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  1. Disappointed that it isn't made available for the Nexus 10. Could easily run it.
  2. is anybody finding the requests for a new contract a bit too frequent and most of the players reactions way over the top. Would like the option in the future to fine the player for unprofessional behaviour.
  3. I was struggling until I set the team instruction to push the defenders higher up, combined with a tight marking and balanced team fluidity.
  4. I have to say I'm really disappointed by the lack of features with the in game editor, especially as it was £3.99. Its not like their wasn't one out there to pitch the level at.
  5. Maybe exploring something like a constant work in progress with the ME via steam updates, i.e. anybody who wants to test the ME can if they sign up. Thus providing a wider sample base and a thoroughly tested ME for anybody who doesn't sign up. As you've said yourself with the pre-release beta, you had a wider sample size and saw problems occur. Surely this is the best way of going forward and providing better updates for the ME.
  6. I think its about time SI start beta testing each match engine release via a larger audience. Maybe in the form of match engine only update, separating it from the main game. The in house testing is clearly not cutting it for all the variances that the mass audience goes through.
  7. I'd also add there is an abundance of late goals as well, and I'm talking every game. The shot thing is ridiculous, had 6 shots with a match rating of 6.86 for the team and then lost to a team 2-1 who had 38 shots and a match rating of 6.80.
  8. So far finding that it doesn't mater how many you score because the opposition will peg you back how ever your playing. Setting team instructions for a fast, simple possession doesn't get results. Full backs instructed to hold position and defend constantly push to far up. For a person hows played this game for 20 years I actually got sacked as I couldn't get a result. The game is horribly unplayable as you just can't keep goals out.
  9. When you've got 7GB of customs graphics built up over 4-5 years, its not that simple in time terms to move graphics round as you suggest.
  10. Still doesn't work, just processes and waits. Also the game is dog slow.
  11. This is so needed, different people like to play in different ways, I love the option of mixing up a long game to keep it fresh and not have the same challenge over again. Would highly recommend it. Would even pay for it via a nominal sum off of steam if available.
  12. I'd like the option of negotiating a transfer to loan the player back to the parent club for the remainder of the season. I.e small club with good youngster in a lower league. This would also help to lower the price of wonderkids when negotiating
  13. Can we have more detailed information from the Head of Youth Development when he goes and signs a random youth player. Something like 'this is why i'd like to sign x'. Also it would be useful to have how the transfer fee breaks down for both HOYD and DOF.
  14. Is not being able to add another manager a bug (in pre-season) or have SI set a limit on it in a season?
  15. Dont know if this is supposed to happen, in League One (MK Dons), sent my backup left back to my affiliate (Dag & Redbridge) in League Two for a month to get some playing time. And when he's been recalled back due to an injury I cant play him because he's unregistered. I'm pretty sure this is not how the loan system works!