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  1. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh im an idiot how did u know? im really sorry. i thought ass takes control then. damn it. THX to everybody
  2. its wired. i told them to take control but i still have to watch everything. i dunno why?
  3. Where can I advise my Youth and Assistant coach to handle matches? I cant find it. Nomis07 said in Manager Options but in "my" Manager Options I can only retire and go on holidays.
  4. Hi guys! I´m pretty much what you would call a noobie. My first and main question would be the title. Do I have to get involved in the second and youth squad matches?. I do know that its possible to let the Assistant Manager do the training and the firendly´s etc. but watching every Reserve and Youth match takes soooooooo long even when you choose "only commentary". Furthermore I just suck. Even with teams like Manu, Bayern Munich and Barcelona i´m just being average. Sad thing is I actually know quiet a lot about football. I tried different tactics, I own really good players. There´s probably not a general answer how to rule in this game but I really hope you could give some advice to a noob. thx a lot