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  1. Prolonging a player's career

    As a side note on a similar theme, Akinfeev is still my goalkeeper and about to break Giggs' record (it's 2026 remember). He has never had an injury in the 17 years I've had him. A true warrior
  2. Prolonging a player's career

    Cool thanks guys. I would point out that I'm probably thinking too much but that really goes without saying when I'm planning 4 years ahead!
  3. So I have a favourite player of all time. Luis Coll. He's easily the greatest thing I've ever seen on FM. Literally half his stats must be 20 and he's well asserted as Man Utd's greatest player of all time. But he's never won the World Cup. I coached his Spain this time (2026) as I really wanted him to get it and I was absolutely robbed in the final. Naturally my mind is now on 2030, but by then he will be 36 years old. As he is genuinely frightening for stats I'm hoping that he lasts until late into his 30s but is there anything I can do to help preserve him at his peak? ie play him more, less, ease training etc. As he is also at my club I feel I can play a part. Can't really help playing him as he is still my best player and I wont lie, there's some favouritism anyway!
  4. Greatest newgen names in FM10!

    I've had a "Tuesday Friday" and my personal favourite who came up through my own youth was "Chris Cross." Absolutely brilliant
  5. Debt-free Pompey

    I ran a quick search for a thread on this because I can't believe no one would have picked up on it, but why on earth do Pompey have no debt on patch 3? Admittedly I laughed. Irony perhaps?
  6. The likes of Barca and Real Madrid should of course have elections but is this implemented? And if so are there different degrees of president such as a tycoon?
  7. Tutoring

    When you are recommending a tutoring link, is there any difference between the 3 possible options? I always just choose the top one: "Ideal role model"
  8. Played 38 Won 0, Drew 6, lost 32

    I had exactly that in my last season (2017) with Reading. 6 draws and 32 losses. I wasn't managing them though!
  9. Potentially-legendary Regen advice

    Season over and he finished with 43 goals, 34 of them in the league. I scored 102 in the Prem and he was the mastermind! The summer is all about getting myself and the club on his favourites list....
  10. Potentially-legendary Regen advice

    And it is widely known that the Glazers are bad, bad men
  11. Potentially-legendary Regen advice

    I always thought that putting any value at all, rather than just unspecified, hinted at the fact that you COULD sell...
  12. Potentially-legendary Regen advice

    Just before you sent that they came in with 55m! I know there's an "accept", "reject" and "negotiate" button, but if there had been a "h£ll no!!!" it would have been pressed. On the last game I made Bojan Man City's all-time league goalscorer and loved him, but Luis Coll is far and away my favourite FM player ever!
  13. Potentially-legendary Regen advice

    Thanks! I followed the instructions you gave. The url is below: http://img109.imageshack.us/i/luiscoll3.png/ (Someone let me know if it works) Like I said, I don't mess with training. I have been aware of Tug's training for a few weeks and have toyed with the idea but I'm just scared of messing the whole thing up and having a crippled/tired team. Coll has pushed me though because if he is this good without help, I would love to know what he could do with the correct training.
  14. I suppose this really comes under training but please hear me out: I signed a regen at the age of 17 for Man Utd (he was amazing at the time and I triggered a 23m release clause from Spain) and now at the age of 20 he runs the team. He has 21 goals and 10 assists from midfield in 23 appearances and on a slow day his form is about 7.2. Clearly all is well! (As a side issue I'd love to know how to provide screen shots so if anyone wants to let me know how then by all means post) My problem is that I've always been successful at Football Manager since the days of Champ Man 01/02 but I have never messed with the murky unknown that is the training schedule. It has never bothered me before but, judging by stats and by form, I have the next Maradona on my hands and if a new training regime would help tune his abilities to the extreme then I would welcome any advice. Advising will probably be a lot easier once people have screenshots of stats and his career history so like I said, feel free to ask for any info as long as you explain how to do it. I am aware of how to take screenhots for Word etc, but just not for these forums.
  15. Would people like this idea? With the January transfers in you could begin in January and try to drag West Ham or Pompey out of the drop zone, or get over the finish line with Leeds or Newcastle....