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  1. I've found the tactic to be largely very good, but every season my team has a stretch of games (about 10) where we really struggle. Eg I can go about 5 games without conceding a goal and then concede 10 goals in the space of just 3 games. Bit weird.
  2. Conceding so many crosses on this tactic.
  3. Having loads of shots but hardly any on target. Infuriating.
  4. I haven't read the whole thread so I apologise if this has already been mentioned... It'd be good to be able to express interest in a job elsewhere that is currently taken by a different manager, and their position at the club isn't insecure. Eg if Jose Mourinho expressed interest in the job at Salford City, even though the current manager is doing a good job, you'd like to think the club would look to get Jose in... Not particularly groundbreaking but there you go.
  5. TESTUDO for FM16

    This tactic is alright but lost count of the amount of times I've lost a game 1-0 after only conceding 3/4 shots in total. Inevitably the 1 on target goes in. Compounded with the total amount of shots that you have, normally in high teens/20's, can be infuriating.
  6. I'll uninstall it now. And yes, but I have never had this problem before until today. Been playing it fine up until now.
  7. Shame...was looking forward to playing this tonight.
  8. when i press test program it says : "warning: failed to find a default database to use. please make sure your installation is not corrupt". I then get a steam error message - Failed to start game (app already running). Then it says The steam servers are too busy to handle your request. error code (41)
  9. When i start the game i get : "warning: failed to find a default database to use. please make sure your installation is not corrupt" I have read up on this issue and i have done all the fixes, such as compatibility test, and it still doesn't work. please help.
  10. I don't normally post on here so apologies if already been mentioned, but the beta feels very laggy. Eg the cursor isn't particularly smooth - rather stop-start. Computer performance 5 star apparently...
  11. just looking for some advice here, I'm Aston Villa and Monaco have been bidding all transfer window for Lucas Romero. I've kept rejecting them and eventually negotiated their offer to £60m straight up. They only went and matched it. What the hell do I do? He is an absolute beast but he has requested to leave. What do I do?
  12. The game runs smoothly until i actually enter a match. Then it lags horrendously, like when i press continue it takes 5-6 seconds to actually register that i clicked it. My computer isn't an issue, i have an i5 processor so its fairly quick.
  13. Guys, the other night my team were playing absolutely terrible and losing every match and so i turn off my computer and forget about it. Today, I have just gone on to fm and played with exactly the same tactics and look at the effect: I honestly changed nothing, but now it's as if my team have completely changed What's going on?