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  1. madjockmcferson

    Mac Availability?

    When can we download FM2010 to a Mac? Don't see ANY info on your website...very annoying.
  2. madjockmcferson

    Assistant Manager

    i did....im obviously not searching properly...or this is a rubbish forum for searching on...il go with the latter
  3. Hi, I'm finding searching for info on this forum to be really tricky. Im assuming this q has been asked before but what are the best attributes for an assistant manager? My asst is tony humes: he scored 19 for technical, 18 for judging potential, 16 for defending, between 13-15 for mental, tactical, working with youngsters, judging players ability. For motivating, tactical knowledge, determination and adaptability he scores less than 8. For man management he is 1... Im assuming this is quite poor ... any tips?
  4. dumb ass question but what does TGM stand for?
  5. madjockmcferson

    Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Thankyou very much for the help. I'm quite new to this. All data is safe. Thanks. I'll download the patch if i need to start a new game sometime in the future. Rehards
  6. madjockmcferson

    Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Ok, well looks like perhaps I downloaded the patch for the disk version of the game. I have the downloaded version....so how do I uninstall the patch for the disk game and install the patch for the downloaded game?!?
  7. madjockmcferson

    Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Marc, I dowloaded FM09 via your download sevice for the Mac (sigames) . It has worked perfectly. Today I decided to click 'Check for Updates' on the inroduction screen... it searched for updates and I proceeded to download them and install them on my Mac hard-drive. On going back into the game on the introduction screen it says... "Disk not found Unable to find football manager 2009 disk, please make sure it is in the drive" Wel, I dont have a disk because I downloaded it via your good selves. How can i continue to play the game without losing any data and making sure that the new patch is instaled? Regards Simon