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  1. Very strong start to the season, excellent work! I see you've gone with a 4-4-1-1 tactic, are you having much success with it? Do you change tactics often? That is some record with Mads. What are your aims for the 2nd half of the season?
  2. I downloaded the 3D kits from sortitousi, note 3D kits (they only impact match engine) https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/39155/germany-bundesliga-2-3d201718-new-101217 It is the 17-18 kits but it will do until the 18-19 3D kits are released.
  3. What a result against the big rivals!!!! You are flying, really enjoying reading this.
  4. I think there is an 18/19 kit around, I'll have a look later and I'll keep you posted. I took over in December as I started unemployed. We were 12th but after 6 games I've won 5 and lost 1 and we are now 4th. I signed Daniel Hafer in Jan. 10 games to go and we are 6 points off of 1st. Squad is quite thin, so looking forward to the summer.
  5. It was annoying me too so I downloaded the 17/18 3D kit from sortitoutsi. That has done the trick..
  6. Ah I somehow missed your post. I'd imagine if they did fix it, it would be save specific too., so would have to start a new game.
  7. Great start. Impressed by your signings esp Pal and Lukas!! Do you find that you cannot see your squad numbers on the home kit during match engine highlights?
  8. Kaiserslauterns kit numbers are not visible in the match engine. Home kit only. I can only assume the numbers are the same colour as the back of the shirt (white) in the editor.
  9. You cannot see Kaiserlautern's kit numbers (home kit only) on the 3d match engine. I can only assume the kit numbers are white which is the colour of the back of the shirt.
  10. I did a small experiment on the DOF and found it matters very little. I had a DOF with JPA 8 & JPP 7 and allowed him to make control the purchasing of youngsters simmed the game for 3 months. I loaded up the same save and hired another DOF with JPA 14 & JPP 14 who was a model professional. I gave him the same controls of youngsters and again simmed the game for 3 months. During that 3 months they both signed 7 players, all of 7 players were the same. This was with a Championship club with a smallish budget so that would also play a part and whilst a small test , I concluded any signings are programmed regardless of the DOF's personality, stats and preferred tactics.
  11. I managed to sign Angelino from Man City for £2.5 million. Good attacking FB. Sold him to Liverpool for £14m a couple of years later.
  12. He finally managed to have a good season with me (although maybe I was a tad harsh as he did bag 22 in 55 starts previously) I played him up top on his own as a CF Support in a 4-2-3-1. I had my team set as Attacking\STD in a fluid low tempo mixed passing game. Martial set as an IF Attack (AML) worked wonders and their link up player was phenomenal. Icardi scored 29 league goals in 37 starts and Martial bagged 18 goals with 14 assists. It was a real joy to watch these two linking up.
  13. I personally found he made too many mistakes in the big games and his passing let him down. I think he would suit a top 4 prem team but maybe not one regularly competing for the league or CL.
  14. We were knocked out 5-4 on agg against Arsenal in the CL after a 5-2 first leg defeat at the emirates. Juan Jesus got himself a red card in the 17th minute of the game and we fell apart from there. In the league we only won 2 of our last 6 which handed the title to Juve finishing 4 points behind them. Sadly we had a similar fate in the Cup final losing 1-0 to Juve in ET. Icardi missed a pen after we went a goal behind. So the 2nd season has resulted in a grand total return of 0 trophies. Juve have 7 Serie A wins a row. This game is proving tougher than I imagined.
  15. I cannot get the best out of this guy. I've tried him as a DLF, CF (support\attack) and as an AF. Constantly gets caught offside, fluffs one one ones. Christian Benteke was keeping him out of my Inter side last season. Any suggestions as to the role, tempo, TI, PI's to get to the best out of this guy? Cheers
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