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  1. Hmmm, not too bad. I'm happy with the 12 caps aswell. At least the new National Team manager has kept the faith that Peckerman had. Hopefully He can get into the Everton team now, with Champions League football to be played. Can really put himself in the shop window for a move to the big boys!!
  2. Still waiting on 5 people to vote. and 2 others to resubmit their votes as they voted for themselves. Remember if you don't vote at all, one voting point will be taken off your player! This could be pivotal come the end of the voting!!
  3. Sorry about that, you should now be able to do this. PLEASE NOTE, AS STATED, YOU ARE UNABLE TO VOTE FOR YOUR OWN PLAYERS Please resubmit your votes if you have done this. You know who you are
  4. So I have a problem. The club that I have started with only has one goalkeeper, it has a greyed out player, (yes i know he can't make appearances) but what happens if my keeper gets injured? Do I need to play an outfield player in goal rather than the greyed out player?
  5. Just to point out..for those with players that have been relegated, I will continue to give updates like above, so they will still be eligible for player of the season wherever they play
  6. 27 assists is crazy!!! Not too sure about being put on loan list by Everton. Think I need a championship club and not a Premier League. Less chance of getting relegated I think.
  7. PREMIERSHIP WONDERKIDS End of Season One 2014/2015 Arsenal: Luigi Yepes – Profile – Stats – Having only made a total of 8 appearances for his club, with an average rating of 6.91, I feel Luigi can feel lucky to have already made his senior debut for his country. He now has two caps to his name with an average rating of 6.80 Aston Villa: Joe Hurst-May – Profile – Stats – Joe actually made 5 substitute appearances for Aston Villa, although the stats only say 1 as the rest were late appearances where not much happened. I February, Joe was loaned to Watford in the championship for two months and made a total of 13 appearances, with one assist, Watford wanted to extend the loan but Joe rejected. Yet to make his senior debut, Joe does have 11 U21 caps to his name. Burnley: Stanley Retter – Profile – Stats – Stanley made a total of 10 appearances for Burnley this season, with one assist and an average rating of 6.74. A move may be on the cards for the 8 times U21 capped Frenchman as he is reportedly unhappy at his lack of first team appearances for the Clarets. Chelsea: Jose Souza Junior – Profile – Stats – Scoring one goal in 3 appearances was as far as Jose’s senior career has got to so far however, with 50 goals in 59 reserve fixtures and 11 goals in 13 Brazil U21 caps, the future looks bright for the 6ft Brazilian. Crystal Palace: Matthew Schneider – Profile – Stats – A total of 22 appearances for the Eagles this season, albeit 8 from the bench, brought an average rating of 6.74 along with one assist for the 6ft 6 Israeli, however he could not stop his club from falling to the second tier of the English League Structure. He has gone on to get 6 caps for Israel, the joint second highest of our youngsters, with a respectable 6.87 rating. Everton: Connor McGregor - Profile – Stats - 8 appearances this season for the Irish winger, bringing about a return of 2 goals and an average rating of 6.90. His 4 caps for Ireland have brought about no goals but a good rating of 7.07 from them. All of his 8 appearances came in the Capital One Cup, where his team were victors over West Brom in the final. Could this be the first of many silverware for the talented youngster. Hull City: Micah Schneider – Profile – Stats – Micah’s 3 appearances for Hull this season, brought around a poor return of 6.20, as his club was ultimately relegated from the Premiership. His 5 caps for Israel did not bring around much more luck with a return of 6.35. Leicester City: Oliver George – Profile – Stats – 27 appearances with an average rating of 6.61 for Leicester found George to be our last wonderkid relegated from the Premier League. Although this summer could be a busy one for the 11 times capped U21 Englishmen as there is lot of reported interest in his services. Liverpool: Bosko Jagjit – Profile – Stats – 9 appearances for Bosko, with a return of only 6 conceded, is a good starting season for our 4 times capped Croatian. This also included 5 clean sheets, 1 yellow card and an average rating of 7.12. Only one goal conceded in his 4 caps for Croatia with a PotM award, an average rating of 7.22 concluded this season. Manchester City: Derrick Porritt – Profile – Stats – Starting at the richest club in the Premiership is always going to be a struggle for a home grown player (Just ask Michael Johnson..) but having made 2 appearances in the cup, with one assist, and an average rating of 6.55 was enough for Roy Hodgson to hand Derrick 3 England caps, with a return of 2 assists and a 7.00 average rating. Manchester United: George Smith – Profile – Stats – 8 cup appearances for George with a return of 1 goal was enough for Van Gaal to hand a start to the player in the FA Cup Final against Newcastle. Although George only managed a rating of 6.60, his hands were on the trophy come the final whistle. During the season, George was also handed 2 U21 England Caps. Newcastle United: Christopher Hatton – Profile – Stats – Labelled as the next Michael Owen, we could have been forgiven for thinking that we had a gem on our hands here, however, I believe the title was given due to the fact that 3 months were spent on the physio’s table, limiting Hatton’s appearances to one cup game. Hopefully this will change next season. QPR: David Silver – Profile – Stats – Knee Tendonitis meant that David spent 5 months off the field this season, which meant that he was only able to make 8 appearances for QPR this season, with 5 of them coming off the bench. Southampton: Kristopher Scott – Profile – Stats – 40 goals in 59 Reserve appearances was not enough for Ronald Koeman to give Kristopher a run in the 1st team, with only 5 substitute appearances for the Englishmen. One U21 cap may also mean that Scott may have to move away to be noticed a bit more. Stoke City: Dan Arlow – Profile - Stats – 30 appearances in total for our Right Winger, the highest of all the Wonderkids kids brought a return of 4 goals, 3 assists and an average rating of 7.04. This wasn’t enough for Roy Hodgson however (Look at Derrick Porritt) and he only made 3 U21 appearances with 2 goals. Surely a call up to the senior squad is coming soon?! Sunderland: Milo Ramirez – Profile – Stats – 6 appearance for the Black Cats brought a return of 1 goal and 1 assist, with an average rating of 6.82. However Milo has made his space in the Nicaragua National Team with 3 caps. 3 months out with a broken ankle may explain the lack of appearances. Swansea City: Alex Wallace – Profile – Stats – 4 goals and 4 assists in 24 games for the Swans is a very respectable first season for the Scottish youngster. Valued at £13.25 million, he is the highest valued player of the lot, and to cap it all off he is the second highest capped player with 6 caps and one goal for the Tartan Army. Spurs: George Dale – Profile – Stats – Another player that managed to force his way into the England Squad despite only played 1 cup appearance for Spurs. He has however been in good form for his club’s reserve side. West Bromwich Albion: Dave Ross – Profile – Stats – Getting Ben Foster out of the starting line up was always going to be a hard job for Dave. However, he did manage to get 12 appearances under his belt, conceding 16, as he cemented his place as the understudy, pushing Boaz Myhill into the Reserves. He has been given 8 caps for Canada, which is the most of our youngsters, conceding just 4 goals. West Ham: Jim Woodward – Profile – Stats – Having made no appearances for West Ham this season, he was promptly moved out on loan to Hull, where he then made 0 appearances. Tough season for our 1 time capped England U21 star. Hopefully next season will see some appearances. Premier League table - Everyone's Contract - Everyone's Stats Please can everyone get their votes in for player of the season, I need a top 3 from everyone. Just send it to me in a PM. If you do not vote by Wednesday, I will knock a vote off what your player has received. If you do not vote 3 seasons in a row, I will take your player out, and stop reporting on him. Lot of work goes into this and I need to know that everyone is following. You cannot vote for your own player(s). Please let me know if everyone is happy with this format or if you have any suggestions or improvements.
  8. I'm happy...Everton should be safe..nice to know that we have a joint effort with Hatton and Bambang at the same club..hopefully that should see us even more prepared. Nice to see a 16 year old in the Columbian under 20s aswell!
  9. Well I got JA Drancy relegated I took it the last day but lost 4-1 to top of the table when all I needed was a draw I think I'm going to do this in England rather than France as the reputations are so drastic between the teams in France.
  10. PREMIERSHIP WONDERKIDS Season One 2014/2015 Profiles Arsenal: Luigi Yepes Aston Villa: Joe Hurst-May Burnley: Stanley Retter Chelsea: Jose Souza Junior Crystal Palace: Matthew Schneider Everton: Connor McGregor Hull City: Micah Schneider Leicester City: Oliver George Liverpool: Bosko Jagjit Manchester City: Derrick Porritt Manchester United: George Smith Newcastle United: Christopher Hatton QPR: David Silver Southampton: Kristopher Scott Stoke City: Dan Arlow Sunderland: Milo Ramirez Swansea City: Alex Wallace Spurs: George Dale West Bromwich Albion: Dave Ross West Ham: Jim Woodward Let me know if anyone sees any problems with their players, I will be providing two updates a year, one on 31st January, after any transfers, and then another at the end of the season, when I will be asking you for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd players of the season for the awards. Hopefully 1st update tonight or tomorrow morning.
  11. Please can i have regen 8? No reason, just my favourite number!
  12. First Name: Christopher Last Name: Hatton Full Name(If you want Middle): Nationality: Colombian D.O.B(Day and Month): 08/03 Height: 182 Weight: 80 Preferred Foot (can be either): Right Position: DM/CM Favourite Club: Newcastle United Attributes: Technical: 5 at 15: Tackling, Heading, Long Shots, Marking, Passing 5 at 10: Technique, First Touch, Penalty Taking, Free Kick Taking, Dribbling 4 at 5: Long Throws, Finishing, Corners, Crossing Mental: 5 at 15: Anticipation, Bravery, Leadership, Determination, Teamwork 5 at 10: Vision, Off the Ball, Positioning, Concentration, Work rate 4 at 5: Flair, Aggression, Decisions, Composure Physical: 4 at 15: Strength, Natural Fitness, Stamina, Agility 2 at 10: Acceleration, Pace 2 at 5: Jumping Reach, Balance,
  13. Cool, all slots filled. I have updating the database with the last few names tonight and hope to have an update in a new thread in the next couple of days.
  14. so 3 games in and 3 defeats including this one. I think this is going to be harder then i thought.
  15. Hi guys, I've just started this and after loading it up and holidaying for a year in France, i've just realised that the CFA is unplayable, Is this correct? So i've picked one of the teams that have been promoted to National this year and i have chosen: JA Drancy My Profile Don't have a lot of options in the youth that is already there however my ass man thinks that Hugo Roger and Reacutegis Bolongo are the best there. Anyway, wish me luck!! Time for JA Drancy to become the biggest club in Paris!!
  16. At this rate there will be a spare one in the morning if you can log on in your hungover state
  17. Cool, well leave it until like 6pm tonight then I will allow everyone to ask for a second one. First come, first served.
  18. We will go with just one per person until tonight, but then I will open it up for everyone to have 2 if need be.
  19. Cool, cheers for the interest. Without wanting to make it go on forever, I will leave this open until this time tomorrow morning, if not all teams are filled then we will just go with what we have. It would be nice to have all teams filled though, so if you know anyone who could be interested, some them my way!!
  20. Arsenal: Luigi Yepes Aston Villa: Joe Hurst-May Burnley: Stanley Retter Chelsea: Jose Souza Junior Crystal Palace: Mathew Schneider Everton: Connor McGregor Hull City: Micah Schneider Leicester City: Oliver George Liverpool: Bosko Jagjit Manchester City: Derrick Porritt Manchester United: George Smith Newcastle United: Christopher Hatton QPR: David Silver Southampton: Kristopher Scott Stoke City: Dan Arlow Sunderland: Milo Ramirez Swansea City: Alex Wallace Spurs: George Dale West Bromwich Albion: Dave Ross West Ham: Jim Woodward
  21. I did this a few years ago, but fell away from the community when my personal life was taking over FM. I am back and I am ready to start this again!! The Idea What with the introduction of teams having to choose 25 players to form a premier league squad a few years ago, there was more pressure on them to field youngsters from their youth team when players become unavailable. So I have decided to create 20 "wonderkids" with each one being assigned a premiership club each. And I'm letting you guys be those "wonderkids." I will follow the players as they embark on their career and see where it takes them, both club and country. Each player will be given random CA and PA, but all with start on an even keel. So the form you need to fill in is below: Player Name: Position: Club: Date Of Birth: DD/MM/(1997/1998) 1997 if you choose a month between August - December and 1998 for after. This is to ensure that we all turn 17 in the first season. Height: Weight: Nationality: This is my form: Player Name: Christopher Hatton Position: Striker Club: Newcastle United Date Of Birth: 08/03/1998 Height: 5 ft 10 Weight: 11 Stone Nationality: English There will be a player of the season award as voted by you. So when I post the stats and whatnot, you guys all get one vote which will be given to me via private message. 1st place getting to change 5 attributes +1, 2nd place gets 3 attributes +1 and 3rd place gets to improve one attribute of their choice. Any questions, please ask.
  22. Am I too late for this: Name: Oliver Queen From which movie/TV-series: Arrow Birthday (Day/Month): 01/11 Nation: American (add England as a Second Nationality) City of Birth: Seattle Primary Position: ST Secondary Position: AMC Main Foot: Right Height (in cm): 177 cm Weight (in kg): 83 kg Or is this thread dead?
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