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  1. I made the Maltese league playable in FM13 and ended up winning 3 or 4 Champions Leagues with Valletta in the 2030s, and got Malta to the World Cup final (2034, I think), where they got trounced by the United States. The team ended up being a combination of Valletta youth academy products and dual-nationals from South America.
  2. Is there anywhere in the records section that shows a club's all-time leading goalscorer? I see the all-time appearances leader and the single-season goalscoring record holder, but nothing about the all-time scorer. Is this listed somewhere that I'm just not looking? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey all, I haven't bought a new FM since 2013. I'm thinking about picking up FM 16. Obviously there are a ton of differences between the two, but how would you cpmpare the two? Which is better and why? Is it worth dropping $50 on it, or should I just wait around for next year's edition? Thanks in advance!
  4. In FM10, I had a striker at Sunderland who was from Malta. Won the Ballon d'Or something like 7 times running, and managed to get them to the World Cup.
  5. Three consecutive CL wins with Exeter and the 2022 and 2026 World Cup titles with the United States.
  6. What exactly is that solution? Also, I noticed that in this USA file, the Cosmos and Loudoun County don't play in the US Cup in the first season. Does that get adjusted or no?
  7. I'm looking to get back into FM after a 6-month hiatus, and I'd like to start with my local(ish) team, the Rochester Rhinos. They play in the USL Pro, which is technically the third division in the United States. I'm hoping to find a database that makes this league playable without messing up the structure of MLS, and that doesn't include promotion and relegation. Does such a database exist, and if so, where could I potentially find it? Thanks in advance...
  8. Update: The new patch has slowed my game to an absolute crawl, to the point where it was taking 20 minutes to get through a match. So, if anyone has any suggestions to improve my game's performance, short of playing on commentary-only mode, let me know. As it stands, FM12 is hardly even worth playing.
  9. One of the major contributors to job security is club stature. If you build a team up from, say, League Two to the Premier League, the club's stature is going to have increased a ton, so you're likely to have a job security of "Secure" or even "Untouchable" even if you have a season where you get relegated.
  10. In the Czech league, I had a full season where there were FOUR direct free kick goals in the entire league.
  11. He became a real-life legend in my eyes with this performance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CONCACAF_Champions_League_2008%E2%80%9309_Championship_Round#Santos_Laguna_v_Montreal_Impact Goals in the 2nd and 5th minutes of added time to bring Santos from 4-3 down to 5-4 up against Montreal. Unbelievable performance. It capped a comeback from being down 4-1 on aggregate at halftime of the second leg.
  12. TC, I'm right there with you. It's frustrating, but what can you do about it?
  13. In FM08, my star striker at A.C. Milan was Maltese. Patrick Agius...signed him for next to nothing from Birkirkara as a 17-year old, and then he just destroyed Serie A for about a decade.
  14. Great promotion! Best of luck in the Premier League.
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