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  1. Why is he getting nearly £6 million a week at Newcastle?
  2. St Pauli

    Best to ask in here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=4310240#post4310240 Make sure you use Deniz Naki a lot, he turns out great
  3. Give me the Beatles

    George Harrison starts as a scout at Sheff. United
  4. The Official Fifa Pannini Virtual sticker album

    Swap him for Jacobsen?
  5. The Official Fifa Pannini Virtual sticker album

    Do you need Sapara?
  6. Should-Have-Been United

    Any chance you could upload the original file to a different website?
  7. Should-Have-Been United

    Any chance of someone uploading this to somewhere else please? Filefronts down
  8. Aw well, a thought a was doin well beatin Dundee 11-0
  9. Whats you guys best result in a competitive game?
  10. FM10 - Official Players Role Thread

    Got Milevskyi on this now and hes scored 29 in 27 games.
  11. FM10 - Official Players Role Thread

    Jo - Advanced forward Milevskyi - Complete forward - attack
  12. Anybody got instructions to get Milevskyi scoring? Doesnt seem to play as well for me as his stats suggest
  13. Milevskyi from Dinamo Kiev should be available or Salvador Cabanas is good aswell. You might be able to get Ibisevic for 8m or pay more over 48 months for a top class striker. If you get one now he could partner Jo next season?
  14. Try and bring in a new striker if you can. The ones you start with only seem good enough for the league but dont do much in Europe
  15. Someone in the Celtic thread uploaded a database with them in EPL