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  1. Thanks for your replies. Indeed, having investigated further, it seems that this can be put down to "user error" in the editor. I've amended some things, run another test, and now have just entered the ACC. All is well.
  2. I've added the Palestinian West Bank Leagues to my game, which all appear fine. Though what I really want, is for the Palestine National Team to enter National Competitions too. At present, they only play friendlies. Is this hard coded, or, if I removed a weak Asian Nation from Qualifying in the editor (to create a space), start a new game with Palestine enabled, would this get Palestine into National Competitions? Any advice on getting this to work will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I wanted to quote this particular reply, as although it is not exactly my situation, Fitzcaraldo's sentiments mirror my own. Whilst I understand the anger felt and expressed by many at the direction SI/Sega have decided to take in retailing the game, like Fitzcaraldo above, I feel there's no point in being a dick about it, and prefer to bow out in graceful disappointment. I too have been an avid customer of SI since the very begining, missing only two iterations of the game since its inception. Last year's being one, and that was only because I play the game slowly, and was enjoying 10.3 so much that I prefered to carry on with my current saves. Was looking forward to 2012 from what I'd read, but now I realise that my FM buying days will be coming to an abrupt and unwelcome halt. I don't have internet at home, don't have a laptop to travel to an internet connection, and even if I did, I take exception to being told that in order to play the game that I love, I must download, sign up to, and install a third party software distribution platform (Steam), that cannot be uninstalled from my PC. I have no wish or need to elaborate, but suffice to say, I wouldn't touch Steam with someone else's barge-pole. So, no hard feelings here, just great disappointment. That the days of just popping down the shop, buying a game I love, sticking it in my PC, and playing it; are a thing of the past. I don't think for a moment that my opinion carries any great importance or significance to anyone that matters, but I did want to register my feelings at the current state of play anyway, for the record. Fortunately, I have some great saved games on 10.3, and will continue to enjoy them, on what (despite being two years old) is still a great game. Thanks for the good times SI.
  4. Thanks for actually taking the time to respond Andy. Unfortunately I'm not at home tonight so can't check his attributes, but from memory, mostly the key ones (such as motivation, discipline, tactical knowledge, man management etc.) are all 15 plus. That's why I'm a bit stumped as to why he just keeps on repeating himself. Never had it happen before, even with poor quality assmen. He'll still throw in the odd individual "pick up where you left off" "expect a performance" etc where he sees fit, but the general pre-match team talk will always be "for the fans". Half time and full time he's fine, and varies his advice to suit the situation at hand, just the pre-match ones he seems to be a one trick pony. If anyone else feels like chipping in with their thoughts, that would be grand.
  5. Hi guys, I've recently come across a curious situation I've never encountered before. I wonder if anyone could possibly shed some light on it for me? My Ass Man seems to be suffering from some kind of 'mental block' when it comes to his pre-match team talk suggestions. No matter what, without exception, regardless of opposition, venue, competition, or any other factors that one may be inclined to take into consideration before giving that all important pre-match address to your players; dear old Dave can be relied upon, to come out with the same line, over, and over, and over again. "For the fans!!!" Fortunately, I've always been a pretty independent kind of guy anyway, and generally only click on 'ask Ass Man' just out of interest to see what he will say, before carefully choosing my own talk anyway. So it's not like this anomaly is having any effect on my game. I've just never encountered an Ass Man who gives the same pre match team talk advice every game, regardless. I have no other issues with the guy, he's a sound Ass. Man and does a great job for me, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if anyone has any idea what aspects of an Ass Man's personality/attributes govern what kind of suggestions he will be likely to come up with? (This is on FM2010 by the way). Thanks for any ideas you feel like chipping in with. Benn.
  6. Hi guys. This is just a heads up, to let you know that I'm not buying FM2011 until patch 3 this time around, and as such, will not be in a position to work on a new Sound Pack until then, if this one does not work on 11. I'm still really enjoying a few saves on FM10 at the moment, and the last couple of years I've not really enjoyed the game until the final patch was released; so I decided to carry on enjoying my games on the excellent 10.3 for now. During the last year though, a few members here emerged as being very capable of producing add ons to my original pack, so I'm sure someone here can come up with a great Sound Pack for you. If no-one else has made one by the time patch 3 comes out though, I'll be happy to produce another Sound Pack. Just wanted to let you know my position, so as you're not waiting around for me. Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy your new game. Benn.
  7. I've learned my lesson. For the last couple of years, I've promised myself that I won't by the new game until the 3rd patch is released in February. But I've always given in when I see the new features, and convince myself that it will be fine out of the box. But, it never is (at least not to my personal satisfaction anyway), and by the time patch 3 arrives, the game is usually half the initial price by then too. I've just finally finished my new Americas Inter-Continental Super League too, so this time, I'm going to stick to my guns. I'll keep enjoying playing what is a fantastic game, FM2010 10.3; wait for the usual bugs and errors to be ironed out, and then look forward to buying FM2011 in February when by then it should be a great game.
  8. Thank you. Yes, it's on 10.3. All of the real ones (affecting The Americas) are disabled, and I have recreated them to be as I wished them to be for this Super League. All the other Continental Competitions not affecting The Americas (UEFA Champions League, Euro League etc are unaffected and still in the game). Club World Cup is gone, replaced by FIFA World Club Championships. Same format, but I've amended it in some ways. Will take a bit to explain, but you'll see when you download it. Copa Libertadores is now for the teams from the top two AIC Superleague divisions (still with initial group stage format), and the AIC Trophy is created for the bottom three Divisions, with the AIC Shield solely for the bottom division (so they still have a chance to win something). CONCACAF Champions Cup and CONMEBOL Copa Sudamericana are for all teams in the Super League, from North/Central, and South America respectively, with additions from outside the Super League (from appropriate countries) to make things interesting (so you get to play some effectively "non-league" teams too). There's also the ReCopa (changed to AIC Super Cup) for winners of AIC Elite and Libertadores. But it's late, and my mind is cloudy for lack of sleep, so I hope I explained that all ok? I'm not really too experienced with these kind of things to be honest with you, so not entirely sure. I know you can mix and match some different creations, but I think that's as long as they don't contradict / conflict with each other. I really don't know what will happen if you do, as I tend to play with one creation at a time. Hopefully someone who knows may chip in with an answer for you. Sorry can't be more help on that.
  9. AIC Division Three: AIC Division Four: _______________________________________________________________ Part Two: In the Spotlight. Full Club Name: Fútbol Club Los Médanos de Coro. Nicknames: Los Médanos, Los Rojiblancos. From: Coro, Falcón State, Venezuela. Stadium: Estadio Olimpíco de Los Médanos. Colours:- Home: Red Shirts with one white sleeve, black shorts with white trim, red socks. Away: Red and white striped shirts, white shorts with red trim, white socks. Third: Black shirts with one yellow sleeve, yellow shorts with black trim, black socks. So, you might well be wondering, just who the hell are FC Coro?!? Never heard of them! Well, you won't be alone, for sure. FC Coro are the new kids on the block, and when I say 'kids', I mean that almost literally! FC Coro have one of the youngest professional squads ever assembled, and certainly have the youngest squad in the whole of the AIC Super League. FC Coro Chairman Professor Pedro Abreu explains all, during our interview with him (available in full under our video section): "It is true that we have by far the youngest squad in the league. We are building a brand new Football Club in Coro, from scratch, and mostly it is being formed out of our already existing vast youth structure. For a long time, the Coro area has been well known in this country for producing many very talented young footballers, though with no professional club in the city for them to move onto after they finish youth football at sixteen, that talent either wastes away as they move into full time employment, or gets snapped up by a certain well known "big club" down the road in the Capital! For a great many years, Caracas have enjoyed freely feeding upon the talent our great city has produced, but no more will this be allowed to happen! With the birth of FC Coro, our young players have a place to showcase their talents in their own city, and Caracas can either start investing in nurturing quality young players of their own, or face a challenge to their years of dominance of Venezuelan football!" Now I don't know about you, but I seem to detect a bit of hostility there from the good Professor toward "that club" from the Venezuelan Capital. Sounds like a 'nice' little rivalry could be brewing! So we asked Pedro Abreu if there was anything of greater substance or significance, hiding thinly veiled beneath the surface of his restrained words? "Oh, for sure." the Coro chairman volunteered. "Where to start?" Wherever you like Professor, dish the dirt! "Well for the most part, unless you have the severe misfortune to actually come from Caracas, currently proud owners of the title "murder capital of the world" by the way, just in case you were unaware of that; the vast majority of the country hates Caracas FC anyway. They have a certain arrogance about them. You come from Caracas and love them, or you don't, and you hate them. That's just the way it is here." O.K, but we detect something more than that in it for you Professor, care to elaborate? "Sure. Caracas don't produce many quality players of their own, and generally rely on poaching the best up and coming young talents from the surrounding regions, the City of Coro being one of their primary target areas. We've never had a professional club here in Coro before now, but we do have some of the best youth sides in the country. These youth teams run up to Under 16 level, and after that, they have nowhere else to go in Coro, so depending upon the level of their ability, they've generally moved on to Caracas if they're good enough, or to CD Lara, Trujillanos, Zulia or Yaracuyanos; the other main sides in the relatively local surrounding states, who reap the benefit of no professional football in Coro." "A few years ago now, I moved back into the country, to my home city of Coro, after some time away studying in the United States. I was quite well off financially anyway through my own endeavours, but when a close relative passed away, I was left with a surprising and rather large inheritance. Money that I was never going to need all for myself. So I thought about what kind of good uses I could put that money to, to help in the regeneration of my local areas." "After some discussions with friends and colleagues, it was decided that we would look into investing in a broader and more focused youth football structure here, that would culminate in developing a professional football club in Coro, to help our young people to make use of their talents, and channel their energy and aggression into something more worthwhile than roaming the streets causing trouble. We also felt that the city itself could use something, an outlet if you like, for their passion, and something the whole area can unite behind, to bring our community closer together. Coro is a fantastic city, in one of the most truly beautiful areas to live in the world, right by the world famous water sports resort of the Península de Paraguaná, in North West Coastal Venezuela. It is only fitting that it should have a professional football club, that can attract a strong following." And so FC Coro was formed, but how does this relate to your rivalry with Caracas Professor? "Well, if you think about it, you can see where this is going. They had the monopoly on all the best young local players. They weren't about to let go of that without a fight. To cut a long story short, after two years of laying the foundations for the birth of a new professional club in Coro, everything was set, and ready to go. We had the youth structure streamlined into the culmination of producing new players for F.C. Coro, a fantastic new stadium was built on the outskirts of the city, where Los Médanos (the dunes) begin, and all that was needed, was to secure entry to the lowest professional level of Venezuelan football, the Tercera División (a regional third division level)." But as I understand, you encountered a spanner in the works, and that didn't go too well for you professor? "No. It would have done, were it not for Caracas FC! There was a place available in our regional division, due to another club going into bankruptcy. We were the best suited club in terms of financial backing and infrastructure to take their place, and we duly applied for admission. In Venezuelan football, for a new club to be elected into the league, all other clubs must vote positively in favour of their election. All clubs voted positively in our favour, except of course, for Caracas! If we're not in the league, then they still get to poach the best players from the city of Coro! You see? " "As a result, we were denied entry, and FC Light were elected in our place. We protested to the Venezuelan FA of course, and highlighted our reasons, but our appeal was unsuccessful, as they indicated they could not change their rules just for us. The following season we re-applied, but with the same result." Well that all sounds very harsh on you Professor. I understand though, that you have some good connections with some people in powerful places in the CONMEBOL governing body for South America, how did this help you in your ambitions for professional football in Coro? "Indeed. Fortunately, through my line of work in Sports Sciences over the years, I had built up some good relationships with many people in the game. Former Brazilian favourite Careca had recently been appointed President of the CONMEBOL organisation, and he was very sympathetic to our plight. He did what he could, but was unable to convince the Venezuelan FA to do the right thing. But, as things turned out, all this was for the best, in the end." This is how you came to be invited into the inaugural Américas Inter-Continental Super League? "Indeed. CONMEBOL and CONCACAF have jurisdiction over which clubs were to be invited into the new AIC championships, as it was they who were to combine their forces in creating the new Super League structure. AIC is the amalgamation of both, and decides how many clubs from each nation may compete in their Championship, and each nation's individual FA's could nominate the teams they wanted to represent them. But CONMEBOL and CONCACAF retains the final decision on who makes it into the new structure. When Javiér Santini (VFA President) gave the names 'Caracas' 'Táchira' and 'Mineros' to CONMEBOL to represent Venezuela, Careca simply stated "No. Caracas FC, Deportivo Táchira and FC Coro will gain entry into our competition". Naturally, this sent shock waves through the country, but Careca stood firm in his edict. He felt the Venezuelan FA had treated us unfairly in twice refusing our entry into their league purely to pacify Caracas FC, so he took matters into his own hands to ensure that the city of Coro could enjoy professional football at last. Obviously, we're expected to be the whipping boys of the competition, and to be completely out of our depth, but we are hopeful that we may just surprise a few people with our competitiveness." Well, I for one, sure hope that you do Professor, and wish you the very best of luck with your first professional season! We'll be following your progress closely. There is more to our interview with Professor Pedro Abreu, and you can see the full version under our video section, but for today's column, this is about all we have time for. We leave you for now, with a last word from the Professor, as we asked him how his Coro squad are shaping up for the new season, and if everything is in place for success? "We're certainly confident that there will not be many fitter sides in the league than us. We've been working very hard on that. We may not be the most skilful, but we'll be sure to make up for that with our work ethic and determination. Everything is in place, and the last position to fill, is that of the Team Manager for the season ahead. We do have a couple of candidates in mind, but the closing date for applications is not until the end of the week. So, if you're appropriately qualified, and think you have what it takes to help us compete at this level, and build for our future success, then we want to hear from you!" Letting the Professor have one last plug in the Continental spotlight to help his new side get off to a good start, was the least we could do. Hope you beat Caracas Professor, and have a great first season! This has been Day Three of Alex Siñori's Pre-Season Preview. Be sure to log on tomorrow, as we focus our Spotlight on the sole AIC representatives from Jamaica, Harbour View FC.
  10. Fútbol Sudaméricana Online Pre-Season Preview Following on from yesterday's look into Colombian Club Deportivo Medellín's preparations for the upcoming campaign, in Part Two today, we focus our spotlight on the new boys of Venezuelan football, FC Coro. But firstly, in Part One we'll take a thorough look into the structure of the inaugural América's Inter-Continental Super League, as the excitement builds ahead of the fast approaching new and revolutionary football season for the whole Américan Continent. Part One: Fútbol Focus. Something we never even dreamed of, is about to happen. The start of a new and exciting adventure, is about to begin for us. The América's Inter-Continental Super League. So, firstly, how did this all come about? We travelled to meet the President of the new Pan-Américan football governing body, former Colombian legend Carlos Valderrama, to put our questions to him. Due to threats of terrorism from the various organised crime cartels furious at losing their betting monopoly under the old league structures, our meeting took place amid high security and secrecy, at Américas Inter-Continental Head Quarters, in Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana. When we finally made it through the intricate security procedures, and met up with the man himself in his plush office, we asked him to tell us about the origins of the AIC Super League, and how it came into being. "It was for many reasons we had to do this. Firstly there was the widespread corruption, match rigging, betting syndicates and the like, followed by the tragic and brutal assassinations of those who were appointed to investigate, expose those involved, and bring them to justice. Secondly, there was the widespread financial turmoil, as many important football clubs across the continent went into administration under the pressure of the global recession." "We just could not allow things to continue the way they were going. Something simply had to be done to protect the game we love, which was spiralling out of control, and hurtling toward oblivion. South and Central Américan football was literally riddled with crime and on the verge of total financial meltdown." "We invited the brightest and most influential minds in the game, both at Club and Organizational levels, along with some powerful people (who we trust) in the world of high finance, to a series of high security meetings, to see if we could thrash out a way forward to save our game, and things began to steadily progress from there." We then asked Carlos how the breakthrough came, how the new structure was agreed, and what were some of the defining moments that led to the formation of the AIC Super League. "The biggest breakthrough came through one of our financial partners. He had been putting out some feelers amongst those he knew in powerful financial circles, and then came the call that changed the course of football history for the Américas. A new satellite and cable sports network (AmériVisíón) was in the process of being set up by some of the richest men on the continent. They did not yet have a headline market, and were very interested in our proposed idea to expand upon the current Copa Libertadores format, into the formation of a fully functioning Pan-Américan Super League. It really just took off from there, and their incredible financial backing is what has made this all possible. The massive amounts of new money coming into the game, which is completely fairly distributed amongst all clubs in the competition, has given our beloved game a new lifeline, and a chance to start afresh from a strong foundation with great hope for the future. And with the Home-grown Nation Player Rules we've introduced into the new AIC structure, we can ensure that enough of the new money we now have coming into the game, filters its way down to the clubs that are not fortunate enough to be part of the new Super League, via transfer fees; thus ensuring the well being of football at all levels across the Américan Continent." Indeed. Thanks to this fantastic new multi-billion £ television deal with AmériVisíón, on an initial 10 year contract, the future of the game in the Américas looks to have a bright future. And with some top football people responsible for overseeing its development, the quality of the football on offer in the Américas should go from strength to strength. As the reputation of our new América's Inter-Continental Super League continues to rise, soon there will no longer see the times where our best players eventually are lured away to Europe for the higher standard of football and more lucrative financial rewards. Instead we can look forward in the coming years, to not only keeping our best players on our own continent, but also attracting some of the top players from the likes of Spain and Italy to come and showcase their talents on our own shores. Welcome to The América's, home of World Class Association Football. So, having heard from Carlos Valderrama how the new Super League came into being, let's take a closer look into the exciting structure we can expect to see for the coming season. With kind permission from aic.com and AmériVisíón, we can bring you exclusive images from their joint (soon to go live) Official Website (aicsuperleague.net), to show you exactly what we have to look forward to! (Unfortunately the img host converted them into poorer quality, but you get the gist) AIC Elite: AIC Premier: AIC Division Two: continued...
  11. How I came to discover the existence of new Venezuelan Football Club, FC Coro, is a very long story, that I shall not bore you with. Suffice to say, that the dedication and determination of a small group of people to have a professional football club in their city, and the fight they had to make it happen; has won the Club a place in my heart. That's what ultimately led to the creation of this Super League. I was going to just add them to the excellent Venezuelan League created by Uncle Ron, but I know myself, and I know that no matter how well made a league may be, if the standard of football in it is not very high, I can lose interest quite fast. So I decided, if I was going to create FC Coro, and enjoy a long career with them, I was going to have to create a South American Super League to retain my interest. That then developed into a Pan-American Super League, the creation of which, did not go so well. So, after creating this once already, testing it for 32 painful seasons trying to iron out all the problems, and then going back and starting again from scratch; I'm pleased to announce that the Americas Inter-Continental Super League is finally finished, fully functional, and ready for release! Features: 84 of the best teams from across North, South, and Central America, competing in 5 Divisions. (plus extra teams for some cup comps) Full Reserve and Under 19s leagues with their own independent promotion and relegation systems FIFA World Club Championship Copa Libertadores (amended format) CONMEBOL Copa Sudamericana (slightly amended format) CONCACAF Champions Cup (amended format) Americas Inter-Continental Cup (FA Cup style competition) Americas Inter-Continental Trophy Americas Inter-Continental Shield Pre-Season Tournaments for every country represented in the Super League Myriads of various Awards 120 of the best referees from around the American Continent (plus 2 special guests) Extensive real life media Appropriate Kit and Logo packs to enhance the game (I take no credit for these, I've just collected them over the years. Credit to the original creators) Plus much more... Installation Instructions: After you've downloaded the Rar file, open your Downloads folder (or whichever other folder you downloaded to). Extract the Americas Intercontinental folder from the Rar file, using a program such as WinRar. You will find the following contents: Américas Inter-Continental V2.9.3 - (Final Version) XML document Kits folder Logos folder retain_players.ddt file retain_players2.ddt file add_my_journalists EDT file add_my_media_sources EDT file Installation instructions The only one you actually need is the Américas Inter-Continental V2.9.3 - (Final Version) XML document. The retain players files are important if you want all teams to have all their real players, but it's up to you. The others add media, journalists, kits and logos to make the game more immersive. Whether you choose to use them, is entirely up to you. If you don't want them, just skip those parts in the instructions below. Instructions: 1). Américas Inter-Continental V2.9.3 - (Final Version) XML document: Highlight, copy, and paste the above named file to the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\editor data. If you downloaded by Steam, it will go in your equivalent folders (sorry, I've never used Steam, so don't know the correct locations, but I'm sure someone on the boards can help if you don't know where to put them). 2). Kits folder: Highlight, and copy the above named folder, goto to the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\skins and paste the kits folder into your Graphics folder. 3). Logos folder: Highlight, and copy the above named folder, goto to the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\skins and paste the logos folder into your Graphics folder. 4). Retain_players files: Copy both retain_players files, go to the following location: C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\data\updates\update-1030\db\1030\edt (and paste them there). Please note: if you are not using patch 3, you will need to place the files in the appropriate update folder instead. 5). Add_my_journalists & add_my_media_sources files: Copy both the above mentioned DDT files, and paste them to the same location as the retain_players files above. 6). Load FM2010, and from the main screen, choose preferences; then locate and click on 'extra files'. Check that your journalists, media and retain players files are selected, and then start a new game. 7). When presented with the option, click the box to "change" your custom editor files. Then scroll down through the menu of your custom files, find "Américas Inter-Continental V2.9.3 - (Final Version)" and tick the appropriate box, then load your new game as normal. 8). Enjoy your game. The download link will appear here as soon as it finishes uploading: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3RDD7W08 In the meantime, the following few posts will present a few screen shots (and some back story, if you're into that kind of thing). If you're thinking of trying this out, and find yourself stuck deciding which team to be, then FC Coro are set up for a nice challenge of rising through the leagues, and I introduce the Club to you in the final post.
  12. Just an update for anyone that's interested in this project. Unfortunately due to some foolish mistakes early on in this creation, I am having to go back and start again from scratch. I initially thought I could combine working with the advanced panels and nation rules, but later discovered to my cost, that was a bad idea. I asked some questions on the forum a few times to try and get some help, but no replies were forthcoming. I ploughed on anyway, and after weeks of work taking in countless hours, I thought I'd finally arrived at a working model. Alas, two seasons in, my Copa Sudaméricana and Copa Libertadores do not make their draws, and consequently, two major cup competitions cease to work. This could be fixed with some work, but unfortunately, the real killer, is that when the Club World Cup later goes to make its draw, the game crashes. I know why this is (another stupid mistake whilst trying to disable it), and I cannot rectify it. Regardless, I will not be deterred, and have immediately began over from scratch; this time, armed with the knowledge acquired through learning from my previous mistakes. Just wanted to let you know that the project is still in creation, and will be released. It is just set back by some way.
  13. Transfer preferences

    Unfortunately my friend, I've noticed that unless questions around here pertain to the Advanced Editor or various update threads, they are very likely to go unanswered. For some reason, people seem very reluctant to help others by sharing their knowledge in response to most of the questions asked here. I don't know enough to answer most queries in this forum, but I can hopefully help you with this, as it is something I have actually experimented with myself. The transfer preferences are to set how likely a team are (from the Nation you are editing) to purchase players from the Countries in that list. The higher the numerical value (1-20), the more likely teams in the Nation you are editing are to purchase players from the Countries on your list. So for example: You're editing Denmark, and have the following list: Sweden 15 Norway 13 Finland 10 Scotland 5 That means that after purchasing players from their own Country, teams in Denmark will be most likely to purchase players from Sweden, then Norway, and so on. The Scouting column represents how good your Nation's scouting knowledge of the countries on your list is, at the start of game. At least that's the way it seems to work for me anyway. Hope that helps you.
  14. Hi guys, hope you can help. I'm getting very frustrated. I've just finished running my fifth test 'holiday' season now on my new Pan-American Intercontinental Super League, and every time, no matter what I've changed, I keep getting the same issues: 1). Created Stadium: My beautiful 198,500 all seater stadium I've created specifically to host major Cup Finals for my Super League, is being ignored by the game, and 'neutral' venues are being selected to host my finals instead. I've set the stadium as "is national stadium" for my created nation, and set all cup competitions to play finals at 'national stadium', but it just does not work for me. The stadium is in the game, but just never gets selected to host any matches. Any help please is much appreciated. This one is annoying, but I can live without it, if I have no choice. 2). Awards: I've spent ages creating a vast array of awards for my game, and I've used the 'duplicate' function to copy and then edit existing awards that I've seen work in the game. Some of my awards show up, but most do not. The ones I'm really annoyed with now, are the most important ones. My Player & Manager of the month, and of the Season awards do not work. They're duplicated from the English league's versions, but obviously I've edited them to be for my own competitions. Tried everything I can think of; they show up 'greyed out' on the in-game awards lists, but they never get given out. Again, any help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Just want to release and start playing this database, and it's getting really frustrating! If anyone has successfully created these awards in your edited databases (and they work in the game), please share with me the settings you have used. Thanks.
  15. The Official General Database Editing Thread

    Hi guys, hope you can help. I'm getting very frustrated. I've just finished running my fourth test holiday season now on my new Pan-American Intercontinental Super League, and every time, no matter what I've changed, I keep getting the same issues: 1). Created Stadium: My beautiful 198,500 all seater stadium I've created specifically to host major Cup Finals for my Super League, is being ignored by the game, and 'neutral' venues are being selected to host my finals instead. I've set the stadium as "is national stadium" for my created nation, and set all cup competitions to play finals at 'national stadium', but it just does not work for me. The stadium is in the game, but just never gets selected to host any matches. Any help please is much appreciated. Just want to release and start playing my game, but this is doing my head in. 2). Awards: I've spent ages creating a vast array of awards for my game, and I've used the 'duplicate' function to copy and then edit existing awards that I've seen work in the game. Some of my awards show up, but most do not. The ones I'm really annoyed with now, are the most important ones. My Player & Manager of the month, and of the Season awards do not work. They're duplicated from the English league's versions, but obviously I've edited them to be for my own competitions. Tried everything I can think of; they show up 'greyed out' on the in-game awards lists, but they never get given out. Again, any help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Just want to release and start playing this database, and it's getting really frustrating! Thanks.