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  1. FM11 Millwall Thread

    i found out that in the DB that the home kit is marked as a aniversary kit, so after the first season it changes to that blue template one. the only way i know of keeping the the kit is to change it in the editor, when you go onto to kits in the editor under millwall remove the year next to the real kit and delete the blue template kit which means sadly restarting your game if you want the real kit to show up in the information + keep the colour of the kit on top the screen etc.
  2. FM11 Millwall Thread

    Have any of you notcied after the first season that our home kit disapears and is replaced with a blue kit?
  3. FM11 Millwall Thread

    Hi im just a few games into the season going ok mid table found this free agent - Bernard Mendy im playing him on the left as a winger and he's got 2 goals and 5 assists from 7 apps. high wage but looks very good for a free signing.
  4. Shall be starting a game with Millwall!
  5. just ride it out he will settle down eventually.
  6. ahh Watford does looks like it would be an interesting save, some good youngsters in that team atm.
  7. Hey hersh you gonna do another one of your wolves type save again this year?
  8. demand that you be put on the transfer list haha
  9. alan shearer

    He's the manager of West Ham on mine currently 15th with 6 games to go.
  10. Well most people believe you need atleast 200m in the bank, then it comes down to luck.
  11. calm down dear its only a comercial! I beleive the only thing you can do is hope it sorts it self out in time, well its what I do atleast the harmony usually comes good.
  12. jovetic

    I hear he's been playing very well, so you can bet a pretty penny that he will be impoved in fm10.
  13. Quick question....

    ahem, we dont judge people its their game to play how and what ever way they wish to.
  14. Well you dont really need to worry about the financial side of things at the club as he keeps it at around 40m in the black. If you win either the prem or champs you'll get a good profit each year unless you go crazy with your spending.