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  1. I couldn't find one due to the league structure changes. I just used the 10.2 update instead. Not much difference apart from player transfers and they won't matter as those players won't be around once you get high enough
  2. National Team Season 1 - 2018/2019 I never expected anything in the first year but I do think I managed to exceed expectations in the National Team. I think we done very well in the Nations League, finishing 3rd with 5 points. Could have beaten Moldova aswell but they equalised in the 95th minute. We were also very unlucky against Malta with a 94th minute equaliser going against us. Berardi is my current top scorer, with 3 goals for me, which is the only 3 goals he has scored for San Marino. He is rated as our best player and only 22, so even though he is on the wing, I hope he can overtake the great Selva soon. We have been pushed up to 196th in the world rankings and I hope strong showings in the Quals will increase this. I'm hoping for a 4th place finish, above Israel and Malta which is where I currently sit. It will be tough to get anything from Denmark and England, and I will have to hope to nick a point or two off Romania. I have already put Baldacci in my national team squad and will look to start bringing off the bench in my next set of fixtures.
  3. Finally got round to starting this, and have finished the first season now. Season 1 Review - 2018/2019 I decided to take over the national team as well as the club team from day one, in the hope that I can get the tactics similar at this early stage. This could help the youngsters coming through, not only at my club side but the local San Marino teams too. Firstly, our start with the club side of things: San Marino Calcio I decided to try and keep it as homegrown as possible and place a few rules on the players that I can sign. I would only sign when I absolutely had to, (in terms of long term injuries or players being sold), or I could sign San Marino nationality players that need game time. I was hoping that this would force me to play the youngsters as soon as possible and that this would aid their development. This meant that I only ended up signing 2 players this season, both coming in the second half of the season, and both because of long term injuries. (Although I think the AI had signed some players before I took over). I thought it was a decent season to be fair, we only lost 5 games, a record beaten by only the champions of the league, although 14 draws need to be bettered next year. Our defence was great but we just couldn't put the ball in the back of the net. This is highlighted by the fact that our top 2 scorers was a midfielder (Gasperi with 10) and a winger (Gasperoni with 8). As our self imposed transfer ban, I'm hoping that our strikers find form next season. We didn't lose a game in the whole of 2019, only conceding 6 goals in this time aswell. This equates to 17 games, although 6 were 0-0 draws. If we can carry this on, I don't see why we can't get promoted next season. I forgot to get a screenshot of the Youth Candidates when they became available but I did tag 5 of the players (only 1 or 2 will be good enough for our club, but the others are likely to do something at National Team level) Annoyingly, our best youth product was Italian only nationality so did not get a tag. I won't not use him because of this but he will be below others in the pecking order that are SM nationality. I think Baldacci's determination could see him become a regular starter for the National team, but all in all I'm happy for the variety as the other 4 will cover all of defence and midfield which means I shouldn't struggle for good players in positions for the National team. Towards the end of the season, I gave Baldacci and Casadei some game time off the bench, and some starts for the former. This resulted in Baldacci getting his first goal for the club on the last game of the season to secure 4th place with the winner in a 3-2 win. I will try and get some more game time next season for these 2 especially. Our best X1 mirrored nearly exactly our strongest eleven apart from Grandoni at LB (he was used as a sub) and Marconi should have taken his place (7.08 rating apposed to 6.97). Our 2nd top scorer in Gasperoni didn't make it, but I rotated the 2 winger spots between 3/4 players as they all performed well so that's not too surprising. There was even a spot on the bench for youth recruit Gabriele Baldacci 19a. ( 1 goal in 8 games 6.8 rating) Next season, I see no reason why we can't challenge the top spots more and maybe sneak into the playoffs, especially if our defence remains tight. The board just want top half again, which I am happy with. It's great to have low expectations, means less chance of getting sacked suddenly. Sorry for the long post, I will put the NT in it's own separate post.
  4. Thanks, I was away from FM though so wondered if anyone had them listed as I couldn't look them up. Wow! Thanks man! Much appreciated! legend!
  5. Hey all, This is probably a stupid question and something that has answered before (not that I could find) but does any one have a list of the key attributes for each player position and duty? I'm bored at work without FM and want to create a spreadsheet where I can input the player attributes and have it tell me their best position and duty. I'm doing a mainly youth save so it will be handy for retraining and development etc. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys, I've just started this challenge and have chosen Crawley United (the ground Northgate Playing Fields, I can see from my house and played this team in a real life friendly this season!) however i was after some advice. How did you guys start looking for players? did you just play with the greyed out players? did you sign the greyed out players or did you play any players in your first season? I'm struggling to find anyone that my scout says is good enough.
  7. NormandyWept - Wow 2070/2071! How old is your manager now? I've never gotten so far in a save so I have no idea, but does the game try to get you to retire? or even put hints in around your age?
  8. Vike - Good first season with Newcastle. You've done at least one Newcastle fan proud! Hoping that you can build on this for next season. Get into that top 4!! 6 months after the World Cup had ended i was offered the job at Stade Malherbe Caen in Ligue 1. They were predicted to finish 11th but were in 17th. I was hoping that I would be able to get them higher up and then leave for a higher reputation French club. I was also looking forward to working with Florian Thauvin, who has just signed for Newcastle in real life, and Francis Narh, my striker from Ghana! At least i was no longer in Belguim! It became apparent quite quickly the reason why they were near the bottom with the best players at the club not performing and not happy to be at a bottom half team. Results until the end of the season were indifferent and I managed to finish with them at 15th. I was not looking forward to having to another season at Caen as the board wanted to cut the wage bill and were not offering any transfer budget. I looked around for other clubs and found PSV were looking. I applied, got laughed off, but Caen decided that that was not the sort of manager they wanted. They promptly sacked me (is this side challenge still going?). I expected another long period unemployed before settling for another job that would do nothing for me, however I got the complete opposite. Two weeks after i was sacked, another manager was sacked. He was sacked for finishing 6th in the South African Premier League. I applied for the job, not expecting to even get an interview. However, I did get an interview, in which that the board was surprised that I was willing to take a step down to this role (i assumed that my reputation was still high in Africa because of my AFCON win with Ghana). The interview went well and I finally received the offer around two weeks later, which I accepted. I pulled up to the stadium about 7 or 8, and yelled to the cabbie 'yo home smell ya later', i looked up at my kingdom, i was finally there, to sit on my throne as the King of Kaizer Chiefs! :cool::cool::cool: They had only won one title since my game had started, but I am expected to win everything. Win a kitty of £10million, i have decided to purchase the top players at all my rivals. I don't care about debt, I need to start winning some challenges!!!
  9. Right, I finally got some time to play over the weekend so i will update you all as to where I have been. Firstly, we went to World Cup with Ghana in a group that included Chile, Holland and Australia. First game i felt would decide who would come second between us and Chile. We ran out 2-1 winners through two goals from Francis Narh in the 8th and 11th minute. I felt good as this meant just a win against Australia would get us 2nd place as both us and Chile would surely lose to Holland, who had beaten Australia 4-0. We would be the first team to go toe to toe with Holland. Holland scored 1st in the 16th minute and Alex Amankwah equalised in the 40th minute and went in 1-1 at half time to make me think that we could defy my prediction. Unfortunately, straight after half time, the Dutch scored twice to go 3-1 ahead. They scored another in the dying stages as we went pushing for some goals. As Chile beat Australia 2-1 I knew that I had to win the last game to finish second. I decided to take a risk and play a weakened side so that I could rest some players for the second round, if we made it that far. I shouldn't have worried though, as we ran out 4-0 victors with two goals from Richard Boakye and one each from Jordan Ayew and David Accam. Holland demolished Chile 4-0 so i was safely through. In the second round we played the winners of the group containing Germany, Mexico, Ukraine and Egypt. So of course I had Ze Germans. I went back to my strongest team but found myself 1-0 down after 8 minutes. However after 15 minutes, I was inexplicably 2-1 ahead! through a Jordan Ayew penalty and a David Accam header. I was jumping for joy! However, this moment was not to last long and Germany equalised on 40 minutes. 2-2 at half time and I felt my team was still in it. But that only lasted 1 minute. In the 46th minute a corner for Germany saw them go 3-2 ahead. It stayed that way until the last 10 minutes so i decided to go a bit attacking knowing that i had nothing to lose. The board had expected us to get here, we got here and we were playing the Germans. As a result of this, Germany scored a 4th and we could never recover from this. a 4-2 loss and our dream was over. I decided to resign from my post as I had already won the African Cup of Nations and I didn't want to just be waiting 4 years until the next World Cup. I will update once I find a new club.
  10. I've been away from FM for a while. I can't actually remember who I am now with. I know that I finished the World Cup with Ghana, reaching the second round, and got a job in Ligue 1 but can't remember for the life of me who! I hope to have some time this weekend to play. If i do, then I will give everyone a small update. I have read all the posts that I have missed, but can't remember who to congratulate apart from TheEarl and NormandyWept. I did notice that Vikeologist did happen to get a job at a team that I hope to manage at some point in this journey and that is the mighty Toon Army Do us Magpies proud Vike!
  11. Copied from other thread! Name: Christopher Selva Position : CM/AMC DOB all will be 18 :08/03 Nationality: San Marino City Of Birth: Dogano Height & Weight: 177 cm, 76 kg Foot no two footers: Right Personality Stats you have 100 points to distribute between Adaptability: 18 Ambition: 20 Loyalty: 5 Pressure: 9 Professional: 15 Sportsmanship: 15 Temperament: 8 Controversy: 10 110 stat points to go on your Attributes everyone will have 20 Determination Technical (140) Corners 8 Crossing 8 Dribbling 14 Finishing 13 First Touch 13 Freekick Taking 12 Heading 6 Long Shots 15 Long Throws 3 Marking 2 Passing 15 Penalty Taking 12 Tackling 6 Technique 13 Mental (140) Aggression 3 Anticipation 11 Bravery 5 Composure 10 Concentration 10 Decisions 10 Determination 20 (Everyone will have 20) Flair 12 Leadership 5 Off the Ball 12 Positioning 10 Teamwork 9 Vision 12 Work Rate 11 Physical (70) Acceleration 10 Agility 9 Balance 9 Jumping Reach 3 Natural Fitness 10 Pace 11 Stamina 10 Strength 8 1 PPM: Tries killer balls often 2 Favored Clubs: Newcastle United, Crawley Town 2 Favored Personnel: Alan Shearer, Tim Krul 2 Disliked Clubs: Sunderland, Crystal Palace 2 Disliked Personal: Alan Pardew, Gus Poyet
  12. After steering Ghana to 5th in the World Rankings, and top pot in the World Cup draw, I was confident of an easy draw. I didn't get it. I got Chile (12th), Holland (16th) and Australia (34th) and that's the order of the fixtures aswell. Board expects me to qualify for the second round. You never know what could happen.
  13. Well i had well and truly fell out of love with this game in Russia..I think it was a mistake to settle for Lokomotiv as I think that I could have got a better job had i been patient. Turned the game on for the first time in a couple of weeks and it was transfer deadline day at the start of the season, and the board refused to give me any money, i leaked it to the press and they sacked me. I'm kinda happy. Will just look after Ghana until the World cup in 2022. Hopefully I will be more patient next time when it comes to club jobs. I hope that i persevere with this save as i really like this challenge and this community we have going.
  14. Name: Christopher Selva Position : CM/AMC DOB all will be 18 :08/03 Nationality: San Marino City Of Birth: Dogano Height & Weight: 177 cm, 76 kg Foot no two footers: Right Personality Stats you have 100 points to distribute between Adaptability: 18 Ambition: 20 Loyalty: 5 Pressure: 9 Professional: 15 Sportsmanship: 15 Temperament: 8 Controversy: 10 110 stat points to go on your Attributes everyone will have 20 Determination Technical (31) Corners 1 Crossing 1 Dribbling 4 Finishing 3 First Touch 2 Freekick Taking 2 Heading 1 Long Shots 4 Long Throws 1 Marking 1 Passing 5 Penalty Taking 2 Tackling 1 Technique 3 Mental (48) Aggression 1 Anticipation 2 Bravery 2 Composure 3 Concentration 2 Decisions 3 Determination 20 (Everyone will have 20) Flair 3 Leadership 1 Off the Ball 2 Positioning 2 Teamwork 2 Vision 3 Work Rate 2 Physical (31) Acceleration 5 Agility 3 Balance 3 Jumping Reach 2 Natural Fitness 5 Pace 5 Stamina 5 Strength 3 1 PPM: Tries killer balls often 2 Favored Clubs: Newcastle United, Crawley Town 2 Favored Personnel: Alan Shearer, Tim Krul 2 Disliked Clubs: Sunderland, Crystal Palace 2 Disliked Personal: Alan Pardew, Gus Poyet
  15. Well done Charlesbeams it was great to follow this! Would be great to have another one again!
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