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  1. Exactly this, bloody fanboi's!! I use the spacebar alot, as it forwards emails and continues the game, so is pretty quick and effortless in terms of mouse movement, if this helps.
  2. On my old save had an established France International (77 caps) GK near his peak peak (age'd 27) at Chelsea from a pup (year 2037), when i took over he carried on his form for the rest of the season. Games - 18 ~ Conceded - 10 ~ Clean Sheets - 8 Next season, what a mess, by November he'd kept 1 clean sheet (3 including pre-season). My back 4 didnt change, as these were established and pretty decent already. I deceided to use my Backup English GK, who was Bottom Champ/L1 standard (1 star by my Ass Man 17/19 JCA/JPA) who kept 9 clean sheets in a row. Unsure if this is just one of those things, or that the games were easier, or even the nationality of the GK, I dont know. I will add that German regen keepers seem a cut above the rest of worldwide keepers in my saves.. (Esp this one currently)
  3. You Buggers!!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417717383
  4. This has been talked to the death and been proving both ways, but its not difficult to sell, i find it difficult to get a good price. The big Players, PSG, City, Monaco and a few others will never bid more than 45-49m for my star players. City bid 3 times for my star Newgen RB (who was CA/PA of 192/195, i wanted to check and see) of 46.5m. I did a test and not once would they go above 46.5m. i tried 140m, 120m, 100m, 80m, 60m, 50m and 47m and not once did City bite. So i tried over 12 & 48 Months of 5m up front and 100m (+5m), 80m (+5m), 60m (+5m) and 50m(+5m). Nothing. Nada. BUT its the same every transfer window for a good few of my besties. Not once has a big team gone in with a 60/70/80m bid, always the same 45-49m bids, 3 times the same bid and not any improvement on it. Same bid, 3 times... Can get so many screenshots its appauling in my save the AI bids. But some have said they have had success, but i cant remember the highest, i think i seen it last @ 70m, which isn't exactly a record breaker... I hope it improves in FM15 for me, but like i said, its better for some than others...
  5. Dude, i hear what you say, but subjective views my friend. Smiley Face.
  6. When i "Offered" him out, i meant they bid £45m negotiated £60m, £50m and then £46m. My mistake, could of chosen better context. 2029. AC Milan, Won the Series A 3 times in a row, 1 Champs league (3x in final). One of the (according to FM) most reputable clubs at the moment (only 2/3 above me). Thing is, its £45m straight cash (or £7.5/7.75m with 39m over 36/48 months). has happened on 5 of my players so far (Youngsters to Peak) It is what it is. Will carry on with it.. Cheers
  7. I hear what you say. But No. Simple as that.
  8. Thank you, proves in some games clubs do big higher than £45m.. Just in mine they don't..
  9. How can i be wrong, when in my save i have not had 1 single bid (AI to Player) over £45m?? How is this even wrong?? Simple as that.
  10. Sure. Shut up. You may or may not of read, but im talking transfers from AI to Player. Not Ai to AI. Thank you. Well done. Thanks. Stupid, but thank you. _____ Anyways, it seems that the game is bugged/coded not to increase the £45m. At least in my save. Oh well..
  11. WOW, this stupid. Ok, due to the average selling point being around the 45m mark for top top top players, I would like a screenshot of something which shows that your players were sold for more than this. I have yet to receive a bid of more than 45m straight cash, or 7.5m straight up with 39m over 36/48months. I sold my 29year old defender for £45m, I checked his CA & PA (after he was sold) and to find him @ CA 189 - PA 190. Making him one of the best defenders in the game. Now, PSG, Monaco, Real M and Man Utd all bid EXACTLY the same amount for him come 1st July. £45m, all rejected. All came back with the EXACT same bid a few days (or a week or so) later. Now, as explained before, I offered him out for £60m, No. £50m, No. £46m, No. Wait, hang on.. They would go £45m but not £46m. On my game at least (and a good few others it seems) that £45m is the limit. (Barring the occasional very very rare bids of more) I posted some screenies of the ridiculous amounts that other AI Teams want for players and this semi-proves that the AI no matter how rich, only bid set amounts and set stupid amounts which must be based in some coding somewhere.
  12. Of: Sold a young starlet I had at Benfica for £60million to Arsenal
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