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  1. Season 20 (Vejle Boldklub) The season started by being forced to sell three players by the board, which quite frankly ****es me off beyond reasonable at times, even more so when they’re ridiculously low priced compared to what we could get. Anyhow, the fall-season started somewhat bumpy, but with a strong finish we very surprisingly ended at top come the winter break with 4 points to #2 and #3 and a wide gap to #4. During the winter break however, my chairman decided to sell a further two players from my starting XI – this happened after the window had closed, but somehow (bug probably) the players still left immediately leaving me with 2 open spots and no possibility to bring in new players. The unrest this caused, combined with a few nasty injuries to important players provided for a very poor start, which soon saw us dropping from the top with big losses and much manager-rage focused at the chairman, the silly transfer bug and the “timely” injuries. However, as crappy as we were playing, the two other top 3 competitors also threw away a lot of points and before the last 3 games of the season we were #1 with a home game against competitor #2 and an away game vs competitor #3 in hand. It was all still very close, but through a 1-0 victory and a 1-1 draw we managed to put ourselves in a position where a victory in the last game, away vs a relegation contender would take the title! We won 0-1 and achieved an amazing result, taking the title as a newly promoted team. I put this great achievement down to our strong fall-season and the fact that the league was very close: Out of 33 games we lost 4 and drew 11, illustrating how close it was and that we won despite throwing A LOT of points away. In Spain I never saw the top teams drawing/losing that many games. Next season will be interesting. I have 2-4 players I will release, roughly 5 more players I will have to sell on top of those already sold by the board and as such the team for next season will pretty much be a completely different entity. Vejle Boldklub: (Danish Premier Division (1. tier)) Media prediction: 11th Board: Avoid Relegation End result:1 (out of 12) Cup: Quarter final Economy: A lot of transfer income, but planning on spending that.
  2. [FM09] The Boys From Brazil - Fluminense

    Interesting. I know nothing about the Brazilian league either, will be keeping an eye on this. Why Fluminese needs 5 gk coaches at the beginning of the game is beyond me though and 8 physios?
  3. Thank you i am quite pleased myself also, though obviously them being so far down, must be down to silly AI managers. Oddly enough, FC Blokhus who are "supposed" to be down there, have not been relegated since I left them in danish top flight and have even gone on to win 2 cups and 1 championship. Pretty amazing AI work there tbh., makes my achievementswith them look less impressive, despite myself still considering them the most surprising results in this career.
  4. In all previous CM/FM versions I always used key, except in the beginning etc, but with 09 I find myself using extended always - loving it
  5. Or actually buy players natural at the positions you need instead of 7 CBs and 9 MCs
  6. My scouts inform me naturally. That and from playing against them/reading the news concerning big transfers.
  7. Season 19 (Vejle Boldklub) With promotion secured, I decided to bet more on going for promotion, despite media etc. not expecting it I clearly felt the 1st division would not be that much harder than the one we just won pretty easily. This meant signing 2 attackers for relatively high transfer fees, signing a Brazilian midfielder I had scouted @ Real Oviedo and by offering a rather high wage I signed a 20-y/o Danish utility player, basically covering all of the defence and midfield positions. This resulted in a rather high wage bill, it is now 3 times higher than when I came to the club and as a result of that and the fact that there is not much more money in this division we’re losing money fast, no wonder though after two seasons of being one of the few fulltime teams in our league(s). The season started as I expected with many wins and while we did not have the same amount of big wins, we were usually able to win without too much fuss. With 7 games left we were promoted, at that time only had a two point lead to #2 (top 2 promoted) OB, who also had been pretty supreme in the division. In the Danish cup we had a very easy time, not until the semi-final did we draw a team from the Premiere league, Brøndby, and managed to beat them through a 4-1 win home and a 1-0 loss away. Sadly in the other semi final, FC Copenhagen beat Viborg. I say sadly because at that point of time Viborg had nearly already retained the Danish championship which would mean that we’d qualify for the Euro league despite losing the Cup final. In the final we had to field a reduced strength team. Out of our 4 1st team attackers, all 4 were injured, two of them able to play but at 70-80% strength. Out of our 4 youth team attackers, none of them were available, the only one in training at 60% strength. The lack of top form attackers was very visible and despite of the game (only) finishing with a 3-2 win to FC Copenhagen, I never felt we had a chance and thus the trophy as well as European football was but a distant dream. The money from the cup final was much needed though. Looking forward to the new season in the best Danish league, happy promotion came so easily, but I was expecting it to with the heavy investments I had made and frankly without it’d we’d have to sell a number of key players to avoid red numbers next season, now probably not unless forced to by the board. Will be interesting to see how well we can compete in the Premiere league. The 2nd and 1st divisions seem far weaker than when I last managed in Denmark and I am expecting the same to be true for the Premiere league and as such we could spring yet a comet-surprise. In the future looms the fact that nearly all my key players have 2 years left of their contracts and all of them want away. This does not bode well for the season after the forthcoming one, as I will not let their contracts run out and see them leave on a free, which means I have to sell upwards of 7 starting XI players after the next season. Vejle Boldklub: (Danish 1st division (2. tier)) Media prediction: 11th Board: Top half finish End result:1 (out of 16) Cup: Final Economy: All money nearly gone due to high wages.
  8. La Liga registration bug

    Not the bug forum and this has been reported countless times, they just didnt fix it in the latest (and probably for 09 last) patch.
  9. Season 18 (Vejle Boldklub) Seeing my favourite club relegated this far into the Danish leagues hurt my poor feelings and is the only reason I decided to go to such a low ranked club, compared to the European top clubs offering me jobs. Promotion was the unavoidable demand and frankly with the economy and the players available, I’d really do poorly not to be. I managed to sign a few young players my army of scouts at Oviedo had identified (put them on shortlist before resigning) as well as buy 1 player from Real Oviedo for close to nothing and using the feeder link I had established with Real Oviedo whilst managing there loaning 1 very good young midfielder for nothing. Also managed to buy an attacker then sell him for twice that in the winter transfer window – or rather my board intervened and sold him. With more than half of my new starting XI not speaking Danish, but various European languages and 6 new faces in the starting XI I could certainly not hope for unity and teamwork to win promotion for me, instead I based my hope on the individual talent of the players. Rightfully so, we started off as I’ve never started a league before, with huge victories. After the winter break, the victories still came, but not as easily as before. 8 games before the season was over we had secured direct promotion as #1 however, managing to only lose once and draw once. In the cup we had quite more opposition, but thanks to the seeding advantage securing us all home games until the semi-finals, we managed to win 3 tight games before losing to my old club FC Blokhus after winning 1-0 at home, but losing 3-1 away. Thus a brilliant season, did not expect us to already be so competitive in the cup, due to the lack of understanding between the players, in the league it really was, as expected, too easy. The economy is still good enough with a high balance all things considered, but we are steadily losing money each week due to high wages, hopefully this will improve in the Danish 1st division. Vejle Boldklub: (Danish 2nd division west (3. tier)) Media prediction: 1st Board: Promotion End result: 1st, not much competition (out of 16) Cup: Semi final Economy: Large, expected deficit.
  10. Thank you Well, 11 seasons was too much, as I wrote I tried to stay those two extra seasons having already lost most motivation, it just was too much. I hope you have read the updates first in the other thread, alot to read there when you got the time. And no, oddly enough I was legend @ the club, but the stadium just got named "New Real Oviedo Stadium", even more oddly, when I resigned I seemed to lose legend status there ;/
  11. Resume of after I stopped updating till now (seasons 15,16 and 17): I ended up staying a total of 3 seasons more with Real Oviedo leaving them after 11 seasons. The season after I finally managed to win something, winning both the league and the CL also made it to the Spanish Cup final, but lost that one. It was a great season leaving me ecstatic. The next season it looked for a long time as if we would be able to do exactly the same again. Managed to get in the final in both the cup and the CL after some incredible displays of strength. 7 games before the end of season we were supreme #1 in the league, with 10 points to Barcelona at 2nd place. Somehow however, we managed to lose the title to Barcelona with 3 points, very very awful finish. Much to my joy we managed to win the Spanish cup for the 1st time and retain the CL title. After that season I was getting itchy feet and wanted a new challenge, then the only thing that could make me stay happened: The board finally decided to build a new stadium with nearly twice the capacity, after 9 seasons with mostly full house. This made me say: Ok this season and one more (to get to play in the new stadium, taking 1 year to be completed). That turned out to be a mistake. In the league we started very well, but come spring we were far too behind Barcelona and lost terrain to Real Madrid also, resulting in a finish as #3. In the CL, looking to win it 3 times in a row, we failed miserably and was knocked out by Inter in the first knockout round. In the Spanish cup we made it to the final, but also lost to Barcelona, making it my 2nd lost Spanish cup final. Thus as the season ended I resigned, never getting to play at the new stadium I had coveted for such a long time. My favourite club Vejle Boldklub sacked their manager after he painfully did not manage to get them promoted from the Danish 2nd division West and so I offered my services returning to the division my career began in with Blokhus FC – and returning to very shitty wages. This is where I’ll start from in this thread!
  12. Hello there. So glad to see this forum was created, almost missed that it was! Anyhow, this is the continuation of my career thread that I started in the LLM forums, but since decided to discontinue. I will give you a resume of the seasons in-between when I stopped that thread and up till now then post updates more or less as I did previously. I hope you enjoy the read, feel free to give me any useful critique and ask away I use: FM 09 Version 9.3.0 Database: Large Nations loaded: England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Link to start of career: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=119105
  13. This bug has been reported numerous and numerous times. Lucky you're in England, in Spain you'll be forced to pull up youths/ B-team players and doing so will often "un-select" your first team players away on international duty: Then you're stuck with a crippled team till the next registration window in the league. Not game breaking at all o.O
  14. Stars are generally useless for anything but judging potential, dont use them for anything else, unless you really cant decide between players I guess. Example: Both my starting fullbacks during the last 5 seasons (which have provided many titles) are, according to the starsystem, only the 3rd best at their positions. Attributes combined with the form, the opponents (the way you plan to play in the given match), morale and fitness is the way to go.