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  1. Home Grown Status

    OK thanks mate.
  2. Player Specific Instructions

    You can already do this, by editing the XML file in data>tactics.
  3. Player Specific Instructions

    I believe you can do that by editing files in notepad. Once done you change them for any player you want in the player instructions>set to>'player name'(which replaces fullback, midfielder, etc.). I don't remember how to locate the correct files, but I'm sure someone will tell you.
  4. Home Grown Status

    If I were to swap Scottish clubs into the EPL, or Portuguese clubs into the Primera in Spain, would that affect the home grown status of regens at those clubs? Assuming I leave the stadium locations as they are, so that the regens are still Scottish and Portuguese. Would they still be eligible for HG status as if the clubs were still in the original leagues? Thanks people.
  5. [FM09] From Hong Kong With Love

    And people complain about the AI being rubbish..........jeez! LOL Did they have a tycoon takeover by any chance?
  6. [FM09] From Hong Kong With Love

    Yes, just when you start a new game. They're great because they don't take up much resources on your system (I don't notice anything at all). And you get more regens and keep nations/club a bit more competitive. EDIT: as an example, in my Fluminense save I have DDTs for the eight countries (other than Brazil) who play in the continental competitions; maybe around the top 20 countries in the world according to current FIFA standings when I started the game; and maybe another half dozen countries that have a decent history or had a good showing in a tournament at some point. I also try to make sure there's a couple from each confederation. I choose to retain the top league from each of these, rather than the whole country.
  7. Commentary only; I don't even watch that. I watch the stats in widgets I have open.
  8. [FM09] From Hong Kong With Love

    Files to add to the database so you get regens in the countries you haven't loaded. I normally just load the one country, but I'll have 20-40 DDTs in there depending on the type of game I have in mind. It helps to keep the game world competitive across the board. EDIT: http://www.ddtgenerator.co.uk/ I made individual ones and have them all in the DB, then it's just a matter of selecting the ones you want in the extra files option when you start a new game. But you can make a single file with however many you want in it.
  9. [FM09] From Hong Kong With Love

    And your point is?................. and you missed the Confederation Cup And England win a World Cup and 2 Euro Championships - plainly bonkers Raware I don't remember, have you got S. America loaded or with DDTs? They've only one 1 CWC.
  10. 433 Hiddink Prandelli Advocaat

    No. Like I said earlier in the thread, I'm not a tactics genius and just made this available for people specifically wanting a 433 - something that just wasn't available at the time (when everyone was on 9.2); of course, now there's 3000 Barcelona tactics available (for 9.3). It seems, according to Bigshow, it doesn't need updated anyway. Sorry mate.
  11. 433 Hiddink Prandelli Advocaat

    I'm glad you've had an immediate impact - but I'm sure that's down to you already having the team in place for a little while. From experience, you shouldn't really need to mate. I've used it successfully with teams of low standard because the tactics are about 11 players contributing to the generic whole which delivers the result, rather than relying on attributes and class of player; the only thing like that I find myself doing is adding long shots to a capable player now and again. Of course, it's wholly up to you and it may work better for you. Believe me, you'll never score barrel loads of goals with these - but you'll have a tight defensive set-up, and that's far more important in cup competitions and even more so in Europe. One last thing - are you on 9.3?? EDIT: I don't bother tweaking the mentality settings any more, generally or individually.
  12. 433 Hiddink Prandelli Advocaat

    shower = dry, drizzle = wet (post 17) Mentality version depends on odds, but I guess you'll be underdog against Chelsea LOL. I tend to go with 7/2 on - 7/2 against = normal; over and under those attacking or defending.
  13. 433 Hiddink Prandelli Advocaat

    You've not read post 1 yet, have you
  14. 433 Hiddink Prandelli Advocaat

    As there's no evidence for 9.3 you may be right, you may not. You could find out and let us know?
  15. 433 Hiddink Prandelli Advocaat

    Nothing unusual - standard stuff I don't know mate - I play only 9.2 as it doesn't muck up Italy Yes See post 1