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  1. Thanks for the answers, didn't know that
  2. I am managing Torquay in the League 2 and would like to recall a player from loan. He has the clause to recall him from loan. How can I recall him?
  3. I have a little question. Shouldn't the you be able to see the stadiums that will be used in a competition for let's say the European Championships, in stead of what you see now (the home stadium of a nation for example).
  4. Like many other people, I also can't save my game anymore. Please help me.
  5. I have a question about the hall of fame. When you manage a club in the Welsh Premier League you get less points for winning the league then for example the Engish Premier League. But what if, theoraticaly, the Welsh Premier League would achieve the same reputation as te English Premier League in your game.Will you win more points for the hall of fame then, or are these points fixed?
  6. In my game Belgium organised the European Championships and build several new stadiums. Will they be used by clubs when the Championship is over, or will they be unused for the rest of the game?
  7. I don't know if it's posted before, but I couldn't find anything. In my savegame I manage Telstar in the Dutch League. It's 2018 now and almost all the first-team players of the Eredivisie are from Brazil or Argentina. Does anybody else also noticed this?
  8. Have you also seen a big increase in price money and tv-revenue?
  9. The qualification places are for the next season. So i guess the seaon you became champion Scotland was outside the top 15 of the list
  10. Good idea. Most stadia are named after a street or an area in the city, so just put 10 streetnames in it, or include Google Maps, so the game can choose a name
  11. Maybe the top 7 earners of the club should given a free transfer before the club goes out of administration again. It shouldn't be possible of course to give your 7 worst players a very high contract.
  12. A favorite of mine is "Olsen-sational"
  13. Isn't it an indirect "free-kick"?
  14. I guess players willing to go to clubs like Wigan and Hull has more to do with money then reputation. For example Ajax has a bigger reputation then Wigan (I think), but Wigan can pay a higher salary, thus the player goes to Wigan. I agree that this isn't a good example because the PL is a higher profile league. But if you want dynamic league reputions, you should also adjust tv-money, sponsorships etc.
  15. When Holland joined the kingdom The Netherlands the province was split after a few years because the influence was to big in comparison to the rest of the provinces (correct me if I'm wrong)