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  1. here we can see again how overrated the italian players are in the game. IRL he is nowhere near that quality.
  2. why not let the player decide afterwards? just kind of a yes/no option? sounds easy to me.
  3. dont misunderstand me - dont take it as an insult. it was just a recommendation. maybe i got you all wrong and if thats the case i apologize to you. of course you can play the game the way you want and how often you want, its not me to decide. maybe just play the game some more and you will get into it more and thus find it more enjoyable. no offense
  4. omaroo, i think Football Manager is too complex for you. You should be playing something simpler, this would prevent you from posting and posting impatient posts.
  5. id rather focus on the faces that are not yet covered by the cut-out-facepacks.
  6. you will need to patch your game to 12.2. for thats the version this pack is made for
  7. impressive, really impressive! keep it up mate hows AIK doing against Dynamo?
  8. thankyou for that wonderful dark skin! best skin for 2012! just what i was looking for
  9. looking good and perfect transfers for your tactic id maybe also recommend signing yaya sanogo as a prospect for the attack and stefan bell as a DC prospect
  10. http://www.footmanager.co.uk/articles-guides/cm-fm-legends-tsigalko-samba-1.php
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