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  1. Man!............you take your gaming waaaaaaay too seriously LOL
  2. It seems that careers in Britain are the ones most closely followed. Maybe that's to be expected though. I thought a save overseas might have been interesting to people, but I'm a little disappointed with the lack of feedback (especially as I won the cup in the first year! ). Or maybe that's down to my style/content! LOL. With that in mind I may change the layout of my thread to see if it's more appealing. Either that or keep that save as a personal game (I'm enjoying playing it). The reason for me thinking on this is I'm getting a new laptop this week and I have in mind a British save to play on that, as well as my Brazilian one on the desktop - but I'd only update one thread. And with British threads being most popular it just makes sense to make it that one. Lastly, a well done to everyone here for the work (even though it's enjoyable) they put in on their threads. The community/forum is gaining a nice momentum without being overrun. Good luck on your saves
  3. I can't get into Photobucket to complete my latest update! Bloody nuisance
  4. That's something I never think of doing, but I'm off to rate now
  5. I'm quite sure I had a few with 09, before installing an editor or using the in-game one, but my memory may be failing me :o
  6. My Fluminense thread is still live! Honest! LOL. I've just been busy with other things the last few days
  7. Just update at a pace that suits you mate - everyone does it different. And maybe play a few months at least, before posting - just to make sure it goes OK and you don't want to give up.
  8. Although I have started my thread I'd actually agree with you mate! Better to wait a few months.
  9. Right - I'm obviously missing out on something! LOL
  10. I don't think that's embedding though is it? I'm not sure LOL I'm not very computer savvy! :o
  11. [img>http://address of image/[img> and obviously substitute < with [ EDIT: example, here's my Maracana IMGhttp://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj194/Nerazzurri07/Fluminense%20FC/maracana.jpg/IMG put [ and ] before and after img and /img. Hope that makes more sense!!
  12. Could a Mod please close this thread for me? Thank you.
  13. Seconded. It's very annoying.
  14. Tried it myself with no joy. Dafuge, could you please change my title to ATLETICO PARANAENSE - The Youth System Thread Thank you very much.
  15. Seconded. It's reasonably simple to filter through the updates alone.
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