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  1. managing in brazil

    Its very competitive and exciting. You have state championship + League games so you play a extraordinary amount of games in one season hence why you might need a decent size squad The only problem or frustration you might have is due to the foreign rule, can only have 3 foreigners; but some prefer this I dont know where you fit in there I would recommend managing there, but might want to choose a better team
  2. FM11 - South American Thread

    el Burrito and Moralez from Velez probably ran around your whole team huh
  3. Chile WC2010 Thread

    Mark Gonzalez, Charles Aranguiz, Pedro Morales, Jorge Valdivia; happy they all got called up Was hoping to see Toselli or another young goalie has the third choice
  4. The Brazil Thread

    No Alex :( But it doesnt seem that bad maybe a halfway thumbs up.
  5. FM10 Official Olympique Lyonnais Thread - Allez L'OL

    Good advice Younousse Sankharé, Yann M'Vila, Feghouli
  6. The Brazil Thread

    Maybe someone can get a hold of Washington and tell him to pray for some injuries to this squad
  7. When this happens I usually give them time to sort it out first, most of the time they can come to good terms; but if both players are important first teamers already, then I usually give each a new contract and they forget about there issues.
  8. Finding a feeder club

    To find a good feeder club, dont just look for any club in "low" divisions, also check if the club you like already has a parent club. If the club already has a parent club they will reject most of the time. There are many good clubs that dont have parent clubs; check the Bulgarian, Czech, Mexican, Spanish league for these clubs (of course there are more but just to name a few off the top of my head), some of these clubs are in the lower divisions but some are in the first division, for example, FC Viktoria Plzeň should be in the first division of the Czech league, they are a very good club for a partnership. But like everyone has already said, if your reputation is low then you probably wont find a great feeder club, maybe a decent one but not great.
  9. World Cup Team

    GK: Julio Cesar DC: Chiellini DC: Puyol WBL: Taye Taiwo WBR: Eboue MC: Essien MC: Song AMC: Gourcuff AMR: Messi AML: C. Ronaldo ST: O. Cardozo
  10. The One man, Honduras World Cup Thread

    I hope Honduras do well It would nice if Pavón has a great tournament, it would help to popularize his ":cool:" hair, just imagine all the new players that will start using that hairstyle Imagine Messi with that look
  11. The Brazil Thread

    Only due to injuries does he seem to have a chance for a call up, even then Dunga might opt for someone else (whoever that might be), someone that has played more international games
  12. The Brazil Thread

    I wouldnt put money on Brazil, but tbh I wouldnt put money on any nation as of right now, except maybe for Japan (), Im still waiting for a gigantic injury crisis to occur,in Brazils case, this will lead to Dunga using some players that he doesnt really want too (Hernanes, Pierre, Alex, Miranda, Ronaldo), and this applies to all the other nations too, maybe managers will suffer injuries too, for ex. Domenech could have a hip injury, which wouldnt allow him to manage since his selections appear to be pulled from his ass, etc... It appears Im neutral for this cup
  13. FM10 Official Good Goalkeepers Thread

    Ive never managed Adler, but I have had Ochoa,and he is beyond great (average rating was 7.1ish I think), and yes he is a very good tutor for the young players
  14. FM10 Official Good Goalkeepers Thread

    Answer me this question first: If you stick with Stekelenburg, and he has one bad game will you: a) go on a foul mouth tirade on your decision to keep Stekelenburg when you had the likes of Ochoa and Adler open to coming to your club b) believe that Steklenburg will turn it around and still put in a great season If you chose "a" as your answer then I believe going after Adler would be a good idea If you chose "b" as your answer then I believe sticking with Stekelenburg would suffice, but maybe offering Ochoa a contract just for bringing in more competition could be a good idea also
  15. Choose Club

    Sometimes it takes time for your own club to recommend a good feeder club, just keep asking them and eventually they will give you a feeder club that you like ( as in a Second/Third division club); otherwise if your chosing a feeder club yourself chose a club that has a very low value compared to your club, when I was managing Feyenoord I suggested a Scottish club to my board and they were able to make a affiliation with them, it wasnt a first division club, I think it was a second or third division club, at that time that was alright with me...