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  1. Another example, the match stood still between the 61th and 79th minute Bradford City v Barnet.pkm
  2. A somewhat similar incident... Barnets 2nd goal, in the 18th minute: Keeper catches an incoming cross, runs to the edge of his area, and drops the ball to the feet of my attacker. Birmingham v Barnet.pkm
  3. Transfer rumour "stuck on replay"

    Yup. Have received 10 in 14 days since then.
  4. I've had the same news rumour pop up in my inbox (and news-feed) 18 times in the last 22 days. I'm uploading it to the ftp as MacGillivray.fm.
  5. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    Got this one through my academy my first season, and I'm super torn... He's got the potential to become one of my best players (and I fear he may be the best prospect to come through my academy for many seasons to come). He's performed fairly well in his 2 starts and 5 sub-appearances so far, and all his key attributes has already increased 0,8-1,2 points in the 5 months he's been with the club. But on DLD I got an offer from Nottm Forest, £ 350 000 up-front. That amount could make my way to League 1 (and above) much easier, and obtainable within a year or two... But is it worth it?
  6. [Barnet] (Official) Data Issues

    The capacity of The Hive is wrong. It should be 5176, while it's listed in-game as 5233, which is our record attendance at The Hive. That attendance was a one-off happening, where we got a special permit to exceed the "official" max capacity. The seated capacity is also wrong, there are minimum* 4305 seats available. The away-terrace was rebuilt to a stand prior to this season, and the home terrace holds 871. *The unrestricted capacity of The Hive, according to http://www.barnetfc.com/club/stadium/, is 6205, so in theory we could utilize 5176 seats and still be within regulations
  7. [Barnet] (Official) Data Issues

    Gavin Hoyte is injured for 7-9 months when the game starts, he's already been back in action (and gotten himself injured again with an unrelated injury), so that timespan should be reduced. The 9 months is correct, but it should be counted from January to October, not from June to ~February. http://www.barnetfc.com/news/article/2016-17/gavin-hoyte-all-the-hard-work-has-paid-off-now-3380741.aspx Michael Gash is also injured long-term injured, however this occurred 13th August, so after my understanding he should be fit when the game starts. http://www.barnetfc.com/news/article/2016-17/match-report-barnet-2-0-accrington-stanley-3246095.aspx James Pearson on the other hand got a micro-fracture in his femur around June/July, and hasn't featured in a single game for us this season(not even PSFs). He should therefore start the game injured. Tough, I have no idea about when he's expected back. http://www.barnetfc.com/news/article/2016-17/james-pearson-it-helps-when-youve-got-other-players-with-you-3399437.aspx Maybe Akindes penalty- and composure-stat should be a bit higher? According to Transfermarkt he's taken 25 penalties for us the last 3 seasons, and scored 22 (plus another vs Hartlepool last week). His 8 penalty-goals in the league last season: I would argue that it's down to high composure, penalty taking and finishing (higher than 9, 13 & 13 as it is at the moment), not "power and luck" (as Izale McLeod, who has ~the same stats, and have scored on 14/20 penalties since 2011/12). I can see that raising his finishing would lead to him being too overpowered, but a few extra points on composure and penalty-taking shouldn't hurt(?).
  8. CM97/98; Having played and won every thing I could with the team I supported at the time (and still support, to an extent), Man United (it was because of Solskjær, Johnsen, Berg and Nevland of course, not because they were world beaters or something stupid like that! ) I decided I needed a challenge, and decided to play with a team from the lowest division. Indecisive as I am I couldn't decide which team to pick and just went for the first team from that division in the alphabetical list of teams to play with. It was Barnet. Since then I've taken them to Premier league and beyond on CM4, FM06, FM07, FM08, FM09, FM10 and FM11, I've followed almost every Barnet-match since 2000, first via teletext, and most recent via twitter, radio and streams. I've got two Barnet-shirts hanging on the wall in my living-room, one of them being a limited edition-shirt, of which "only" 2013 exists. These days Barnet is the only team that got my full attention, I keep an eye on Man Udts results, but thats all. Domestic football here in Norway I couldn't give a rat's ass about. To complete the circle back to CM9798, the first, and so far only, time I went to see Barnet live, in 2012, I got to meet Scott McGleish and Giuliano Grazioli. Who you may ask? They were imo two of the biggest stars in the 3rd div on CM97/98. Scott played for Barnet in 97, and Graz played for my main rivals Petersborough. They always ended up in "Premier Division", on my most recent save McGleish ended up in Man United and Graz in Liverpool. In real life Scott played for Barnet between 1999 and 2001, and Graz played for us between 2003 and 2008 (and were the main reason we got promoted from the Conference in '05. What were the odds for that those two, 15 years after CM9798 would've returned to Barnet, Graz as ass.man and Scott on loan, merely a month before my first visit to the club?
  9. Thank God (atleast Fred seems to think that) FIFA appointed a referee that would buckle under the pressure of officiating Brazil's opening game... Should've given Neymar the red, giving Brazil a free-kick every time a Croat look at them, and ignoring almost every Brazilian foul(what is it now, 15-3 to Croatia re fouls?), and that "penalty" to top it all... Corrupt until proven innocent
  10. Going back to old FM's

    I've played this old beauty more than I've played FM14 this year, it never gets old
  11. Get your fact straight, RefereeCuneyt follow 38 "people", the only non Turkish football-related "people" he follows are Real Madrid, Ronaldo, Barelona and Messi. The one thing that puts me a bit of is that he's also following the über Real Madrid biased paper Marca... But I guess he's innocent till proven guilty The one (i believe) you think of, and which follows United news and Roo/Rio, clearly states in it's description that its a "Fake" There, you can now read the second half of the article
  12. what on earth!?

    I see your goal disallowed for diving and raise you a own goal disallowed for diving
  13. Cup "shocks"

    Prev season I had Oxford winning the FA-cup on my save. Fair enough, in the games first 17 seasons they had transformed from a below-average-L2-club to a below-average-Championship-club, finishing 21st, 15th, 16th & 16th their 4 seasons in npC, but there was in no ways an easy draw they got on their way to the trophy. They met 2 npC clubs (Doncaster & Colchester) and 4 PL clubs (Man City, Nottm Forest, M'borough & Cardiff), and only in the 4th round vs Doncaster did they manage to win after 90 mins... 3 went to replay, 2 of those all the way to penalties, and the last 2 were decided in ExT Oh, and in the following season, after spending twice the amount they had spent on all 17 prev seasons on transfers, they managed to get promoted to PL via the play-offs.
  14. Had a lovely little bug in 11.2 that Rochdales (AI team) capacity to be reduced 2-3 times each season between 2011 and 2020 (when I installed 11.3), at the start of the game capacity was ~10k, at it lowest is was down to 2570 10 seasons, and 4 expansions later they're up to a capacity of 8198
  15. The bragging thread

    First match of the season 2028/29. I (Barnet) was facing North London big brother Arsenal. Arsenal has been a stable top 3 team ever since I started the save, and Barnet has just stabilized themselves as a mid table team. A week before te game My keeper and star midfielder got injured, my right back was out with suspension, and to make matters even worse my - by far best- striker was playing in the Olympics. Due to some other injuries and another olympic call-up I was only able to field 4 players on the bench, 3 of them with a total of 4 premier league starts between them. Arsenal were only missing an average right-back, and needles to say, I was expecting a real trashing... And trashing it was, just not in the way i thought:D (Imagine how angry I was when Arsenal scored with their last kick on the ball^^) But... The next round all was back to normal, Arsenal won 5-1 over N Forest, and I lost 0-4 against Man City, and Arsenal went ahead of me on the table on goal difference...:o