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  1. Avoid The Drop 2.0

    i get the emile hesky football
  2. Need to get out of villa :/
  3. Woohoo aston villa! but won't be playing many games :/
  4. Your Signups are beast
  5. Avoid The Drop 2.0

    well, not the illustrious heights of Real Madrid and Porto that i had in ATK, but its been fun while it lasted! Good work Charlesbeams!
  6. 3 goals is not so bad i suppose, but the new 'Michael Owen' along with two others, I want to be Lineker Good as always Charlesbeams!
  7. No i got injured! Glad i've been playing for the U-21's though
  8. Top 34 - Game Thread

    The simpsons?
  9. Virgin F.C. (sign up thread)

    Name: Claude Johnson D.O.B. 08/01/1993 (must be between 1989 and 1993) City of Birth: Doncaster Nation: USA Second Nation (optional) England Position: ST 3x technical Attributes at 20: Finishing, First Touch, Dribbling 3x mental attributes at 20: Composure, Consistency, Team Work 2x physical attributes set at 20: Strength, Pace 1x technical attribute set at 16: Heading 1x mental attribute set at 16: Work Rate 2x physical attribute set at 16: Acceleration, Stamina PPMs (optional maximum 4) Moves into channels Preferred Foot: Left/Right: Right
  10. Top 34 - Game Thread

    Woohoo! loving this
  11. I Can Score More Goals Than You - Sign Up

    Sign Up Sheet Name: (Nickname optional) Tardinho D.O.B: 8-1-94 Nationality: (2nd optional) English / New Zealand Club: (Optional) Barnsley Height: 170cm Weight: 70cm Foot: Right
  12. Could you maybe put a link up to my player profile please?
  13. Going to watch it now! iPlayer to the rescue
  14. FA Academy Game Thread

    Hahaha City Scum