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  1. Hi guys. This is just a heads up, to let you know that I'm not buying FM2011 until patch 3 this time around, and as such, will not be in a position to work on a new Sound Pack until then, if this one does not work on 11. I'm still really enjoying a few saves on FM10 at the moment, and the last couple of years I've not really enjoyed the game until the final patch was released; so I decided to carry on enjoying my games on the excellent 10.3 for now. During the last year though, a few members here emerged as being very capable of producing add ons to my original pack, so I'm sure someone here can come up with a great Sound Pack for you. If no-one else has made one by the time patch 3 comes out though, I'll be happy to produce another Sound Pack. Just wanted to let you know my position, so as you're not waiting around for me. Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy your new game. Benn.
  2. Fine with me. Due to difficult family circumstances I have been unable to focus any further time on the Sound Pack, nor be online anything like I was before. You are welcome to use my template with your own additions. I wish you success with your creation. Kind Regards, Benn.
  3. That would be a fantastic idea! I can't believe it never occurred to me! A close member of my family has spent the last month seriously ill in intensive care, but I really should sort my priorities out and get back to the sound pack, then no one would have to waste their time reading the topic for a fix to this life altering critical error. In the small amounts of time I've had free to play the game lately, I have also noticed a few tweaks I wish to make to a couple of the sounds, and I will fix the issue you mention (which incidentally has still not even occurred for me yet) for Version 2, which will be released as soon as I can find the time, between work and family commitments. Thank you.
  4. Excellent, thank you very much n0va; as HonkyDick has stated your fix worked, I'll take that as fact until I hear otherwise. That is the only thing I did not try, as I was reliably informed when creating my original pack last year (by someone here who knows a lot about editing) that I should not have command strings on separate lines unless after a '#' commented out line. Lol. Thanks. As for the PA, I agree with you, that it sounds too loud during pre-season, though I've tried turning it down, and then it's too quiet during the season when the attendances rise. So I had to make a choice, and decided to put up with it during pre-season, so I can hear the PA better during the season, when it counts. I have used a programme called 'Audacity' up until now. It is limited in places, but on the whole, has served me well. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ However, I've recently had my attention turned toward a programme called 'GoldWave': www.goldwave.com/ I've not had the chance to actually try it out yet, but it certainly looks much more sophisticated than Audacity, in my personal opinion. You are welcome. Yes. I have changed pretty much most of it. Thank you very much Riz. You're the first person from SI to actually offer any kind of comment regarding my Sound Packs, so that means a lot to me. And great news on the patch, thank you. Joe, as I said to you in my PM, I will do so myself, just as soon as I have the available free time. I want to do it myself, so that I can keep track of the number of downloads, so please just remain patient with me until my day off on Saturday, and hopefully I'll find some time then. Thank you. And my thanks also for all the other kind feedback since my last post. It is always much appreciated. Kind Regards, Benn.
  5. Could anyone please spare the time to help me get my media sources and journalists into the game? I've never had a problem before with previous versions of the game, but for FM2010, no matter what I try, the game is just not picking them up. I've tried editing out the dates that appear for some publications and just leaving the quotation marks (as mentioned by SGTFlipFlop), but that has no effect either. The files appear in the Preferences menu at the start of creating a new game, and are all ticked for inclusion. Yet, once the game begins, low and behold, the same old boring (and sometimes slightly incorrectly worded) SI local media show up for my press conferences. Could anyone perhaps offer a screenshot of exactly what what needs to be where, so I can check what I'm doing wrong? Finally got my edited database into the game, and now my media won't work. *sigh* I just want to start playing. Thanks if you can help. Benn.
  6. Ok, back to 'work' then. Firstly, with so many replies since I was last here, I won't have time to respond to each one, but I do want you to know that all of your kind comments are very much appreciated. Thank you. In theory, no; the Pack's sounds do not know to adjust themselves for level of attendance. That kind of hardcoding is only possible for SI to implement, and is not something that can be covered by the scope of this pack. However, SI's hardcoding does indeed try to adjust the volume depending upon attendance. In effect, what this means, is that whilst the sound pack's volume will adjust itself in accordance with the game's preset volumes, it will just sound like the same crowd, with the volume turned down. No, there is not. I can only implement the sounds that I have at my disposal. Thank you Macon. All members who have enquired about the Data folder location using steam, should refer themselves to this reply. Indeed it would. But that is beyond the scope of my limited skills at this point. I cannot see it having any major impact. I'm on a system that just about scrapes by in 2d, on a single core processor, and the sound pack works fine for me. If you've installed it into the correct location, and taken into account the reasons given in the opening post that will affect what sounds you hear, then no, it will not matter what league you're playing in. Well, apart from hearing English songs in the Allianz Arena of course. Yes. Open the 'Default' folder in the 'Sounds' folder, and then delete the following wav file: -- FM_crowd_european Then go into the 'Events' folder, and open the 'Match Sounds' file in notepad; and then delete the command strings: -- SOUND_LIGHT_ANTICIPATION, "FM_crowd_european", 0, 4, 2, 0 -- SOUND_LIGHT_ANTICIPATION_OPPOSITION, "FM_crowd_european", 0, 4, 2, 0 If you do it correctly, that should remove the sound from your game. I will refer all comments regarding the above error, to this reply: Unfortunately, in last season's pack, this was a relatively uncommon, but nonetheless annoying thing, when it occurred. It did not happen for me often, but when it did, it was always at the end of a game, and whilst frustrating, it never caused the game to crash. Just had to click the warning away. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to fix it, whatever I tried. This year, so far, it has not occurred for me, hence my previous belief that it was fixed. Clearly, that is not the case, as some of you are experiencing it again. I will see what I can do, but unless I get the error again myself, it will be difficult for me to work on a fix, as currently for me, it is not 'broken'. Can't promise anything, but will do my best. Though unfortunately, it may come down to how much you enjoy the benefits of the pack, and if you consider they outweigh the slight frustration of having to click that warning away a few times at the end of a game, every now and then. Please remember, that I am far from being a 'professional' at this, and am just doing the best I can, with my limited knowledge. Lol, I don't blame you. I wouldn't pay to download it either. That is why I would recommend that you simply use the free download button underneath the Premium one instead. Lol, thanks. I am sure that you did not mean for your post to sound quite as condescending as it did. As I recall, you made a post asking if anyone wanted you to make a new pack for FM09, and lots of people said that they did. Then you failed to return, and never told anyone why (until now). Hence, we had a situation where, when I purchased the game in February, we still had no sound pack at all, for 09. I found the sounds in the game to be very disappointing, and set about looking for a pack. That's when I came across your old thread. As no-one else had made a pack, I did the best I could, to at least put together something I felt was an improvement on the poor sounds shipped with the game. I decided I had indeed improved upon them, and so released the pack for anyone else who wanted to use it. But, it's strictly 'as seen'. I make no pretense at being particularly good at this, but as I'm the only one volunteering to make a sound pack right now, I guess we're stuck with my inferior efforts until someone better comes along. Thanks. If you have any suggestions on the 'light groans' error some people get from time to time, I would appreciate any advice you may have. As for expanding upon my work, this is very unlikely. I too have a family to look after, and job to attend, so have very limited time for even playing the game, let alone making a sound pack. At the end of the day, I make this pack for my own enjoyment, using my limited skills and time; and then offer it to anyone else who feels it is an improvement on the sounds that SI provide. If anyone is bored by it, I would welcome them to spend their time creating a better one. It shouldn't be too difficult. If you read the opening post, your question is covered there. I'm probably misreading you, but if not; no. The pack is free of charge. And thank you for your kind feedback. I would have done so, but was unsure of the correct coding to implement the ones I have, other than putting them in with the 'Team Chant' command string. Unfortunately, I simply did not have the free time to do so. If the previous advice from those who use steam does not work for you, I'm afraid that short of suggesting you look in the locations given in the opening post, I'm unable to assist you further, as I've never used steam, so do not know where else you might look. Sorry. That brings me up to date with my replies for now. Thanks again to all who've taken the time to offer your feedback. It is much appreciated. Currently, we're on 1232 downloads so far, so hopefully that means alot of people are enjoying the sounds. Kind Regards, Benn.
  7. Hi, just a quick note to say sorry I've been unable to be here during the last week. As you know, I was away on holiday (got back tonight), but unfortunately, I did not have an internet connection where I was, which was unexpected. I will respond to you all tomorrow, as it is late here now, and I'm still trying to figure out why my nice shiny new copy of FM2010 I bought this evening, will not load a new game with my first Editor file, lol. I'll respond to PMs tomorrow too. Thanks for all your feedback. Benn.
  8. I just replied to your PM. Hopefully that helps. Please let me know. I'll reply when I next can.
  9. Good afternoon my friends. Firstly, sorry for my absence yesterday, got back a little late at night after celebrating our (real life) win over MK Dons at St. Mary's. Thank you all for your comments. I'm happy that you are enjoying the pack. I'll get to your queries now: From what I can tell, yes. At least, the Southampton one (713) works in my game, and as I've not come up against any of the other teams programmed in yet during pre-season, I can't say for 100% certain. I may need to play with it's selections chances slightly though. Hmm, that is a shame. It has not happened for me this time around, so I thought the issue had been eradicated. Can you give me a rough idea of how often it happens for you, and at what kind of times during the game? I'm going away now this afternoon for school holidays with the kids, so unfortunately, cannot do any further testing until I return in a week or so. I will see if I can resolved it when I return. That is strange, are you using any kind of proxy service, or perhaps Tor? That's the only thing I can think of that may give you this kind of issue. I wasn't planning on uploading to another host, as megaupload is where I have an account, and this year, I want to keep an easy track on the number of downloads. Though when I get back from my holiday, I will look at setting up an account at another host, so I can upload and still keep track of download numbers. I will link it when it's done. Lol, thanks. But seeing that I've never once even had any kind of comment from anyone at SI on my packs, I doubt you'll see it stickied anytime soon. To be honest, it's not really the kind of topic you'd expect to be stickied anyway, and it's pretty easy to find with a search for 'Sound Packs'. Thank you, that is a nice feedback to hear. Thinking back to how I frustratedly struggled over the celebrations for last year's pack, I too am very happy to have them working consistently. Lol, in testing when goals went in, I was cheering more for the celebrations working each time, than the actual goals themselves. Thank you. They are not actually supposed be on separate lines, in the sense of hitting the return after a command. If you open in full notepad mode (rather than the small window), you should see that the way they're laid out, it is by 'tabs' at the end of a command string, which makes them appear on the next line. The ones on their own lines from the return key, are after a break/commented out key. It is an annoying issue though, as I found with last years pack, and was unable to rectify it. Fortunately though, it did not occur very often for me. This year, I've not had it happen at all, hence my belief that it was fixed. I'll see what I can do when I return from holiday. As I stated in the opening post, you'll want to have it set to play "all sounds". Thanks again for all your feedback, I always appreciate it. Currently, we're on 323 downloads, and the game isn't even out yet; so hopefully that will be set to rise further. I place a focus on that, only because whilst it is nice to have feedback, I appreciate that many people will not even be members here, and therefore downloading without comment; so keeping track of the download numbers gives me an idea of how popular the pack becomes each year. I'll still be checking in whilst I'm away from home, but will be unable to work on any issues until I return. I also notice I have a few PMs, I will respond to them shortly, before I leave. Kind Regards, Benn.
  10. Thank you for your kind comments, I'm glad you're enjoying the Sound Pack. Currently there have been 172 Downloads so far. My Pack for FM09 had well into the thousands, and this one is definitely an improvement on last year's version. Being that the full game itself has not even been released yet, hopefully many more will discover this Sound Pack as time passes, and enjoy the enhanced Matchday Experience it provides.
  11. Ahh, I see, nothing I can do to help then I'm afraid. I did mention in the Opening Post, that the Vanilla Demo cannot use Sound, so the pack would not work on it. I hope you get to enjoy it when you buy the full game. Kind Regards, Benn.
  12. No worries. When you open Data folder, at - C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010 Demo\data ... there are lots of folders in there (such as: 'db', 'help', 'events' etc), yes? When I say click on an empty space, I simply mean click on anything that is not a folder, hence, 'empty space'. And then 'paste' your new 'events' folder (from the Sound Pack) into the Data folder. You'll then be prompted to "Overwrite" the existing 'events' folder, to which you click "yes to all" when asked. Then follow my directions in my earlier post to you, regarding the 'Default' folder. Hope that's all clear now. There is only one link, which works fine. The download site requires javascript to be enabled in order to click on the download button. It is perfectly safe to enable it for this purpose. Please use your browser options menu to enable javascript for Megaupload.com. Alternatively, if you're using Mozilla Firefox in conjunction with the programme "NoScript", goto the NoScript options menu at the bottom right of your browser page, and click to "temporarily allow megaupload.com". Thank you.
  13. I'm not sure to be honest, as I've never used one and know nothing about them. Search for my FM 2009 Sound Pack topic (a few pages back). If I recall correctly, others gave a yes or no to your question there. Don't have time to look myself I'm afraid, as I really must leave now. Thanks.
  14. Sure, I must be quick though, as just off to work. Open the "FM2010 Sound Pack V1.0" folder. Right click, and 'copy' the events folder. Goto: C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010 Demo\data Then simply right click on an empty space, and click 'paste'. Click 'yes' to "overwrite existing files/folders" when prompted to do so. Job done. Do the same process for the "default" folder in the Sound Pack, but instead of clicking on an empty space when pasting into the Data folder, left click once on the 'Sound' folder to highlight it, and then click paste. Again, 'Yes' to "overwrite existing files/folders". Any problems, I'll help later when in from work. Thanks.
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