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  1. if youre playing on a laptop i can recommend NEVER shutting the pc down completely . I just close the lid while FM is still running. When i want to play again, i open the lid, and windows continues the last session. So Steam can NEVER do anything to my game, because its ALWAYS running.
  2. FM should take into account the debts of RM. Barca, Man Utd and many other top clubs. Only club without debt up there is Bayern Munich.
  3. here we can see again how overrated the italian players are in the game. IRL he is nowhere near that quality.
  4. Im playing with Man Utd. Im in January now and all of a sudden Darren Fletcher becomes "unavailable until 1.6.2012". He didnt injure himself or something. Does anyone know what happened or is it reflecting real life (got no time to google right now)? and is it since the new patch only or was it there before?
  5. i guess that has nothing to do with the adding or removing the leagues feature. using third-party databases always bear the risk of crashing your save. this was most probably because of the regionalliga file you were using. bad luck though... btw i never had crashes using this feature
  6. then again, this is the case with Hazard and Neymar and many others.
  7. get away, troll-youre just so ridiculous
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