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  1. It's just that added dose of realism I guess and for some clubs, these finals mean a lot but I can understand why they aren't implemented.
  2. I've downloaded the save and put it in the game files but when I try and load up this save it says "The save game could not be loaded" - Any idea what I'm doing wrong anyone? Thanks, RTC
  3. Quick heads up - Matlock Town have had some "lucrative investment" and their ground is now called the Autoworld Arena
  4. I'm just wanting to plan things out really would love to get the Christmas Day achievement using this save this year.
  5. My apologizes for asking later on and closer to the Christmas if they were any closer to knowing a release date. Look my username up as I once released a file similar to this one so I know exactly what people are like.
  6. Will the file be ready before Christmas Day or are we looking at a after Christmas release ?
  7. Do you think this will be available before Christmas lads ? Can't wait to get the game on the 25th and play as my beloved Matlock Town!
  8. Is he in FM13 and if he is then what league do I need to load up ?
  9. I play with Matlock Town on FM and I work for them so go and watch them home and away.
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