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  1. Razer NAGA 2014 LEFT-HANDED EDITION EXPERT MMO GAMING MOUSE Model number: RZ01-0105, Gaming Mouse Thanks.
  2. I used my mouse on FM17 without any trouble at all. With FM18 beta once I programe the side buttons to match the existing ingame shortcuts, they work just once then never again. Is this a known issue? I doubt it has anything to do with the mouse and it's firmware as this is the only game ever I've had an issue with, and as I mentioned it worked perfectly with FM17.
  3. Thanks Neil for the copy and paste template reply, It was of no help at all. Would it be possible to maybe have a real answer? As in what's causing it? Did you even look at my crash dump file I attached? Would the fix be before the game goes live or after? Even if you cannot or will not answer those questions, then at least have the decency to confirm to me (a paying customer) that the fault is from SI side and not mine? I'm assuming it's the former but with that standard template sentence you pasted I've no idea if you are even addressing me with that reply. Once again, thank you.
  4. Cannot proceed any further in the game, getting a error when I click continue. Please don't ask me to change resolution or zoom settings (which I've already tried but game still crashes), as I play on a 40inch 4k monitor and if I zoom out any further then I cannot see anything due to text being too tiny. And if I use any other resolution the game looks terrible. FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.06 03.01.13).dmp
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