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  1. Funbags

    Sergio Tejera.

    wrong forum..........
  2. Funbags

    Adding Leagues?

    hows anyone meant to know/...
  3. Funbags

    Wallace v Roberts 2009

    away goals arent in the league cup until extra time...
  4. if i get shouted at for stating my opinion ill shout at others for stating theres
  5. no need for that youve already expressed your opinion on numerous occasions
  6. Funbags

    Wallace v Roberts 2009

    hamilton do you just copy what dafuge says?
  7. because hes sad and needs to get praise of a forum to make himself feel good btw hows hsis squash going
  8. Funbags

    dafuge's FM09 challenge

    it was a recent screenshot and if you new anything about screenshots youd realise how much bs there is in that post. If his explanation was right there would of been 2 task bars which jack doesnt say there was so therefore his explanation is aload of rubbish.
  9. Funbags

    dafuge's FM09 challenge

    http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=3723206&postcount=40 looks like some1 has been cheating
  10. would of been 2 taskbars youve been caught out you edit players and you brag about it on a forum how sad
  11. he said hed deleted fmrte still think he should upload his save because something very fishy is going on
  12. Funbags

    Wallace v Roberts 2009

    sign him then and maybe make his training more physical he already looks better than kvist
  13. Funbags

    Wallace v Roberts 2009

    id sign alvarez tbh flare isnt everything
  14. Funbags

    Updating to 9.0.3 error

    you've got a spell checker yet you still spell stuff wrong wp
  15. Funbags

    Wallace v Roberts 2009

    yes group of death with schalke and leiga in it
  16. Funbags

    dafuge's FM09 challenge

    hamilton can is ee your stadium information screen