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  1. pires29

    A player with pa 200

    Are short players not allowed to be strong?
  2. pires29

    A player with pa 200

    Checked Sola's profile just now and he actually has a CA of 164, don't know where I got 191 from.
  3. pires29

    A player with pa 200

    Downloaded FMRTE cause im quite far into the game and i've achieved pretty much everything in the game and I can't be bothered starting a new game as I don't play that often. These are the best 3 players in my squad. Bruno has CA - 198 and PA - 199 Sola has CA - 191 and PA - 198 For VillaSmith, this guy came through my academy CA - 193 and PA - 194
  4. Can somebody please post a picture of Gareth Bale on the latest patch please?
  5. pires29

    Your most prolific striker?

    The pictures weren't loading for me before as I was having problems with my internet, that's why I asked if anyone could beat it as I didn't know if it had been done. Santy had already replied that it had been beaten what was the need for you to get involved unless you had a player who could beat it?
  6. pires29

    Your most prolific striker?

    Only 4 people have posted with someone who has scored more goals in one season, which I wouldn't call loads, and only 2 of those are from this years FM so get off your high horse.
  7. pires29

    Your most prolific striker?

    Anybody able to beat this??
  8. pires29

    Looking for a regen!

    ^^^ No you were just trying to show off
  9. pires29

    Lack of creativity?

    Their are quite a few good wingers on my save, although I use them as inside forwards so they are not really wingers but I just can't find anyone that I can use in CM once Fabregas becomes too old.
  10. I'm in 2018 in my current save on FM11 and as alot of the most creative players are now retired or are over 30 I decided that I would try and sign a young player who could step into the Xavi, Iniesta or Fabregas role for my Barcelona team. So I search players under 21 who have creativity over 15 and I find only 11 players, with the player who has highest creativity only having 17. Is this a problem for anyone else on their game?
  11. pires29

    Best newgen ever?

    The best player on my current save......
  12. Saved the best for last, world class forward at only 23 and remembers me of the real Ronaldo in his prime. Paid alot for him to take him with me from Spurs when I was offered the job and looks as if he will pay that back and more judging by his performances so far.
  13. Again from the youth academy
  14. All of the following have came through my academy which continues to produce brilliance.