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  1. To all mods and first team players who don't believe there is any problem here - can you please post your tactics (and the team selection, if you find it important), so that we can see an example of a successful implementation of a short pass game, and learn from it? Thanks.
  2. One of the things discouraging me from switching to FM Classic are the limitations due to the lack of interaction with players. Most importantly, the talented kids cannot be tutored to boost their determination attribute, which in my strategic philosophy results in unusable players. How do you handle low determination with youth players? Is there any way to increase it? Thanks!
  3. Touche But it was possible in the previous patch (Edit: Ignore this post. It was supposed to refer to Stikker.)
  4. Anybody noticed that it is much harder to sell players? I am Athletic Bilbao, and cannot sell a single junk player.
  5. I have started the new game with the update patch. The annoying problem is that I cannot sell a single player. Anybody experienced it? There is also a quite dramatic change in players' attributes. They are typically slower and with lower agility (e.g., Javi Martinez, San Jose, Llorente). De Marcos is not two-legged anymore, his natural position is now amc, Muniains is now only natural amc, Javi Martinez is now natural DMc and not MC, etc. Cannot sign Vadillo and Moises, they are not interested. The plus is that the stadium move is now included (although that was easily solved manually before). Can anybody share their experiences?
  6. I have deleted the required files (in all three folders) and everything seemed to be fine, the national team was loaded with real players. But after the first (new) international call-up only the 'grey' players appear, except the few ones who play outside of Germany. Strangely, U21 and U19 teams appear just fine. This is with German leagues (playable) loaded. Anybody with the solution?
  7. What an inspiring opening post, Lewis, thank you so much! You have definitely motivated me to take over this sleeping giant. Another thing that really moves me are amazing youth prospects in PSG. I have never seen such a thing in FM: unless my assistant manager is on happy drugs, there are three more players with Sakho's PA (four stars) and a bunch of three and a half stars prospects (nine kids, I believe). Incredible, isn't it? To conclude, Arsene Wenger has recently noticed that "PSG is the only club in the world which is based in an area of 10 million inhabitants and doesn't have any competition".
  8. I guess I am not the ony one who is puzzled by the fact that whenever I need to change something in tactics, commentary/3d view appears and lasts till the next whistle. It turns out that I spend watching these uninteresting parts more than the key actions. Any way to avoide it or, at least, does anybody know the reason SI implemented this?
  9. (Appologies if this is more suitable for the skinning forum) I noticed that the 3D stadium shapes do not match the real stadiums. For example, I get athletic tracks in Old Trafford or Westfallen (Borusia Dortmund). Or, I get the typical square English stadium contours for Italian stadiums (which are typically round, w/ athletic tracks). Is there a config file where we can change this? Thanls