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  1. Signed Andre Carillo on a free at the end of season 1 for Lazio. Sold him the following season for £68m up front to PSG
  2. Ended up signing Andre Carrillo on a free to replace Candreva in season 2. He got 10 goals and 17 assists in 36 games with an average rating of 7.58. He's a great signing on a free at the end of season 2. After one season I sold him to PSG for £68m up front so made a huge profit on him. Just replaced him with Leroy sane for £33m so I'll see if he can live up to my previous two right wingers that have ended up fetching me £108m in the first two seasons.
  3. Antonio Candreva was ridiculously good for my Lazio side in the first season. 22 goals and 31 assists in 50 games leading me us to the Serie A title. A proper old fashioned right winger and a goal/assist machine. Finding him difficult to replace. He then forced through a £40m transfer to Real Madrid. The only downside is that he'll cost a lot of money and is 28 years old when the game starts.
  4. Highest transfer fee received was £60m for Sergi Samper to PSG. Signed him for Liverpool for £10m in 2015 and sold him three years later for £60m. His highest average rating for me was 6.87. Cracking stats though but poor performances. Highest paid was £28m for Thiago. My highest wage is Thiago on £170k p/w
  5. An Italian regen called Alberto Bartoli. Got 50+ goals and 50+ assists for about 6 seasons running. Numerous WPOTY awards etc. Cost me a hefty £30m though when he was about 19 in FM 11. Real player, Paulo Henrique (Ganso) on the same save. Incredible.
  6. Just sold Balotelli to Bayern for £40m. Fans were unhappy as he was a "fan favourite". I had to sell though as I'd only been given a transfer budget of £11m and had to raise funds to strengthen elsewhere. Especially when I already have Sturridge, Sterling and Griezmann scoring 20+ goals and Origi waiting in the wings.
  7. This probably isn't a bug and may be a case of me being stupid. I can't seem to take any screenshots when the game is on full screen mode. It takes a screenshot of whatever is behind FM (Facebooke or whatever internet page I have up). IT only allows me to take a screenshot of FM when I change it to windowed mode. I'm guessing there's an easy fix for this? Thanks.
  8. Markovic and Origi are both out on loan for me (second season). Sturridge and Coutinho have been brilliant. Sterling has been incredible and has the third highest value in the game at £44m, behind Messi and Suarez.
  9. I'm in February in my second season as Liverpool manager. First season I finished 5th in the league, 6 points behind 4th. I was knocked out of the Champions League in the Group stages but ended up winning the Europa League to qualify for the Champion League. Only 7 teams conceded more than me but I was the third highest scorers. I made no transfers either as I wanted to work with the squad I had. In all comps Balotelli got 12 goals, Sturridge got 33 and Sterling got 23. Coutinho also chipped in with 10. 2nd season transfers out: Wisdom - West Ham - £3m Lucas - Atletico - £16.75m Coates - QPR -£4m Skrtel - Napoli - £8.25m Lambert - Swansea - £1m Suso - Dortmund - £31.5m (I was shocked when they accepted my negotiation as I had every intention of giving him game time after him being on loan first season Assaidi - Palace - £4.4m Aspas - OM - £8.25m Borini - Monaca - £9.25m Luis Alberto - Stoke - £4.9m Jose Enrique - Newcastle - £1.9m Emre Can - Juventus - £12.25m Total - £105m 2nd season transfers in: Patrick Roberts - Fulham - £8m Sebastien Giovinco - Juventus - Free Dennis Praet - Anderlecht - Free Youri Tielemans - Toulouse - £8.25m Eder Alvarez Balanta - River - £8.5m Antoine Griezmann - Atletico - £25.5m Nicola Leali - Free Transfer - Free Ivan Zajec (regen) - Dinamo - £1mSergi Samper - Barcelona - £10.25m Thiago - Bayern - £25.5m Total - £87.5m I've had a great season so far. Walking the league at the moment and I'm 18 points clear with 10 games left. I'm through to the KO stages of the Champions League and have just beat Juve 6-2 at Anfield in the first leg. Griezmann and Sterling have been incredible. Also, as you can see below, Sturridge has 22 goals, Sterling 21 goals, Griezmann 21 goals and Balotelli 19 goals. On top of this, Giovinco has chipped in with 10 and Coutinho with 8 and it's still only February!
  10. Thanks for uploading this! I've given it a shot and managed to win the Championship in my first season and get them back into the Premier League. Now sitting 11th in February so looks like I'll be staying up barring an almighty collapse.
  11. Ilias El Amrani. Signed for £13m from Manchester United. Since signing him, United have tried to buy him back for £23m and I've also turned down a £30m bid from Liverpool. Andy Hely. Signed for £7m when he was just 17 from Stade Rennais. Finally, Fernando Romero. The 6'6" target man signed for £2.7m from Partizan. I've found so far that the best young regens come at a higher price than previous Fm's, which I like, but these guys have all proved brilliant value for money so far.
  12. Time for me to share some of my finds. Currently managing Lille in 2019. First up, Paulo Caceres. Signed from Velez for £1.4m when he was 18. Secondly, Calin Ilie. Signed from Porto for a whopping £28m. I normally don't spend that much money on one player but he's one of the best CB's in the game and I was conceding far too many goals. Been fantastic for the 2 seasons I've had him and will be worth every penny over the next 10 seasons. Thirdly, his defensive partner, Imad Fellahi. Signed for £10m from RC Lens when he was 18/19.
  13. I'm looking for a bit of help from my fellow FM'ers. I've asked my board for a new feeder club with a successful youth academy to help secure first option for talented youngsters. They've agreed but because I've been successful they have allowed me to choose a club. I'm currently managing Lille. I won the Champions League and Ligue 1 last season so have built the reputation of the club to 4 stars. Which clubs would be the best to choose in your opinion? I don't know which clubs would accept me as a parent club. Anyone with a smaller reputation? 3 stars and under? etc. I've no idea as the list has every club in the world (of course the huge clubs wouldn't allow it) so i've no idea which would be best. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. When I press 'Continue' and it comes up with the 'hint and tip' that "Picking someone with a high attribute in corners will make a good corner taker" ​Captain obvious.
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