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  1. The issue I think was injured players leaving the pitch after you’ve made all three normal allowed substitutions and then gaining an extra substitution in extra time. it was difficult to know how to sub on a player to play in the position of the injured player. The usual method of dragging and dropping the incoming player onto the outgoing one doesn’t work if the player has already left the pitch injured.
  2. I’ve always assumed this is because the graph stops plotting on the 90th minute, but the games usually go past that and chances occur that the graph will not display.
  3. You can’t replace a player that is already off the pitch. What does work, if you have a remaining substitution to make, is to drag and drop the incoming player into position on the pitch. it could be a lot easier/obvious/explained in game but this is what works 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. I see that nobody has replied. I noticed this issue myself, but figured out that you can drag and drop the player into the position you want him to play if the player he is replacing has already left the pitch.
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