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  1. First season I managed 3rd ( should have won it ) and won Europa League. I bought in Ajer (gettinbg better), Zivkovic(out on loan), Creswell as rotation with Moreno and Zach Clough who I sold. Sales wise, Lallana went to Arsenal as always for 48 mil this time, also they stole Can at start of 2nd season as his agent put in a non removable 39.5 mil fee. Second season was much better though and we spent big on defence! Finished the season unbeaten with 102 points, got crazy lucky vs West Ham with a 91st min equaliser mid season. Sadly I got knocked out of the quarter finals of CL by Tottenham! (I'm still anoyed) and lost in the FA Cup final to Man City. Both games Sturridge got injured a couple of mins into the game, I feel robbed. Here's my tactic and end of season squad, I am using a slightly adjusted version of WorkTheSpace Liverpool tactic. For this tactic the wing backs get real tired and I tend to rotate them, also Benteke is godlike as Target Man Support alongside Sturridge. Balotelli is also pretty good in this version and hasn't complained once yet. I stream all my games on twitch (same as my username) if you are ever interested in watching and commentate the games for fun as well since that's my real life job. Here's to the third season, Pogba is incoming for 130m..... I needed a big midfielder don't look at me like that!
  2. Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

    Congratulations and thoroughly deserved. I've followed and played this game since the first Championship Manager when my friend Paul Chaloner did the research for you. One of the few games I will happily purchase each year.
  3. After talking about this all week long at work my brother has finally swayed and we started a multiplayer game of it like the old days of CM 97/98 in our youth(ish). So after much nashing of teeth, holidaying and banging head on desk we finally got under way. King's Lynn and Boston Utd. Both are close in reputation and stadium so here we go. I suspect it may take some months!
  4. Well I had my "load it up after work" curse and went from 1st down to 9th in a matter of weeks so figured I'd restart with the experience gained (was close to being sacked). So here we go! Boston Utd 2010/2011 Start
  5. Just hit 1st place with Nuneaton in BSN 19 games in but have been knocked out of both FA Cup and FA Trophy fairly early on. Lost to a 94th minute goal 1-0 to Hinckley in the FA Trophy Replay Top 8 teams are all within 3 points of one another so lets hope I can hang on to the top spot for a while! 18 Transfers so far with about as many going out, just installed a revolving door in the office
  6. "They play well against 4-4-2" - This is my current issue. What tactics are people varying too when against these teams, I mean I destroy ones that struggle vs 4-4-2 but it's always a bore draw vs the ones that handle it. Maybe go to 4-5-1 or 4-1-3-2? I don't seem to have the players for it. Any tips? Currently 5th in BSN but only 3 points off top so promotion is looking like a prospect, just lacking that killer instinct vs the better teams.
  7. Just started up with Nuneaton, if anyones managed to somehow get a Leamington game please link the save! 11-11-2009, 06:33 G. Keenan's FC United- 2018/2019 Season Review- Coca-Cola Championship 11-11-2009, 19:55 G. Keenan's FC United- 2019/2020 Season Review- Coca-Cola Championship 12-11-2009, 04:26 G. Keenan's FC United- 2020/2021 Season Review- Coca-Cola Championship ^^ You need to sleep and take the game off fastest I think