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  1. This save is so much fun. The only problem is arranging loans coz I have so many talented youngsters. Spoiled for riches and don't wanna sell anyone ha ha And that transfer budget of 159 m Euros is sitting there untouched.
  2. Some more screenshots of my Top Players. Plizzari is a very highly promising talent in real life from our academy and big things are expected of him. I made him the first choice GK from the start of the save and he hasn't let me down. At the age of 20, he is first choice for Italy as well. Davide Calabria is another hot prospect and in my save, he is constantly being chased by Madrid and Barca. Thankfully he is loyal. In any case, I have 2 other amazing RBs lined up in the youth team. Locatelli is already a good player in real life but in FM he goes to a whole new level. At such a young age, he is keeping Verratti off the Italian national team. In real life Mastour has failed spectacularly to make a mark anywhere, after all the hype around him but in my game, he is a solid trequartista. Another guy who ahs been disappointing in real life but is a super player in FM. Cutrone is a player who has been banging in goals for the youth team for fun in real life. On the game, he started slow but then in the second season he scores 31 goals, next season 38 goals and in the previous season, where he was out injured for a long time, he still scored 22. Main striker for the Italian NT now.
  3. It's the one here. After trying many tactics, this worked for me. Although I do tweak it during the match. Mostly, change the STR to CF and STL to AF and depending on the game situation, I chose BWM/BBM/CM roles for my players. I am not a big wan of wingers or strikers as that is not how Milan play traditionally.
  4. It truly is incredible and he is not the only one. a lot of them improved **** tons. I will post screenshots later. Yes. Only Italian youngsters aged 17 or below. Usually they are 16 or 15. I play them in an polder age group. 15yr olds and decent 16 year olds int he U-18 squad. Top talents that are 16, and 17 year olds in the U20 squad. And 18 and above go on loan to clubs that will give them good game time. By 19, I want these guys to knock for a first team place. And many of them do. I mean, I am spoiled for riches here as there are so many talented players ready to go. This is by far the most satisfying save I have planed in a long long time and I haven't missed a single FM game since cm3. P.s. I am reading Malazan currently I am guessing the tough times will begin now as the board will start demanding more trophies. So far it was just about European qualification.
  5. Time to showcase one of my best players. So good that I gave him Kaka's number. Bought for 3.5 million from Atlanta as a 17 year old. Could've been cheaper but they are our regional rivals. Here are his original stats. 3 years later Right training. Plus plenty of game time and we have a champion on our hands.
  6. Season 4 Transfer Window Yes I paid 39 million for a 17 year old. That's how good my scouts said the guy was. He is a winger but I am going to turn him into a striker. Bought a lot of old players to tutor my young ones too. Didn't give them any gamete whatsoever. Romagnoli, cajoled by Messi was desperate to leave and had no choice but to sell him. Made a handy profit though. Won the 4th Coppa Italia in a row. It was a very tight match with us down to ten men. Niang came through and is easily one of the top forwards in my current save. I intend to cash in on him soon. Finally, managed to win the league for the first time since 2011. It came down tot he last game when a draw against Roma (as has happened many times in real life) was enough to seal the title for us. But YET AGAIN. Champions League was the biggest surprise where I took my revenge against Barca for stealing my prized Romagnoli. 2nd CL win in a row and our 9th Cup overall. The first time in the history of the club that the treble has been won. Not to mention the supper coppa Italiana, European super cup and the Club world cup. 6 out of 6. Amazing season. And I have tons of youth prospects that are on loan at other clubs in the top leagues and doing well. Selection is going to be a headache for me and I intend to sell Suso, Niang etc. In their mid twenties, they are a bit too old for my squad ;). Both however are world class players in my save.
  7. Season 3 Transfer Window. Not many players to sell. But bought some 16 and under talents again. But once again Finished runners up to Juve in the league. Albeit, with a lesser points difference. And once again, won the Coppa Italia. THIRD time in a row. Beating Juve 5-1 in the SF. But the BIGGEST SURPRISE WAS IN EUROPE. True to our European DNA. A repeat of the 2003 final but this time held in San Siro. Long awaited 8th European Cup for Milan. And to think I had Bayern and Arsenal in my group and no one gave us a chance. Finished the group stage unbeaten too. A great season.
  8. Season 2 Transfer window All players bought were aged 16 or below. Sold most of the older players. Knocked out in the Champions League Group stage Lost in the Final of Europa League Ended Second in the league But won the coppa Italia- Second year in a row.
  9. I have been playing the game since CM3 times but this is my first career post here. All of my saves are with AC Milan as that is the club I love with all my heart and in this new FM save, I decided to do something that I had half heartedly done in the past. A few years ago, our famous owner Berlusconi and his daughter (who was half CEO at that time) had declared that since the club did not have the money to make big market moves, they are going to develop a project using youth team players. The media called it Ital-Milan. Of course, nothing much came out of that project but I have decided to implement that philosophy in my new save, considering that when you start playing with Milan you barely have a budget. So here are the rules:- - Players in my Milan team can only be players from the Academy. - If I buy players from other teams they can only be Italian below the age of 17. - I can use current players for the first couple of years to stabilize results (and to make sure that the board don't fire me). I thought about developing my own tactic but abandoned that idea as it would be too much micro-managing. Instead I decided to go with a bunch if similar 4-3-1-2 tactics. At least I know that if things go wrong, it is not coz of the tactics. I just finished the first season and so far it has been going pretty good. Without the burden of having to deal with agents, this game is so much fun. It is also very gratifying to see the youth develop. I did have to let go of a few fan favorites (like abate, Antonelli) coz they need to make space for the talented youths and I have a lot of talented full backs. I also am not going to use Donnarumma for obvious reasons. This is how the first season go. Bought only young Italian players and as you can see, lots of clauses inserted into the deal. An example of my usual starting lineup A couple of draws against Inter and Napoli gave Juve the advantage they needed to widen the gap. We almost had it. Youth Shining! And a fantastic Coppa Italia Final, although I did play Bacca up front and Suso behind him. Really looking forward to the next couple of seasons when the players really start to show changes in attributes.
  10. This is a really good tactic. Playing with Milan. My team is completely made up of youth players. Meaning that a vast majority of them are 2.5-3 stars. There are no superstars in my team. My results-
  11. works pretty well in FM11 playng as arsenal Vela is a monster as ST and van persie on right wing is dazzling
  12. Hey what skin is that man in the original screenshots ? care to share ? thanks alot
  13. Filefront hasnt been working properly for so long now ! can someone put an alt link to this ? thanks a lot
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