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  1. I've been away for a while but I'll be loading my game up later tonight. How's everybody doing?
  2. Just qualified for the European Cup in my 3rd season, I'll post an update tomorrow.
  3. All the game says is that their are two bank loans, one of £8.75m, and one of £45m. I've had a look around the internet for a reason but I can't find one, so I guess we'll assume it was the stadium expansion until proven otherwise
  4. I couldn't enjoy a save the same way I enjoyed this one, so I'm continuing with St. Pauli. Just about to start the 3rd season and my transfers are: In - Andre Bikey - Free Pablo Aimar - Free Gilmar (Regen) - £2m Vladamir Stojkovic - Free Breno - Free Dodo - Loan Suk - Loan Yury Zhirkov - Free Out - Dino Drpic - £250k (PSG) Dennis Daube - Free (Furth) Luis Perea - Free (Rostock) Mohammed Abou Trika - Free (Hertha BSC) In other news, the club have just started to pay back a loan of nearly £50m (I think, I'm not on FM at the moment so I'm not completely sure)
  5. Unfortunately that seems to be a problem for everyone here!
  6. It's not his regen, he's managing Man Utd.
  7. Just finished my second season in 13th place, I'll post an update later. I'm going to take a break from this save for a couple of weeks as I want to try my hand at a bigger club, I'll still be posting in the thread and I'll continue with my game soon.
  8. I struggled to score goals as well, but I downloaded this tactic and I've been doing much better since - Please don't sell Naki, you'll regret it, he turns into a brilliant player after a couple of seasons.
  9. As in finishing 15th? You play a two-legged playoff with the third placed team in the second divison.
  10. Keep going mate, any improvement on the goalscoring front?
  11. Can't see any harm in signing some young players, just make sure they're top notch. Overall I think you've done brilliantly, it's hard to argue with a £3.5m profit!
  12. Welcome to the thread, Craig. Am I right in thinking you still have Ebbers at the club? If so, sell him. I haven't tried Julio Cruz but it really depends on how much money you have. Naki will develop into a very good striker so it may be worth sticking with him, however if he gets injured you may get a little bit strained up front. I'd suggest looking at the loan list and seeing if there are any better players avaliable until the end of the season, and then sign a stronger striker for the second season.
  13. Rensing and Drpic have been brilliant for me, so well done on signing them In terms of a striker have a look who you can get on loan, Pablo Mouche is an option and I think to sign him you'll be looking at a loan fee of around £400k.
  14. Sorry, I completely forgot, here you go: Pauli (St. Pauli, Oct 2011).tac