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  1. would be nice if the players were of realistic age and club at that time, but well, i wont use it then. will make my own database for it with the todays top players getting good potential, and if necessary edit them into the game at early age like 14 or 15 (Götze for example).
  2. of course not, sorry if it came across like an accusation from me. i just wanted to read it officially and celebrate that its true because it would be great dont forget the Bender Bros!
  3. I think youre mixing it up with the player being able to have a son. Of course at the beginning of the game there are brothers and sons in it, but for the newgens this does not apply.
  4. Can you post a link to that confirmation? Or are those just unsubstantial claims? Sources please.
  5. nope. its pure coincidence if they got themselves as favorites and bear the same name. not intended at all.
  6. yeah. he now plays in the german 2nd division. anyone remember stefan ishizaki? legend.
  7. Finally, someone mentioned him from CM3!! (in fact its ProspEr... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Prosper ) And of course all-time-legend Tsigalko
  8. granted. but: that guy spoke of "tearing things up" overseas....
  9. I really doubt that. As far as we can see, no US footballer EVER made it in the big european leagues so this guy will be no different...
  10. why do you insult me? :confused: did I insult someone personally with my post? I dont think so...
  11. Haha. Now THATS a good one! Thankyou for making me laugh today
  12. haha thats the funniest thing i read in my whole life. the decline of the "funny screenshots"-thread is unstoppable it seems...
  13. Damn this skin looks like the good old Turnstyle! Is it for FM2011? Can you tell me where you can download this one mate?
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