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  1. Haha indeed. You'd assume they'll release it. It gives a further week of Beta testing on the title afterwards, which for obvious reasons is beneficial. The game needs it though - I've stopped playing as I can't stomach the thought of watching my 'keeper dive backwards at a ball rolling calmly towards him.
  2. This was an issue on FM13 as well. It's not every goal as you say. On another note, is goalscoring a bit unrealistic for anyone else? There's four or five goals a game for me every game at the moment. I've seen the odd 8-2 and 10-4 result too, with players score six goals a game. Assume this is just a natural part of the beta version of the game that needs to be fine tuned?
  3. Surprised so far, it's actually decent! One minor thing thus far to report - the opposition goalkeeper had come on as a sub on the 73rd minute, Everton have a free kick - and before the 'keeper can take his position Gibson fires it into an empty net from 45 yards! Fourth goal in this clip - sorry for low quality, and I can't figure out to rewind further with the highlight. [video=youtube;1O_AodpEdLs]
  4. Again, not saying they did - but if they can't give a definite date, they shouldn't offer it at all. What if the Beta was never available for release, or they released it one day before release - would one day prior to release be sufficient to be "around" two weeks before release? You'd have a potential situation where SI had offered a false invitation to treat and consumers had entered into a contract on false pretences, invalidating every pre-order made. All this won't matter, as obviously the Beta will be released either tonight or tomorrow, but it IS worth pointing out that it's a silly pre-sales model and one that you'd hope they won't repeat again.
  5. If the beta is not ready and they cannot specify a date for it, then they shouldn't use it as a promotional tool to boost sales. And that is exactly what they're doing - look at greenmangaming.com and you'll see "Early Beta Access" as the selling point. A new Batman game is coming out soon - pre-ordering has very specific benefits with a set timescale to receive them (on release). If you buy a game in Alpha/Beta stage on Steam, you'll be told exactly when you'll get early access, if not immediately. In short, SI should only have advertised the early Beta access as an incentive for pre-ordering once the Beta was actually available to the buyer, and not a minute sooner. Or, if it's a genuine Beta (which it clearly isn't due to the timeframe involved), then they should have made it open and for an extended period of time. All that said, I won't be playing the title for a week or two anyway, completely overrun with work, so it doesn't bother me at all!!! I'm not saying they didn't say that - I'm saying it was a poorly thought out and cynical thing to do. Either offer an incentive or don't - but don't half arse it like they have here.
  6. They could win by not offering beta access to pre-orders only as an incentive to purchase. They made a rod for their own back here - if you're going to offer an incentive for purchase, then it'd be ideal to set out exactly what that incentive involves and when you'll get it. I'm not bothered at all but I can understand why people could question the approach from SI here. An open Beta (over a longer period of time too - let's be honest, this isn't a beta test, this is a sneak preview for those who part with the cash) would have made more sense.
  7. 30% off code persuaded me to pre-order, against my better judgement after the laughably bad release of FM13. I was surprised to get that email from GMG this morning and even more surprised to put the code in on Steam and see no Install button for love nor money! Ah well. As long as the game works eventually and we haven't been given incorrect keys then no worries.
  8. I'm glad the sliders are gone as they were poorly optimised and resulted in players being punished too harshly for one slightly incorrect setting for one player. It's the way the series was heading over quite a few FM iterations and it makes sense to get rid completely now. However, I'm very concerned that the replacement will be a very dumbed down FM experience. It needs to be pretty damn good to avoid "cookie cutter" tactical sets being developed which restrict players to only one viable way of employing a 4-4-2 etc. To give a comparison, it's like the "talent trees" in World of Warcraft - for those not aware, it allowed you to customise your playstyle with your characters. What WoW did was streamline the trees so that only one "route" was particularly viable; people sussed the optimum way of playing and all diversity was stripped from the game. But we'll see. Those saying yay or nay to the new system before playing it are jumping the gun for obvious reasons.
  9. Are you planning to release an open demo this year, or just to pre-orders? The reason I ask is because clearly I won't be pre-ordering the game due to the very high likelihood of the game being effectively broken until the third patch in Spring 2014. I know that may sound antagonistic, but let's face it that's the reality of an FM title these days - it's as predictable as it is annoying. I'm not going to pre-order and be stung by a shoddy product. Again.
  10. For me, I couldn't get involved with my saves on FM13 because I felt no connection between what I did and what happened on match days. It just seemed that you get the basics right and you generally do well, but the intricacies make little to no difference during the game. That, and actually watching the game in 3D is abysmal. As noted above, the "slick" animations and vastly unrealistic movement and levels of performance and superhuman displays of ability every five minutes completely disengaged me. I think it would be better all round to not gloss around this - FM13 was a result of an largely untested and underdeveloped new match engine that was released prematurely to meet a financially dictated deadline rather than a desire to release a solid, finished title. The problem this year is that for the very first time the game is still not fixed even after the patching cycle. I'm not going to rip on SI, but I'm fully expecting FM14 to be the exact same game but with twelve months worth of development attached to it. In short, FM13 was one massive beta testing endeavour that we all paid for. This won't necessarily be a bad thing as there's a lot to like about FM13 on the surface, but the engine needs a massive retune. Like many, many FM players, I will not be buying FM14 before the turn of the year and I'll be keeping a careful eye on proper reviews from those who (perhaps foolishly) buy the game on release before deciding whether to bother at all, as being completely honest, after over 15 years of buying every SI football management sim, FM13 turned me off altogether. Please get it right for FM14 and get it right early doors; not by March 2014.
  11. Better SI! Massive improvement on the travesty of a patch that was 13.2.2 anyway. Much fewer complaints from me. The ME is the best it's been this year, which was predictable. The challenge is for FM14 to not be in Beta stage for the first four or five months after release. I personally will be waiting until February to buy FM14 for the first time unless I hear very good things about the game out of the box, and I suspect an increasing number of people will do the same. But that's for the future. As it stands, long shots are better, the physics seem more fluent, free kicks are hit with purpose, animations match the movement of the ball on most occasions... Everythings fine. Just two small issues. Injuries need tweaking possibly, but I can live with that as it's universal across the game so effects all squads, and it's not that far off anyway. Bigger issue is the random "stupid" passing in defence, usually involving the 'keeper, but it's not too bad. Compared to 13.2.2 it's a different world, so even with these small faults I'm just thankful it's been fixed!!! Good job; now work on FM14 to be this stable in November 2013, not February 2014!!!
  12. I think people are being a bit harsh on the OP here. The ME has been dramatically changed and it takes a bit of time acclimatising to it; which is not helped by the sorry state of the current ME build. I agree that he shouldn't touch the sliders, but I don't think he's attacking the game - he's saying that he can't adjust to it as it's changed so much, which is a fair comment.
  13. Probably Giacomo Beretta. He went utterly berserk on one save for me, scoring pretty much every game for about six years. Made Robin Van Persie look rubbish by comparison.
  14. For every one Paul Scholes, there's a few hundred Neil Ruddocks I believe the Natural Fitness stat is a good indicator of those who are likely to retain their physical assets into their 30s.
  15. There's a worrying amount of serious sounding responses in this thread!
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