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  1. Thanks for your quick reply Neil. Have followed the instructions but, unfortunately, none of my files have any previous versions to restore.
  2. Hi, My saved game will not load today. Saved before bed last night like normal... saved upon the quit option, no problems or interruptions and shut down PC like normal. Woke up this morning and game will not load, bringing up an error message. I've noticed that the game has created a separate (new) file for my game, but this doesn't load either. The only thing different was there was a Steam update this morning, not sure if this has had any impact. Some other saves also not loading, but some are working fine. Is there anything I can do to recover these saves please? Gutting if my main one is lost! Cheers for your help.
  3. When you have a new stadium built, when is the name of the stadium announced? Under the facilities tab it says my new stadium is being built and is called Welling Stadium, which is just after the club name? Is the name announced later on, or is this going to be its new name for the future? Welling Stadium sounds a bit rubbish to be fair! Cheers!
  4. Testamonials should definitly be in the game as so many have said. I'd like to see it where you can select a squad of retired players, or players that have left the club, as well as current squad players. Eg. West Ham could have a testamonial for a player and the manager gets the likes of Di Canio, Rio Ferdinand, Tony Cottee etc... back to maybe play 45 mins. Also, why aren't matches ever postponed due to the weather, especially in lower league games?? If SI are talking about realism then this definitly has to featue in FM2009.
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