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  1. I made the Maltese league playable in FM13 and ended up winning 3 or 4 Champions Leagues with Valletta in the 2030s, and got Malta to the World Cup final (2034, I think), where they got trounced by the United States. The team ended up being a combination of Valletta youth academy products and dual-nationals from South America.
  2. Is there anywhere in the records section that shows a club's all-time leading goalscorer? I see the all-time appearances leader and the single-season goalscoring record holder, but nothing about the all-time scorer. Is this listed somewhere that I'm just not looking? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey all, I haven't bought a new FM since 2013. I'm thinking about picking up FM 16. Obviously there are a ton of differences between the two, but how would you cpmpare the two? Which is better and why? Is it worth dropping $50 on it, or should I just wait around for next year's edition? Thanks in advance!