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  1. Promotion, the Ai and Staying Up, a study.

    The great thing about it is if it is based on accumalative reputation gain, and momentum (especially) any team, even one without history could have all of the right factors to make a name for themselves in the football world, for all you know Canvey Island, could have a number of factors that are monumental in them improving as a club and could therefore ride on the momentum of a big fat 20. Though in most cases something really big would have to happen to tip the momentum scale in such drastic directions.
  2. Promotion, the Ai and Staying Up, a study.

    Sorry dan, it was that or having to mention Leeds torrid time again, maybe next time my example should be someone like Luton (who i wish the best of luck to, in their mission to get back to where they deserve to be) Just opened the editor again and gave some large rep boosts to all teams in england, in an attempt to level the playing field in each league, could make things interesting. Was thinking, Huddersfield, they used to be a really good team, but this was a long time ago, so i was wondering, how would you rate them and how would the system work in their situation? a possible example Huddersfield Town Historical Reputation: 6000-7000? (if it is based entirely on accumalative reputation then it might not be so high, but there could be a variable that defines a teams absolute prime) Momentum: 10
  3. Promotion, the Ai and Staying Up, a study.

    Yeah, though i will admit i did think about lower division clubs when i thought of it, it would work very well in the top division to allow for bigger teams to stay around the top positions, what we want is for clubs to react in a realistic manner, in the case of say one of the "big 4" the most likely downfall, if there were to be one would be through unpopular ownership, the league finances collapsing, and not finishing in the champions league places, or just a very slow decline, based on ever decreasing position, level of player, or even losing the manager that made them, a good example of this is with charlton and Curbishley. I would imagine this is one way more variation could be achieved, as fairly successful lower division teams like Leeds, Forest, Derby, Sheff Wed etc, the momentum rating was intended something like this Sheffield Wednesday as we all know have a strong past, but they are lingering in League One, much like leeds, this is where the rating would noticeably become very low, in other words as Popider the elasticity is weaker than ever, there is the possibility it may take a long time for them to recover, or maybe not at all, this momentum value, would most likely only raise slowly should the current reputation be much lower than historical, it may be the case that current reputation keeps on falling, and the momentum rating has no effect, of course historical reputation could fall, but this would take a long time for the more established clubs during their usually long existence, similar to how if a smaller club spends a long time in the upper reaches of football, their historical reputation might grow fairly quickly, but at the same time might be more susceptible to decreasing fairly quickly, if the momentum figure is not to a decent level. Going back to the sheffield wednesday case, lets say they fell down to league two and spend 5 or 6 years there, looking dire and out of life (i do not wish this upon any team, just using an example of how this might work), there may be a moment of great joy that can revive the spirit within the historic club, say a big FA Cup Upset, the hiring of a legend, or new investment. That will be when the momentum cogs start to turn, and gradually wednesday might start getting back to where they deserve to be. Momentum Examples: Hull City - A generation of strengthening, (strong, but steady momentum building) tough championship season (momentum falls) they stay up but only just, next season they, like many in the unpredictable championship, go for it, (momentum builds) reached play-off positions (momentum builds), massively over expectations (momentum builds) win the play-off final (momentum builds) they then go on to last two season's in the premier league, albeit they weren't strong seasons and a few of the other promoted sides such as Stoke, and Wigan, have over the years established themselves, hell you could even look at Bolton as establishing themselves, the premier league is not impossible, it is tough, but not impossible, hopefully a more realistic variation involving these new figures might help add the game's already heavily praised level of realism.
  4. First of all, i know this is a topic i have posted on before, but i thought it needed to be brought up again The general gist of this topic is to show what seems to be a fairly patchy area of the game, which i can appreciate is extremely realistic as it is, but this one issue is amongst the most irritating for me whether it be by playing a long-term game, or even holidaying to see how the world changes. It is on the subject of promotion to the above league, and how in alot of cases the team that goes up seems to have next to no chance unless they have bag loads of cash or they came from that league before. I found with a recent game, that despite improving a lot of the Npower Championship sides they were still almost constantly in the relegation places from start to finish. You might think fair enough it is the premier league, not an easy league to get into, but the reality is quite different, despite the heavy amounts of cash and the created notion of "the huge gap" teams constantly defy these barriers and have a good tilt at the league above, this is especially true in the football league, all three promoted sides from league one at current are competing strongly in the championship. The story in leagues one and two also show that often the promoted teams aren't dead set to go back down either. I have seen a few of these threads with future games, particularly the 150 years save, it showed fluctuation over time, but a rate massively slower than you would find in the real world. Typically from research within the space of 10 years these were the real life teams, of the top english tier. 2000/01 - 20 Teams - 11 Current 9 Different 1990/91 - 20 Teams - 9 Current 11 Different 1980/81 - 22 Teams - 12 Current 10 Different 1970/71 - 22 Teams - 13 Current 9 Different 1960/61 - 22 Teams - 16 Current 6 Different 1950/51 - 22 Teams - 15 Current 7 Different (in relation to the current season's teams) I also believe the general Current Ability of the championship players, should be higher or at least some of the weaker premier sides not being so high. Though i would believe this slow "fluctuation" of teams is more down to the way results/reputation/ability/past etc. work so it could be entirely up to the devs. I do hope you have found this thread interesting, if this could be looked at it would be grand, though i do understand if it may be tough to recreate. Thoughts and opinions welcome. The thread in the editing section where i carried out a few tests (changing reputation etc.) http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/235705-Closing-the-Gap-%28League-Simulation-Project%29 A possible suggestion that could help the process of more variation could be a historical average reputation, where this value is based on the clubs entire history and success, perhaps with clubs holding a higher value, finding it easier to return to the promised land. (this reputation effect would most likely be triggered when the team is outside a division that is based around a certain reputation) likewise there could be a value that represents the stability of the club, with 1 suggesting total instability, not likely to be heading upward in the near future, may have a volatile board, disharmony between fans etc. to 20, things are working extremely well, the charge is ongoing, good harmony, fans believing etc. of course this would be a fluctuating value that would be based on a number of factors, though this may already exist in some shape or form. How this could look: Leeds United Current Reputation: 5250 Historical Reputation: 8000 Momentum/Stability Rating: 15 (just speculating, could be biased hehe, but you get the idea)
  5. My issue is with promoted teams, it seems promoted teams are buying players of the same or lower ability to the existing squad meaning they pretty much stand no chance from the start anyway, and to keep seeing future games throwing this problem out constantly is qute a pain, this is most noticeable for championship to premier league promotion, where the ai seems to find it next to impossible to stay up, yet if the last few years have shown anything it is that it is not impossible, it is hard i will give you that, but not impossible, if this was made more varied across the board for all the leagues in the game, it would improve the enjoyability at least for me massively, and i already find the game fun as it is.
  6. Closing the Gap (League Simulation Project)

    Just an update and a bit of a ramble, changed tv money of championship to be closer to premier, and lowered championship rep to 140 to premier league 180 - though based on reality i would doubt the premier is that strong at the current moment in time, the result of this change was at the ten-year mark there was a change of 7 teams, still decent but quite worrying that many of the teams that did get into the premier league hardly strengthened sufficiently in a 6, 7, 8 year period, many still being relegation fodder a few years after promotion, which i think is down to in part the lack of strengthening ai, often buying players of similar or lower quality to what they currently have.
  7. Closing the Gap (League Simulation Project)

    Nope, it was a fictional country named Englandia, some parrallel universe where england had a nearby island neighbour that was an example of the best in football, was a project i started a while back and worked on and off with for a while, so it would be a shame if it is all messed up, i could try uploading it, but i am not sure how it would be possible to fix the problem
  8. Closing the Gap (League Simulation Project)

    Little Update, been making a few more changes, added tv money back in and no specific promotion money, all that remains is significantly upped club rep, whether or not that has made much difference i don't know since swindon and huddersfield got into the top division and peterborough for a few seasons, parachute payments remain non-existent, thus many premier league teams fall hard on relegation. They sometimes remaining in strong contention for a return and sometimes being saddled by big debt and points deductions, in other words the fall HURTS. League reputation has been upped quite a bit so the championship and subsequent lower divisions are not too far apart, they are still unlikely to get big name players but the chance of a team staying up could be significantly increased Notable features of my experiment (League Rep): Premier Division - 180 Championship - 160 I did up the league rep of the major leagues second tiers likewise, but have not been taking a look at them specifically. Latest test with real prize money and tv money added. The results yielded in my latest test accurate as of the 2020/21 season. 2020/21 - 20 Teams - 12 Current 8 Different - Premier League This result is reasonable and a big improvement, Swindon managed to stick around for 6 seasons so far i think, everton had a huge collapse also which was quite notable, dropped down to league one Leeds Style (as much as i hate to say it), did get back up to the championship though if i remember correctly. nine_iron = Quite a few teams during my tests have fallen on hard times, i am considering upping league one's rep, since it isn't all that difficult to fall into these days, there are alot of Premier League clubs lingering around the top-to middle area of the championship. Super Bladesman = The one main problem i find with the game is that alot of results are based purely on reputation it would seem, like those last day scrambles to get out of the relegation places, and interestingly even if a side from the championship is showered in money and buys alot of players they can still end up finishing dead last almost as if it is hardcoded at times, nevertheless these changes seem to be a bit of a fix. Off-Topic question = I made a fictional nation for FM2010 and converted it over to FM2011, everything seemed fine except for having to do the changes to bring it up to pace with the current game, so i saved, only to reopen the file and none of the players were assigned to their clubs, that none of the clubs were assigned to leagues, cities not assigned to nation etc. Any idea of how to fix this or how it may have occured, thanks.
  9. Closing the Gap (League Simulation Project) I recently saw a picture of someone's game about 20 years in the future, and i was alarmed at what i saw, only four sides from outside the top division of england were present. (relative to season 10/11) I accept that for many this is not a big issue, but this has been a constant annoyance for me when both playing and holidaying in Football Manager in the past and it appears to be the same today. For me Football Manager far surpasses any other management game with its realism but for me, this is one of the game's remaining problems/inaccuracies so i thought it was a about time some experimentation and editing took place in order to improve the the chance of other sides getting their chance, and i share these results with you. Some of the changes in this project will not take on realistic values as it appears when using entirely realistic prize money and tv money in combination with reputation the results are less than desirable. Past Season's and different teams: Below is some investigating i have done showing the number of different teams within England's top tier through various years compared to the 2010/11 season. 2000/01 - 20 Teams - 11 Current 9 Different 1990/91 - 20 Teams - 9 Current 11 Different 1980/81 - 22 Teams - 12 Current 10 Different 1970/71 - 22 Teams - 13 Current 9 Different 1960/61 - 22 Teams - 16 Current 6 Different 1950/51 - 22 Teams - 15 Current 7 Different A recent simulation using default data in the 2020/21 Season where a measely 2 different teams existed, and might i add both were relegated at the end of the season. Default Data - 2020/21 - 20 Teams 18 Current 2 Different Take note that the constantly changing face of football since its creation hasn't damaged the chance of change. It is still quite common in the modern day for teams to stay up for more than a single season, albeit with a tough fight. _______________________________________________________________________________ The Tests Date: 07/11/2010 Database: England/Conference National & Upwards/Small Database/Fake Players Changes Made: Reputation of english clubs set to Historical accumulative reputation (loosely based on clubs history, fanbase and titles won, though the exact number and accuracy is not that important) TV Money and parachute payments axed from premier league Prize money for Championship upped considerably, £40M for promoted teams, £1.5m for most others League reputation of championship downwards upped considerably. Results: 2020/21 - 20 Teams - 10 Current 10 Different - Premier League Date: 10/11/2010 Database: England/Conference Regional & Upwards/Large Database/Real Players Changes Made: Reputation of english clubs set to Historical accumulative reputation (loosely based on clubs history, fanbase and titles won, though the exact number and accuracy is not that important) Parachute payments axed from premier league/ TV & Prize money restored League reputation of championship downwards upped considerably. Results: 2020/21 - 20 Teams - 12 Current 8 Different - Premier League Though 8 may be less, it has allowed for the league to still take on a largely reaslistic role by having the tv money back and the proper prize money, and it is always possible that if i ran this again that more or less than 8 teams would be present. _______________________________________________________________________________ Realistic fluctuation of relegated teams occured. Occasionally the stronger teams would return to the premier league if finances were stable. In other cases like in the real world however, some teams deteriorated from financial ruin, an extreme example was Sheffield Wednesday that collapsed heavily and ended up in the Blue Square North division. Historical decent reputation teams such as AFC Wimbledon (rep based on Wimbledon FC) and Luton Town, who played in the Championship in the 20/21 season. I invite all of you to take part in this experiment so that we may be able to strike the most realistic balance.
  10. [WIP] The Nation of Englandia, Fantasy nation and Leagues

    Yup, i am replacing one of the "dead" nations that are not assigned a continent and therefore dont appear in the game normally.
  11. [WIP] The Nation of Englandia, Fantasy nation and Leagues

    The database is going fine, its great they are just xml files, my hard drive seems to like working and then not working the day after, its small enough to just copy it for backup each time it looks fishy, but progress is good, need to start working on the lower reaches soon, but i am going to keep adding more players that will populate the country and be half decent, on the merging, if they are just xml files, does that not depend on what is rerplaced or not, Englandia is replacing Great Britain for example, what did you have in mind exactly?
  12. [WIP] The Nation of Englandia, Fantasy nation and Leagues

    There is a player generator in fifa manager's editor that fills the team up with players according to how good the team is, instantly.
  13. [WIP] The Nation of Englandia, Fantasy nation and Leagues

    The richest and strongest club had a turnover of £241 million and a value of £1.42 billion on the latest save, in comparison to the smallest team a turnover of £1.2 million and a value of £2 million. and a save before this one it was 2020 and Birton (the rich and powerful) won every league title until the last year of that save when someone else won it, you really can build powerhouses.
  14. The Future, is it imbalanced?

    Yeah, lam i understand where you are coming from, its about striking a balance i know, i think 2008 was pretty good at variation but that had its flaws i understand for some people on the side including financial.
  15. The Future, is it imbalanced?

    It isnt about yo yo clubs not being realistic, its more of a different teams getting their chance thing, it don't matter if the team that goes up only stays a few years, the past also tells us that its not always the yo yo clubs that do get in the premier league granted it is not a regular occurance but it certainly cannot be forgotten, there was a time when swindon were a top division team and of course Leeds (who i support) who massively overspended, perhaps making the finances a much tighter issue might cause a more realistic future, and i am aware of west brom and newcastle occupying that place, but in most cases these are two teams who west brom - yo yo and b - newcastle a fairly long established team unlikely to falter due to various reasons.