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    Addicted to Football Manager but struggling recently finding the right tactics.

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    The San Siro, Milan


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    Football, Darts & .....Football Manager

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    Charlton Ath. / AC Milan

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  1. Thanks for the advice Iacovone, I may start something in the near future if I can find some time
  2. Thought I'd add a little snippet from my game. I would probably do a proper thread but not sure how the people would react to me starting at my other club AC Milan (I go and watch them in Milan at least five times a year) rather than lower league clubs that most of you seem to start at. Into second season and being a Charlton Athletic supporter imagine my surprise when a consortium led by ex Crystal Palace Chairman Simon Jordan rolled in and took over Inter Milan! Irony me thinks!
  3. Outstanding story Offspring8 keep it coming
  4. Cracking story Offspring8, I am not one for stories with little football in but this one has me hooked. A sensitive subject matter dealt with superbly. I wll be following this one.
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