our first against a fellow semi-pro team. A loss here would be an early blow to our survival hopes and would seriously threaten our shaky morale. They were given a bogus penalty early on, but we were at least able to take a point. I'm a bit worried that I overestimated the squad. Yes, we are covering the positions, but we could fill positions with cones and do about as well. I usually rely heavily on coaches reports when taking over a new team and I didn't have any. This may be a short spell.
  13. Two players stand out as most likely to be the best. Luis Moreira Xavier Intriago Transfers in: We actually have decent coverage with the squad as it is, which is a relief given the time constraint. I did want to get a good player to anchor the midfield and found: Darwin Ordonez That's the only player I brought in. I brought in a "full" backroom team of an AssMan, two coaches, a physio, and two scouts. Which actually isn't too bad for a semi-pro team.
  14. Reads the card of a man(ager) Aim Explore the world, ideally winning each continent's champions league along the way. Setup Cameroon (Elite One) Japan (to J2) UAE (to Second Div B) USA (to USL Pro) Germany (to 3.Liga) Turkey (to 2.Lig) Fiji (NewWorld NFL) Brazil (to Serie C) Ecuador (to Credife Serie B) Small database to aid with speed, 23,000 players and 1.5 star rating. Add Players to Playable Teams checked so this figure will balloon right from the off (it helps make the created leagues play better). Start date January 2010 in the USA The Man A real person's name, believe it or not. And perfect for our international man of mystery. 83 jobs applied for . . . First stop, Guayaquil, Ecuador! Something called worldsoccer.com declares it a surprise that Rocafuerte named a virutally unknown 35 year old American their next manager. What do they know? No history to speak of. They were founded in 1994 and have an empty trophy cabinet. They did win the second tier once before, in 2008, but this isn't reflected in-game. I didn't notice they are semi-pro; I would have factored that into my job choice. Too late now, eh? I'm not the only one, though, there are four others in the league I'm in. Beating them will be enough to keep me safe (avoiding relegation is all the board want-two teams out of twelve drop). Contract is only a year long so if they don't go pro, I'll forbear extending and try to get hired by a pro team. Preseason is already over and the league opener is a few days away. Transfer window still open so there's hope to make improvements. First, I'll need to evaluate the team I have. And hire some staff, I have zero. And figure out my tactic. And . . . well hey at least my guy knows Spanish already (there's about a 20% chance an American manager is made bilingual by the game). Saddle up!
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