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  1. Roque Caballero: Looks pretty good - especially for the price (around £60k). Signed him in my second season with Brøndby in the Danish Superliga, but he got his work permit rejected when I tried signing him with Arsenal.
  2. Sutton Utd - Season 2, 15/16 - The Conference I ditched my save with Concord Rangers after not securing promotion in my 2nd season.. Instead I started with Sutton Utd. Won the league and now I'm in the Conference sitting in 4th place after 7 games. The club turned full-time professional after the promotion which has allowed me to secure better players than I expected. After an insane amount of searching and scouting I have brought in 14 new players, as I only kept 8 from the season before. Here are my three favorites: Oliver Abildgaard: Found him in Denmark's U19. He was on an amateur contract at AaB in the Danish Superliga. Dejan Iliev: Released by Arsenal. "Good player for most League 2 sides". Solomon Sambou: Released by Fulham. Played 11 games for them in the Championship. "Good player for most League 2 sides".
  3. @CityAndColour For some reason Ty Smith isn't in my game. I play Stokes mainly as an advanced playmaker (attack) from the CM position. In this role he both distributes play and can get forward in scoring positions from time to time.
  4. Just finished my first season with Concord Rangers. Ended up 9th place - if having won the last game, we would have ended 5th and therefore secured a play-off spot.. My top performers were Tony Stokes, Teddy Ngoy and loanies Tuki Tayali and Danny Mills. Attribute-wise Jeremy Walker is probably one of the best in the league, but he was a bit dissapointing for me, plus he is unhappy and wants to leave. Now another long season awaits.. And a long search for players. Hit me up with suggestions for players if you have any!
  5. Nicely done! Impressive amount of goals scored! My 2nd season: Finished 3rd Lost to Barcelona in the CL quarter final Lost to Espanyol in the Spanish Cup quarter final I'll probably be back with another update when the start of my 3rd season is coming near..
  6. Congrats on winning the Europa League, StandardFan! Here are my transfers heading into my 2nd season: Somehow I was able get Gabriel Barbosa for almost nothing on the last day of the transfer window! With clauses the price is more like €2M which is still insanely cheap. In the start of the window Santos were asking for about €7-8M. Now I just hope he turns out as good for me as he has done for you! He will get a hard time getting ahead of Aspas for now though.. Balanta, Romero, Aspas, Nyom and Insúa are all in the starting eleven. I will probably buy both Nyom and Aspas permanently. I snatched up Danilo for pennies and loaned him out, my scout rates his potential at 4,5. Jonathan Viera is battling with Salva Sevilla for a starting place. Barbosa will battle against Aspas and Ruben Castro. I am very happy with the signing of Sergio Romero on a free transfer, he looks very good: I've started my 2nd season and qualified for the Champions League after beating Marseille 6-5 on aggregate. Got drawn with Benfica, Tottenham, and Galatasaray - not impossible to get through! Besides this I somehow managed to win the Super Cup 7-5 on aggregate against Barcelona. They had a lot of shots but were also very vulnerable in defence especially on set pieces.
  7. Thanks! I finished 4th in the league; 18-10-10, 64 points.. Surprised that it was enough to secure 4th place. Improvement is needed in the 2nd season. Looks like you're doing relatively well in the 4th season. Are you changing your tactic against better teams? Maybe an extra midfielder instead of two strikers? Rubén Castro, in La Liga: 30(4) games, 19 goals, 7.05 rating. I'm actually a bit disappointed with him although he scored a decent amount of goals. Too inconsistent and didn't create alot on his own. Cedrick hasn't played well, I don't know if there's something wrong with my tactics. I brought in Sadio Mané in the winter transfer window. He covers the same position and has done better. Edit: Maybe I should buy Gabriel Barbosa!
  8. What a final!! One of the craziest games I've ever had. Two own goals, a goal in the 94th minute, and two goals from Chuli (got a place on the bench due to injuries) who I've barely used all season. In other news, I'm currently 4th in the league battling for a Champions League spot. Vamos Betis!
  9. Good thread, and nice results! I think I will start a game with Betis after my exam on tuesday. I will make a post when I'm done with my first season
  10. Use this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/319726-FM-13-Looking-for-thread
  11. You're making me look like an amateur, mate! Well done. Put up a screenshot of Chaffey at the end of the season?
  12. Have a look around on the u-19, u-20 and u-21 squads of the national teams, that's the way I do it most of the time. Then if someone is without contract try and get them on a trial as you cannot scout outside England (if you don't have the stats masked I guess you could just decide straight away if the player is any good).
  13. So I finished my 3rd season.. I really feel that my team should be good enough to get promoted, but it didn't go that way. Got a terrible start to the season, the worst I've ever had. At one point I lost 6 games in a row, something I have never been close to before, and I found myself being rock bottom of the table. I nearly dumped the save. All this was after the update, but who knows... Then I made some tactical tweaks: I moved a CM to DM and moved a striker down to the attacking midfield position to try and link up the play. Besides that I tried to play wider. In training I had my players focus only on defending.. After some games we went on an excellent run which said 15 wins, 6 draws and 1 defeat, after that it went up and down. At one point I was only 4 points away from the 3rd place, but I ended up finishing 8th just 2 points away from a play-off spot and 6 points away from 3rd place.. Now again I find myself lacking motivation, but let's see.. Here's a couple of my newgens: Half way through the season I picked up Rodolfo Zelaya on a free transfer:
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