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  1. Oh, that's a bit gay . Wanted to talk about how I can be more of a danger from throw-in's and how to defend corners properly, and didn't want to start a thread. No bother .
  2. Is there a set piece thread where we can discuss how to be a real danger/brick wall from both attacking and defending set pieces? Thanks
  3. We had this before, and it was fantastic! But unfortunately mods decided to close it down. Long story short, dont argue with mods if they decided to close this one, it brings up too many arguments.
  4. woohoo, we're in to the Championship!
  5. Oh my sweet jesus . Talk about keeping me on the edge of my seat, please score Lewis . I've never had good with him on FM though so kudos to you .
  6. I may have this wrong but iirc we're only wearing this for one game next season MLG, i'll have a nosey to try and back one of us up.
  7. Knew exactly what I wanted and made it better . KUTGW
  8. Not sure what that means, but yes, i'm really enjoying it . Shame you're constantly pushing my story down the page .
  9. I take it nobody understood my earlier question (I dont blame you!) Basically I want to help Germany win lots of tournaments with players that I can buy............... PM please?
  10. Really, really enjoying this story mate, it was hard for me to catch up as a newbie but i'm starting to get the plot now .
  11. I know that SI cant have this on their website, so can someone PM me about what file i need to remove, in order to CAPITALise my Game Even Rowers Might Add No Years. Cheers
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