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  1. Hi Started a save today, no changes in the editor etc etc.. Played my 1st pre season game and now it seems the continue button just won't do anything. I have nothing to respond too, have holidayed and cleared all cache etc... Really stumped. would appreciate the help. Thanks.
  2. Erimus Do you have a download for the full teams names that you could share please? Looks a lot better! Thanks.
  3. FM13 - Rotherham United - A new dawn, A new era!

    Finally got started on my save now the final patches and what not are done. Here is a quick over view of my start.... TRANSFERS IN Alan Lee (ST) - Loan from Huddersfield - Not really needed, but as a club legend, had to be done. Not paying any wages so a free player. Alan Dunne (RB) - Loan from Millwall - Strong RB, looks a solid signing after first few games - Not paying any wages again. Matt Fry (LB) - Free Agent - Young LB, strong and offers good competition. TRANSFERS OUT Dale Tonge (RB) - Lincoln City - FREE - Better options else where.. free's up more wages. FORMATION Playing a basic 4-4-2, short passing, very expressive… Easy pre season - 8 games – 7 wins and 1 draw… just about fitness really... CAPITAL CUP 1st Round … RUFC 1-0 Leicester City Amazing performance, had them battling and pressing and restricted them too only a handful of opportunities. LEAGUE 2 RUFC 1-1 Burton Albion Northampton 1-1 RUFC Chesterfield 2-2 RUFC Just can’t seem to be able to take any chances… leading in every game... We were 2-0 up at Chesterfield and missed chance after chance… We look strong up until the final 3rd… Can any one offer any advice?
  4. FM WeeGiE Data Update - 18/01/13

    Great work guys.... Just had a quick look over.. Saw that Chesterfield have no manager.. in fact Paul Cook has been there some time.. Just thought I'd make you aware. Keep up the good work.
  5. NPT&C 2013!!! (New turf textures for FM2013)

    Where do we install this file please? P.S Keep up the great work!! edit: Found it... Many thanks!!
  6. This add on is easily what makes the game... Appreciate the work put in to this... Safe to say, I won't be starting FM13 until this file release.. Can't wait!
  7. FM13 - Rotherham United - A new dawn, A new era!

    Good thread Craig.. Look forward to using this once the full game arrives and is ready to go... UTM
  8. Thanks magicmastermind... That has worked a treat. Once again, thanks for the work on this add-on!!
  9. Ahhh that could be it... Will take that out as I did download the new file last night... Will give it a try... many thanks.
  10. Have downloaded 3 times and tried and still nothing... same result every time....
  11. Guys. No matter what I do I cant get this file to load... Have updated to patch 12.2 and have downloaded version 6.2... Its all selected when I start a new game but it only shows down to Blue Square North/South... It worked perfect on the old patch and version 6.1?!? Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks.
  12. Funny Screenshots Thread

    What skin is this please Matorko?? Looks awesome.... Thanks.
  13. games gone gold

    Download the Football Manager 2012 Demo Now 06/10/2011 LONDON (October 6th, 2011) – Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe® announced today that the Demo version of Football Manager™ 2012 for PC and Apple Mac is available now via Steam. The demo includes the first half of the 2011/2012 season and will include new features announced in the Football Manager Blogs, by Sports Interactive Studio Director Miles Jacobson, which can be found at www.sigames.com/news/ Games saved in the demo will be compatible with the full game, so aspiring managers can continue where they left off when the game is released on October 21st, as well as being able to add more playable leagues to the game using the new “add/remove leagues” option. The demo includes QuickStarts for some of the world's biggest leagues, giving players a chance to try out their skills with teams from multiple countries. Details of languages and leagues are below. In-game languages: English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech and Polish QuickStart leagues: England, Scotland, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Australia.
  14. I don't understand why people would want to be a chairman.... Organise sponsors, hire a manager etc etc.. the game IMO would be pointless, you would probably have to holiday most of the time just for the next thing to do.
  15. Magicmastermind124 Will you be doing the new fixtures for the English Leagues for the new season again? The work both you and Uncle Ron have put into this file make the game miles better in my opinion. Thanks.