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  1. Thank you for the explanation! Though, I'm doing nation rules, not continental. What I had in mind was this: I have a nation with two divisions that are really distinct, but equal leagues. I want a playoff between the champions, but I also want a second level cup so there's more for teams to play for. I wanted to have that cup take the 2nd-5th teams from each division. I tried using your instructions as guidance but I can't quite figure it out. I may just have to change my expectations. I usually imagine bigger than I can pull off! But if you know a way to make it work as I described, I'm a
  2. I'm being dense here. I don't see where to do that under teams. Can you please explain where to set a seed by division finish?
  3. Per Ciljan Skjelbred In my head, I have it as Per Kill-ee-an Shell-bread. He's Norwegian.
  4. I haven't run into the first problem, so can't help there. I haven't seen or read about any difference between the tutoring options. There must be some (or why would they be there) but apparently they're negligible at best.
  5. Thanks! If you change currency, does it convert the figures or just change the units?
  6. I can set player X to man marking. I can target my opponent's player Y with OIs. But how do I set player X to mark player Y? Is it possible to set individual training levels without having to set up a schedule for each player? In other words, can I set up a generic striker schedule then tailor each player just a little off that base? If I want to, say, have my striker drop a little deeper, am I better off overriding his mentality or changing his role? I want to be able to rotate players into the same role and use shouts, but don't always want to change all the settings that changing a playe
  7. Kenco, you and minisav are right on about the length of the challenge. I do see that as the major hinderance, as it would require quite a lengthy game save to pull off. Any ideas on how I could make it more managable while retaining the intent and uniqueness of the challenge? Also, as far as ideas going bad, my impression is that there there is only a small percentage of the CSE crowd that visits this thread unless their trying to sell an idea. So the feedback from here may not reflect how well the idea may go over on the full board.
  8. I've seen managers used before, but I'm not sure I've seen it done quite that way. What I mean is, the sign-up was focused on creating a team and the user would just make up their manager to go with it. I don't know that I've seen one where creating a manager was the purpose. To be honest, though, isn't that what the game itself is about? Personally, I would not have any interest in watching the progress of an AI version of myself. There have been plenty of "national team dictator" or "super player laboratory" type ideas. BUT, yours has a very, very interesting twist. Like a combination of th
  9. Hmm . . . bit disappointing that both my ideas went over like a sack of potatoes. Ah, well.
  10. I had an idea for a challenge that seems as if it would have been done before, so I must ask . . . has there ever been a master challenge? One that sought to prove that you could find success managing in any situation? Here are the winning conditions I had in mind: 1)Win a league title on every continent-forcing players to adapt to different football cultures and climates. 2)At least one of these titles must be a lower league (any second division or lower)-forcing players to succeed with less talent and resources. 3)Win a continental title with any club (e.g. the Champions League)-forcing
  11. My only reaction to that is that it requires the participants to have high level pre-existing knowledge in order to name a proper manager under your rules.
  12. Pretty much. I thought giving everyone a standard 4-4-2 would make things even. I was going to have the QB be the attacking MC, RBs as ST, WRs as the wingers, and TE as more defensive mid. Then for the defense, I would just pick the four best players and they'd be rated as a unit. What are the challenges you see, PluckaDuck in sustaining it? Lack of ways for people to participate? I'm sure there are things I haven't considered. EDIT: On the draft-I'm not sure whether I'll do one, since the colleges aren't in the game and I'm certainly not going to make them. I don't know how they set it up f
  13. I have the beginnings of an idea for FM10, but I'm not exactly sure how best to do it. I think I might make it a sign-up. I want to run the idea here first to see if there's any point in going through the work, as there would be a fair amount of research and editing to make it right. My idea is to turn the National Football League into the National Futbol League. The Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and Pittsburgh Steelers drop America's game and pick up the world's game. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Brett Favre trade their helmets for shin guards. I would first need to set up all the te
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