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  1. Hi peeps, back again after a 4 month sabbatical and I hope everybody is keeping well. I am carrying on with my last save using the W-M formation. At present I am one point away from winning the EPL and have got Aston Villa in the semi-final of the FA Cup. Our Champions League run ended in a penalty shootout after a 2-2 draw (1-1 home and away) at the hands of PSG in the 1st KO round.
  2. W-M Career - Season 2013 - 2014 February 2014 Premier League Arsenal 2-2 Fulham - Walcott, Vietto Arsenal 0-0 Man Utd - Perizzi s/o, Özil (missed pen) | Vidic s/o A. Villa 2-1 Arsenal - Vietto FA CUP - 5th Rnd Arsenal 3-2 C. Palace - Walcott (2), Oxlade-Chamberlain UEFA Champions League - 1st K/O Rnd - 1st leg PSG 1-1 Arsenal - Podolski Premier League West Ham 1-1 Arsenal - Cazorla Arsenal 5-1 Cardiff - Oxlade-Chamberlain, Vietto (2), Özil, Diaby Premier League Top 5 1. Arsenal - 28 | 69 2. Man Utd - 26 | 56 3. Chelsea - 27 | 52 4. Everton - 27 | 50 5. Tottenham - 26
  3. W-M Career - Season 2013 - 2014 January 2014 FA CUP - 3rd Rnd Arsenal 3-1 Millwall - Giroud (2), Walcott Capital One Cup - Semi-Final 1st leg Southampton 1-3 Arsenal - Podolski (pen), S.Bender, Vietto Premier League Arsenal 5-3 Liverpool - Giroud, Heintz, Özil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Agger o.g Newcastle 1-1 Arsenal - Oxlade-Chamberlain Capital One Cup - Semi-Final 2nd leg Arsenal 4-2 Southampton - Balanta, Vietto, Podolski, Rosicky ----.----(7-3) FA CUP - 4th Rnd Arsenal 3-0 Nottm Forest - Giroud, Vietto, Heintz Premier League Arsenal 1-0 Stoke - Özil (pen) Premier League Top 5
  4. Yes I have stuck with FB's, I did read somewhere that someone had set their FB's as DC/L+R but it didn't work out and I can't remember why.... As for Lars when your attacking there are so many team mates around he doesn't really need to use throe balls and as this is a counter attacking tactic you will find that they really get forward quickly. My familiarity is now at Fluid but, it does take a while for it to get there when you first start. If I remember I was into the season proper before it went fully Fluid. When I start pre-season I play around 12 friendlies and I find my fitness levels
  5. If anyone wants to have a look at my W-M tactic then PM me your email address and I will email the tactic to you and then you can see all my settings and set up a test game and try out the tactic. I am going out now but will answer any PM's when I get back. Cheers lads.
  6. Hi Mark, I did set my wide forwards to AP/a with 'Play Wider' set in team instructions and they started well but didn't seem to be playing very well. I now the them set to W/a and removed the Play Wider option and they are playing really well especially Chamberlain who I have on the left and he is awesome.
  7. This is probably my best team at the moment. I started off with Chamberlain and Walcott as IF but seemed very ineffective so I changed them to W/a and they are playing better especially Chamberlain, he's scored 14 goals in 21 appearances with 14 assists and 3 MoM whereas Walcott has scored 9 in 22 games with 8 assists and 1 MoM. The positions that Chamberlain and Walcott occupy are actually striker positions and if I play a AMC/L/R in those positions they don't play as well as when I play a striker there. Even though my FB's are set to FB/d they still get forward but they don't have far to g
  8. If people read up on the W-M they will see that you have 2 banks of 5, 5 defenders and 5 forwards and when you push up your D-line your back 3 are usually around the halfway line and when you have to defend both your HB's (DMC) come back, so in effect you have 5 players in your back line.
  9. Thanks James, a group of us were trying out the W-M in 2009 with FM10, but it is something that you have to persevere with. I started a W-M thread in Tactics and Training but not many people were interested so I have let it go.
  10. W-M Career - Season 2013 - 2014 December 2013 Premier League Sunderland 0-1 Arsenal - Giroud Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham - Walcott, Cazorla Chelsea 1-3 Arsenal - Giroud (2), Walcott UEFA Champions League - Group Stage Arsenal 3-0 Galatasaray - Oxlade-Chamberlain, Heintz, Vietto Premier League Man City 1-1 Arsenal - Wilshere (pen) Capital One Cup - Qtr Final Arsenal 5-1 W.B.A - Vietto (2), Özil, Arteta, Giroud Premier League Arsenal 2-0 W.B.A - Wilshere, Özil Arsenal 5-1 Swansea - Cazorla, Özil, S.Bender (2), Podolski Hull C 1-2 Arsenal - Rosicky (2) C. Palace 2-4 Arsenal - Wilshere,
  11. For me at the moment Mesut Özil is priceless. So far his stats are...... League - Apps 11, Goals 10, Assts 4, MoM 2 Europe - Apps 7, Goals 5, Assts 5, MoM 1 Cup - Apps 3, Goals 1, Assts 1 Total - Apps 21, Goals 16, Assts 10, MoM 3
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