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  1. Havent had a lot of time to play but did half a season with this team. Ended up bringing in coverage on the wing backs in mendy and carvajal. Also bought jonathan tah and yari verschaeren in january, tah going straight into the team while i was slowly phasing in verschaeren. That ended in a surprising PL title. Didnt do well in the home cups but ended up winning the EL too. A very good season, especially considering i had 7 players injured for weeks at one point. Second season on the other hand. Continued to strengthen the squad with kepa and dominik szoboszlai, had a good pre-season, but
  2. So second season with real madrid and its still working. Won the league again, won the cup again, won the super cup again and topped it off with winning the cl too. Ive been using players who fit their role instead of trying to train strikers into new roles. Hazard was great again second season, 34 goals, 10 assists. Dumped isco for asensio in amc and that worked out great. 27 goals, 8 assists for him. Bale was not good on the right position season one, and Rodrygo was not a great replacement season two, but thats my only complaint. So i resigned after winning everything at real and took
  3. Got the real madrid job on my save and wanted to try out this tactic. It ended up being almost the perfect season. Won the league very comfortably. The 2 defeats were away against barca and a. madrid (played my b-team against a. madrid because i had an important cl game coming up after). Also won the spanish cup and super cup, and lost the semi final in the cl against arsenal. Could have easily done better there. Overall very fun and different tactic. I had hazard on the left and he was amazing all season. 42 goals in 45 apps. Goals and assists were nicely spread throughout the team, with
  4. Was very excited about this tactic. Was doing well with your other tactic but my strikers were kinda struggling so wanted to try this. So switched pre-season and it did not end well. Lost one of the pre-season matches 3-8, not a huge deal but the season start was disastrous. Lost the first 3 games even when dominating the statistics. Was offered to finish the season for Leicester who were underperforming so i went for it. Managed to beat Arsenal and City at home 3-1, and drew against Tottenham away. But lost to Everton and West Ham, both teams around me on the table. Even lost to Aston Villa a
  5. Solid tactic, even if it's not updated. Im in my first season with Norwegian side Molde and have had a great season so far. It is one of the best squads in the league but still, getting some good results in EL too. Had to go through 4 rounds to qualify to the group stage lol, but im now on a 12 games unbeaten run in europe. Had a rough period in the league with a bunch of draws but that was mostly my fault for not having enough coverage in defence when injuries and suspensions were kicking my ass and we had 2 games every week.
  6. Well that's not entirely true. Mr. Hough's previous tactic worked brilliantly on my Liverpool save, even after the patch, and I'm playing only FMC these days. But haven't tried this one yet. Will do so soon.
  7. It's still pretty darn good If your next tactic is much better then I'll be unstoppable. This is my Liverpool save with your tactic, full last season and about half way into the current one.
  8. Works with the classic version too. I'm using it on my Liverpool save, 2nd season. Just started the season and I'm on top of the league after 5 matches (4 wins, 1 draw - goal difference: 17-6). Also won the commuity shield match against Chelsea, but lost the 1st match in the CL group stages away to Schalke 04. The tactic seems very solid and I didn't concede in the first 4 matches in the PL. However, all that changes when playing good teams away from home. These matches are absolutely bonkers, like the one I just played away against Arsenal. Was down 3-0 after just 20 minutes, and the match en
  9. What teamtalk are you guys using? Im usually going with "wish luck", but it doesnt really work all that well.. I cant seem to find something to say prematch. Happens way to often that i have to turn things around at half time after a sucky first half.
  10. Hi im using the classic 10.3 tactic. Was just wondering how everyone is doing when it comes to conceding goals. The tactic is working great up front. Im playing with Liverpool in the first season and after 26 games in the league im on top, 7 points ahead of surprise-team Everton. Im still in the CL and FA-cup and lost the qfinal in the carling cup, away to Arsenal. But as i said, the defence isnt really all that good. Im getting at least 1 goal the wrong way, every game. Doesnt really matter how much i dominate. The opponent only need 1 CCC.. I shouldnt really complain when im getting suce
  11. cipriang80: Do you use the team talk as described in the OP? I find this tactic to be brilliant, but my problem is having 2 good halfs in the same game. Either i have a bad first half or a bad second half. Morale is superb so i suspect that team talk is my big issue. Players tend to get complacent. And when i see you and Tyler Bode play a whole season without deafeats i just cant understand how Cause i cant see it happening on any of my games. The tactic is there, i have the players to do it, but i feel im unable to master the team talk, no matter what i have tried :-/ Edit2: Just played a
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