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  1. Long time lurker while trying to get my head around the 'Youth Academy' challenge. Decided that i like to buy players so am giving up on that. I will be starting in Europe like burtur as I think that once Europe has been cracked then I should be able to just pick and choose the best jobs in the other nations. Am holidaying now and will update when I find a job. If I get half of the success that you lot have had then I will be happy!
  2. Not too bad!! Hatton is starting to get good at this managing malarkey!
  3. It's a great stepping stone!! Can't have done too badly if a league one club came and plucked me out from the conference!!
  4. I'm actually surprised, as a top international footballer that wanted to be a manager, he didn't do his licences when he was still playing.
  5. Stockport sounds good to me! Have I done my License yet? i noticed that i was studying for the C license when at Bromley.
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Knew that i shouldn't have chosen Bromley although only a stat of 1 in motivating isn't going to get you anywhere!! Am I being linked with any other jobs yet?
  7. Well after all that, the board have decided to increase the stadium and cancel the youth facilities. Not sure how i feel about this as the increase attendance may bring more money in but as the challenge is for youth, i feel i'm ultimately disappointed.
  8. Can i go for Bromley?? Start at the bottom I'm still holding out for the Columbian National Team
  9. Maidstone United Season 1 2015/2016 Predicted: 20th and Relegation Actual Finish: 18th and safety!!! It was not an easy season, only having one player for certain positions, like goalkeeper and DM, only made it harder. But ultimately I was just happy to stay up in our first season. Hopefully next year we will push on. The Youth Candidates was not brilliant. But Carl Lancashire was the only bright spark who is already playing in the first team as a CM. Well the transfers say that 3 players were brought in but that was before I joined. I promise. In fact, here is proof I didn't buy anyone. The board have accepted an improvement to the youth facilities which is good. Finances are good. Hopefully they will stay like that and the youth facilities don't get cancelled. Next Season 1. Finish higher than 18th. 2. Keep the finances under control.
  10. I blame the early years at Everton for not hitting 1000 games. If they had the same faith as some of the other clubs with the rest, I may have been record appearance maker out of us lot! The staff stats do look crap, if he doesn't have anything when the new leagues are added can we still elect for him to go somewhere?
  11. I fear that he is winding down to retire next season. One season in England, where he probably get relegated, and then off he goes.
  12. Blackburn struggled last year with the addition of Europe...and they have qualified again. Hopefully bringing Hatton in will bring some more stability!
  13. GET IN THERE!!! Come on Los Cafeteros!!! (Yes i did have to Wiki that) Hopefully I will deliver the word cup and then retire from international on a high! He can't keep going for much longer!!!
  14. Maybe he thinks that there is unfinished business in England after how poorly he was treated at Everton. Plus he's pretty much won everything in Italy now.
  15. I hope that as Hatton has Leadership rating of 19, he will become manager....maybe he could become player manager of Juventus soon!
  16. Is anyone else thinking that as the players get older, they are more likely to fall down the league pyramid? As in at 32 years old, they won't be playing for their respective team for much longer and that we could see some more relegations? I'm hoping not for Hatton though!! Seeing as players in Italy seem to play for their respective teams until 40!!!!
  17. Is Valderama still top capped player for Columbia? If so, Hatton is only 1 cap away!!!
  18. Sorry busy bank holiday weekend. The season has been run (I'm not giving anything away) I think I should be able to get the update done tonight or tomorrow. I apologise.
  19. oooooo move to spain is good!!! don't think athletico will get relegated anytime soon!
  20. Happy with the world cup, undefeated apart from penalties, where I scored. Hopefully this will either make the Everton manager notice me or get a club to come and poach me. Last year of my contract with Everton :confused: Surely a world cup star is worth more than £9,750 a week :o
  21. The results are in: 1st. Dan Arlow - 23 Voting points (Everyone voted for Dan apart from himself) 2nd. Alex Wallace - 16 Voting points (Most 1st place votes of 5.) 3rd. Connor McGregor - 7 Voting points (this could have gone to any from 4, but I think players liking the fact that he was the first to win silverware) Could the owners of these players please pm me with the attributes that they would like to increase by 1. 1st gets 3, 2nd gets 2 and 3rd gets one. You can only apply +1 to each attribute, so must choose 3 or 2 separate ones depending on where you place. I hope to have next update on Friday. depending on these people giving me a pm. Thanks!
  22. Everton Manager needs to have the same faith with Hatton that he does with Bambang!! Then they would be winning things and not just finishing runners up No more loans and we should be okay.
  23. Norwich 4th in the Championship last year, that's not too bad. Should be safe from going down aswell.
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