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  1. Make match postponements due to international fixtures and club games clashing (outide your games home continent) optional instead of compulsory... This is a feature which would be simple to add, and IMO, hugely beneficial.... Instead of the Game automatically postponing fixtures due to players being on international duty, make it so that it will only be done should you (or your opponent) request it... eg. you manage Liverpool, and have a selection of African and American players. Some times these countries will have international fixtures clashing with a prem fixture, resulting in automatic postponent, resulting in cases where I have had 4 games in 8 days at end of season to win premiership, the last of which falls on Tuesday after everyone else finishes.....not good!!! alternative, when upcoming clash in fixtures arises, your board ask you do you wish to request postponent. If you are playing Chelsea on that given day, you may say yes. On the other hand, if u are playing Sheff Utd at home, you may see it a perfect opportunity to rotate your squad, and choose to go ahead with the fixture, thereby avoiding future congestion seems like a simple and hugely beneficial solution to me??? BTW...this option should also be available to your opponent, ie. if Sheff Utd also have players who will be missing, they can choose to postpone the game and you have to live with it. Its the cases where only my players are missing, and I have no choice but to postpone the game that drive me mad!
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