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  1. Scouting Regions Bug?

    Scouting is buggy more than likely, I've decided to manually assign my scouts, one per region, only five on 19 are doing something, the others do nothing and when I ask one of the lazy ones a report here's what he says: the following has been translated: "Mr. Blabla, Chief Scout, has provided you with an updated report from Mr. Scoutname. Mr. Scoutname is currently in (%nation#1-) for his search in Central America but hasn't found any interesting player yet. Mr. Scoutname has started his current search 2 weeks ago, in August 2019. He thinks he could make a better usage of his time searching elsewhere." It may be only a display bug, but if the "nation" variable is empty it will perfectly explain the inability of ours scouts to fulfill their duties. Now it would be interesting to see if it is a translation problem and only the non-English versions of FM14 or only some of them have the problem or if all versions have the same problem when selecting one of your scouts and ask for an updated report (find this a the top left of the scout profile page next to term date of his contract).
  2. The Best Signing u Have Made

    With Hayes & Yeading United in june 2013 (beginning of the first EPL season ever for the club) signed on a free: - Sergio Busquets (Barca) - Chris Gadi (OM) Busquets is a good MC and Gadi is my best striker and he always seems keen to learn new moves, he's now my favorite tutor for young strikers, I'm receiving good offers from Juventus or other big clubs but he'll never leave London.
  3. Reserve or not??

    I use the reserves to give a player from the first-squad some matches with no pressure when he underperforms below expectation. When a player has 2 bad games in a row with the first-team squad, I warn him, and if he moans I send him to the reserve so that he has an easy game and comes back happy in the first-team squad. Reserve team is useful for: - Keep match fitness for backup senior players - Help youngsters get some experience - Help injured first-team squad players get match fitness - Help unhappy players or strikers that didn't scored for a long time have easy games and get some self-confidence or calm down their ambitions - Remove media pressure and other clubs interest for one of my players
  4. I haven't scored from a one-on-one.

    Because with 10.1 there was a serious issue with the defenders behavior and people were creating new threads every 5 seconds about that just to rant SI. So in order to restore a bit of balance in games, SI reduced the amount of succesful 1 on 1, just because if not doing so, we would have rugby scores.
  5. I haven't scored from a one-on-one.

    Yes, it's about your tactics. It's not a rant, why don't you just accept it? We don’t say that to insult you or something, it’s just that after about 20’000’000 posts about that issue, experience showed that tweaking the tactics solves the so called “1 on 1/Superkeepers” urban legend. I experienced it myself. I used to play with a 4-4-2 and couldn’t score any, then I went for a 4-1-2-1-2 and all came back to normal. Trust me, nobody tells you you’re bad with your tactics, but some tactics seem to generate a lot of 1 on 1 that are just unrealistic and almost always stopped by the GK. EDIT: And I was one of those shouting about the "Superkeeper" "bug" before taking a bit of time to read what could cause that and give a chance to a new tactical approach.
  6. What are you talking about? Don't worry about me using the right team talks. With only 2 loses in the EPL with Hayes & Yeading without FMRTE or FM Genie, I think I did pretty well. You shouldn't assume so much!
  7. I haven't scored from a one-on-one.

    SI had to fix the moron defenders problem with 10.1, so now with 10.2, some people think there's a superkeeper bug, but there's not such thing, it's just that SI had to reduce the number of sucessful 1 on 1 otherwise the scores would be something like 24-17. There're plenty of threads discussing about that issue, but SI decided to go for the lesser of two evils. But you can solve that by tweaking your tactics. Yeahh I know what you think but it's truely about your tactics. And this is not a rant, I just had to do the same to see my strikers score again.
  8. I'm fed up of this drop of form that always happens in the 5 last FM versions when you get the championship title. I won the EPL with 3 games to go and my players are playing like sh.., losing against teams we crushed 5-0 away. Hopefully I have no European competition because my players would probably have a very low morale because they won the championship.
  9. Two computers

    Steam bounced me out from my Steam account from PC 1 if I try to launch FM from another PC. I don't think you can play with 2 different computers at the same time using Steam.
  10. help me :(

    Locate the Steam icon at the bottom right corner near the clock, right-click and choose "Exit". This should kill the Steam app itself, then just double-click the FM icon, Steam should try to connect again, then launch FM, and Steam should pop one of its dialog box telling you that FM is being updated.
  11. help me :(

    Go in Steam, "My games", then locate FM 2010, right-click, then "Properties", then in the "FM 2010 Properties" window, locate the "Update" tab, and enable "Always keep the game up to date". This should enable the Auto update, you can disable it afterwards. DON'T use any of the downloadable 10.2 patch as it will probably destroy your FM and force you uninstall reinstall.
  12. help me :(

    You lucky bas... mine just updated the game even if I told Steam not too. Just when I was about to finish my season and use FM Genie I start FM and see that Steam updates it without asking me. Aaarrrghh.
  13. help me :(

    there's a thread about that, you can have a look to see if it helps http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=178428
  14. I don't even know why I am still trying

    I posted before he uploaded the pic
  15. I don't even know why I am still trying

    Ok, that's the 5th game in a row you have 20 CCC and the opposition GK being MoM?